Pipe Push Paradise Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

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This is one of the rare games that can be completed almost entirely without looking at your television screen. You've likely played a game like this before (namely Cubot), where you simply have to input a series of directional inputs to complete a bunch of puzzles. For the most part, you'll just be looking at the walkthrough page, and directly inputting directional inputs on the d-pad, however, you will have to look at your television in between levels as you walk from puzzle to puzzle.

The objective of the game is to push variously shaped pipes together to complete pipe circuits. Once you've connected the input to the output, and have a path you can take to exit, you've solved the puzzle. For the algorithms I'm using in this walkthrough, L represents cn_left, R represents cn_right, U represents cn_up, D represents cn_down, and W represents "wait". This simply means to wait one second. This is only used when you have to wait for an animation to play out before you are able to make the next move. I will also be using numbers to represent doing multiple of the same moves consecutively. For example, "U2" implies that you hit cn_up twice.

Example: U2 L D2 R W L2: this would represent cn_upcn_upcn_leftcn_downcn_downcn_right[wait one second]cn_leftcn_left

Aside from W's, it's best to input the moves as quick as possible, to get this done fastest. You don't have to wait for the normal move animations to play out. There are some additional controls worth knowing. cn_B will undo your last move, and cn_Y will reset the puzzle. These will be extremely helpful, as you will inevitably make some incorrect inputs here and there.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not start this game unless you intend on doing this full game in a single sitting. If you reload the game after starting, there is a nearly 100% chance that some supposedly unmissable achievements won't unlock. If you do the full game in one sitting, the achievements all work fine.

With that, on with the walkthrough.

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