Pimp My Ride

Xbox 360

Pimp My Ride Achievements

Most Earned

Hot Steppin' Perfection
Hot Steppin' Perfection10 (10)Performed perfectly in a Hot Stepping Event.
Pimp In The Making
Pimp In The Making11 (10)Successfully pimped your first customer.
Ghost Ride the Town
Ghost Ride the Town11 (10)Performed perfectly in a Ghost Riding Event.
Beach Pimpin'
Beach Pimpin'54 (40)Completed all missions in New Wave Beach.

Least Earned

Street Warrior
Street Warrior260 (75)20 RPM vehicles taken out.
Pimped To Perfection
Pimped To Perfection455 (135)Every car has been pimped to perfection.
Xzibit Challenged
Xzibit Challenged337 (100)Completed all of Xzibit's challenges.
Billboards in Uptown Underground
Billboards in Uptown Underground44 (15)Destroyed all the billboards in Uptown Underground.
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