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ZEN Releases List of Tables That Will Transfer to Pinball FX3

ZEN let players know their purchases would once again be carrying over to the next game in their pinball series, Pinball FX3. Now it's time to see which ones have made the list and which ones haven't.

Posted 5 months ago by Kelly Packard, 30 comments

Pinball FX2 to Receive Star Wars: Rogue One Table

The prolific virtual pinball game Pinball FX2, well known to TA users for its notoriously hard achievements, will be adding yet another Star Wars table based on the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story film.

Posted 1 year ago by Kelly Packard, 10 comments

Bethesda Pinball DLC in Pinball FX2 Receives Release Date

Bethesda and Zen Studios tease us again with a new video that's sure to get Pinball FX2 players excited for the upcoming "Bethesda Pinball" DLC pack as well as confirming the release date.

Posted 1 year ago by Ashley Woodcock, 1 comment

Zen Studios Teases Bethesda Tables for Pinball FX2

Pinball. Pinball never changes. Unless, of course, you infuse it with some Bethesda-themed tables, which is just what Zen Studios, the developers of Pinball FX2, have teased on Twitter. Stay tuned for more information!

Posted 1 year ago by Kelly Packard, 9 comments

Alien: Isolation Table for Pinball FX2 Revealed

From the tail end of last week's "Aliens vs. Pinball" DLC reveal for Pinball FX2, Zen Studios is introducing a first look at the upcoming Alien: Isolation table that will be included with the upcoming Alien themed three pack to be released next week. Amanda Ripley, daughter of the missing E

Posted 1 year ago by Fierce, 3 comments

ALIEN Invades Pinball FX 2

It's been a couple of months, and you've probably had your fill of the Star Wars tables for Zen Studios' Pinball FX2, so you'll be happy to know that a new DLC pack for the game has been revealed. Bringing along with it three new tables, the upcoming "Aliens vs. Pinball" expansion honors t

Posted 1 year ago by Michelle Balsan, 10 comments

Pinball FX 2 Super League Football DLC Dated

Late last month, Zen Studios revealed that even more new content was coming to their XBLA and Win 8 title, Pinball FX2. Today, we can reveal that the new content, the "Super League Football" DLC, wil

Posted 4 years ago by Michelle Balsan, 13 comments

Super League Football Joins Pinball FX2 DLC Roster

Want even more DLC for Pinball FX2? Of course you do, and Zen Studios is delivering! Super League Football will become the latest DLC installment for the game, giving players the chance to support th

Posted 4 years ago by Marc Caccamise, 20 comments

Pinball FX 2 Doctor Strange DLC Dated

Back in October came news that Doctor Strange would become the newest table to add to the collection in Pinball FX2. With an initial release window set at December 2013, it has now been revealed that

Posted 5 years ago by Marc Caccamise, 30 comments

Pinball FX 2 Balances the Force [UPDATE]

Edit: The achievements for the XBLA version have now been added to They will unlock and be added to your gamerscore as normal. There are three additional achievements worth a total of 150G.

Posted 5 years ago by Rebecca Smith, 27 comments