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Phantom Dust Update 3 Improves Game Chat

Microsoft's announcement of Update 3 for their free title Phantom Dust addresses complaints about the in-game voice chat which was added last month.

Posted 6 years ago by Lucy Wood

Phantom Dust Launch Trailer

Gamers have been patiently waiting since 2014 for Phantom Dust. This four-player action/strategy arena game will be available today on Xbox One and Windows 10 via Xbox Play Anywhere.

Posted 6 years ago by Will Cruz

Phantom Dust Releases Tomorrow for Free

Every now and then, Microsoft throws a curveball at us. Admittedly they usually reserve them for the upcoming E3 presentation, but this hasn't stopped them dropping a fairly large announcement today

Posted 6 years ago by Rebecca Smith

First Image of the Phantom Dust Remaster

The latest screen isn't much, but it does confirm a couple basic details of the game and it's certainly good progress for a franchise that's had a troubled path to release.

Posted 6 years ago by Kevin Tavore

A Video Game Renaissance

History always repeats itself, and gaming is no different. With new ideas and a reinvigorated desire to experience classic gameplay in modern games, we're in a Renaissance. Where will we go from here?

Posted 7 years ago by Kevin Tavore

Phantom Dust Remaster Announced

The return of the card-battle action game beloved by fans across the US and Japan is re-confirmed in a new form: a remaster. Players worldwide will finally get to experience the cult classic in its original form.

Posted 7 years ago by Kevin Tavore

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