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Posted on 30 June 17 at 16:37, Edited on 30 June 17 at 22:51
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Phantom Dust is an original Xbox game that was rereleased for the Xbox One. There was backlash because they were giving fans the same game from 2004 and releasing in 2017 and having to pay for it when they were promised a proper remaster. This was due to the games code being hard to work with. The game was then made free to calm everyone down. It had troubles on launch day. It took them about 18 hours to finally put it on the Xbox Store.

Now let's talk about the game. The game has two modes Scenario Mode (Story mode) and Multiplayer. The game is a 3rd person shooter card game. Let me explain what that is because this game's genre is very confusing. The game has you pick an arsenal (deck/loadout) that contains 30 skills (cards). When you start up a game you have 3 orbs by the spawn. You are given free movement. These orbs are you cards and they are given to you randomly from your deck. You can only carry 4 skills at a time. When you pick up an orb another orb takes it's place until your deck is empty. When your deck is empty you start to lose health. These skills are abilities that you can use to win the match. They range from Attack skills that do damage to your opponent, defense skills that block attack or send attacks back to the attacker, environmental skills that change the environment, erase skills that remove cards and levels from your opponent, abilities that give buffs and debuffs to you or your opponents, and aura particles that raise your level. Skills require a certain amount of aura to use. A standard match is 2v2 with each person having 20 health each with a deck of 30 cards.

Scenario Mode:
It is the story mode of the game. The story mode is surprisingly long for an original Xbox game from 2004. It took me nearly 35 hours to get all the achievements in it. It is longer than most games now. The story starts out with a cutscene setting the stage for the game. It tells you that humanity has gone underground due to the mysterious dust that surrounds the surface world. Certain people have the ability to harness the dust and use it like magic but long term exposure will cause memory loss. In an excavation you and Edgar are found unconscious. You are both brought underground where you both wake up at the hospital. This is where the game starts. The underground area acts as a hub area where you can freely walk around and do missions for the inhabitants. Chapter 1 serves as a tutorial for the game. For the beginning chapters you are given a premade deck and you don't unlock the ability to make your own until later in the game. There more than 100 missions in the game. If you missed a mission or want to retry a mission you can go to the computer in the main room and you can do it.

The Controls:
You can hold 4 skills at a time. You pick up and use skills using the A,B,X,Y buttons. Since the A button is used for a skill the jump button is the bumper. To lock on to a target you use the trigger and you can also cycle through targets.

The Story:
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

This game has online multiplayer and local multiplayer. The game can have a max of 4 players. There are different game modes. There is one one one (Name explains itself), battle royale (free for all), and tag team (It can be 2v2 or 2v1). The maps for multiplayer are the same maps from single player. You can have premade decks or custom decks you made yourself.

There is a wide amount of skills. Especially attack skills. There are lasers, death tornadoes, fireballs, meteors, bombs, telekinesis, and more.
This game also has a lot of destructability. You can drop bridges on people, make giant holes in the floor and more.

Final thoughts:
It is a good game. It is very good for being a free game. It offers a good challenge. If you haven't played it you should try it.

(As of making this review I am the only person who made a review for this game and this is the first review I made on this site.)
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