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  • porschephiliacporschephiliac323,717
    01 Jan 2009
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    Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

    At World's End is a great supplement to the already spectacular movies. This game focuses primarily on the plot surrounding the the trilogy's last episodes, Dead Man's Chest, and At World's End. If you have seen the films, you will be very familiar with the story and plot that is expanded in this title.

    Most impressively, I would like to discuss the game's mechanics and presentation. Overall, the game's scenery and graphics were detailed after the actual set used in the movies, and are easily recognizable if you have seen the movies. Great care was taken to recreate the likeness of the main characters, including voices and body movements. At times, it can seem that you're playing the movie as a the characters, not just playing the game.

    Sadly, the games controls leave something to be desired. The constant battle combo's that most players will obsess with to earn the required power-ups get overly monotonous and can lead to a sickening case of carpal tunnel. Not really, but doing the same combo over and over again is really redundant throughout the game's 10-12 hours of play.

    Another sad note, for myself at least, is the included several collectables that are scattered throughout the levels. Personally, I hate going after collectables, and there are several in this game. On the plus side, the collectables are divided up into several achievements, and not one collective achievement. This can provide for some easier achievements and gamerscore for those interested.

    In all actuality, this game is a very easy 800 gamerscore or so. It really only requires patience to manage yourself through the games levels. For the really dedicated achievement hunters, the 'Collect 100 Souls' achievement can be rough to earn, as it follows the same level counting as History Channels' Civil War: A Nation Divided.

    Overall, the game is enjoyable to fans of the movies, as it adds a touch of interaction into the story and fantasy that is Pirates of the Caribbean. For achievement and gamerscore hunters, there are a few guides out there that detail the locations of all the collectables and makes the game bearable for the relatively easy addition to your score. For fans of the movies and genre, it's a an enjoyable experience, and I recommend a GameFly or Blockbuster GamePass rental, allowing for a few days to trudge through it.
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    Mr J1mThanks. Might give this a spin soon.
    Posted by Mr J1m on 29 Apr 09 at 14:03
    ERIKDOTCOMHow does the "Collect 100 Souls" achievement level count? Because I don't know how Civil War did it.
    Posted by ERIKDOTCOM on 11 Nov 09 at 00:57
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    22 May 2009 22 May 2009
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    It's pretty much inevitable that any popular movie franchise will end up in game format on every console still exhibiting a pulse. And it's also pretty much inevitable that the resulting monstrosity will be light on gameplay, and hastily hurried out the door to coincide with the film's release.

    Pirates of the Caribbean is bordering on being an exception to the rule. While not without its flaws, At World's End has enough entertainment value to make it worth a playthrough, but won't be one that gamers hold on to for long term replay value.

    The game spans eleven levels, based on the second film in the Pirates franchise, Dead Man's Chest. Through the course of the game, the player assumes control of Jack Sparrow, Will, and Elizabeth, as well as occasional bouts as a few of the supporting pirate cast. The goal of almost every level follows a similar format - defeat hordes of enemies, collect items, and square off one-on-one in a swordplay duel.

    Combat is largely uninspired, boiling down to hacking and slashing while attempting to boost your Special meter so that finishing moves can be executed. The meter fills more rapidly when mixing your sword slashes with the occasional punch, and finishing moves are required to defeat the more powerful enemies, and can increase the likelihood of item drops.

    Jack can also collect shrunken heads that energize his sword so that he can deliver an area effect special attack, and collect souls of the enemies he defeats. The purpose of soul collection appears to be solely for Achievement, and doesn't affect any other in-game mechanics.

    Each level has seven items to collect, spread out across the levels. These are usually fairly easy to find, but each level has one or two that are challenging to find for completionists. There is also a unique Calypso piece in each level that unlocks a background story cinematic and a 150-point Achievement. Progress through the levels is guided by placement of money bags that lead the way like breadcrumbs through Hansel and Gretel's forest.

    The backgrounds are detailed, and though not very vibrant, are still pretty enough to look at. The attention to animation is evident, as the developer expertly captured the essence of Jack Sparrow as delivered onscreen by Johnny Depp. The finishing moves are similarly well executed, and give a sense of satisfaction when dispatching an enemy with one.

    The individual duel scenarios have a certain interesting appeal to them, but the gameplay component is little more than a variant of the old Simon game, in which the player has a limited window in which to match the direction of the incoming attack to block it. The opponent's attacks are telegraphed by one of three onscreen icons situated at the high, middle, and low positions. The pace of these duels is too slow to give a true feel of swordplay and derring-do.

    The difficulty level is not customizable, and is not particularly challenging once you learn to execute simple combos, watch for incoming attacks, and learn the duel patterns.

    There are no online Achievements, so no boosting will be required in order to get the full 1,000 Gamerscore points. There are a number of guides and FAQs available online to help track down any collectable items that you miss, and only the 100 Souls Achievement presents much challenge. 9 of the 30 Achievements (225 points) can be earned simply by playing through the entire story without paying any attention to collectables or side tasks.

    In the end, Pirates of the Caribbean is an entertaining romp through the storyline of the film, but players will be happy once it's over. The repetitive combat will quickly lose its appeal, and levels will only see replay if the player needs to go back for collectables that were missed the first time round (note that all collectables must be gathered in the same playthrough to qualify for the Achievements - you can't just go back and grab the few that you previously missed).

    This review is based on a retail copy purchased used from Rogers Plus.
  • Cpt Tripps 2012Cpt Tripps 201238,449
    20 Oct 2010 20 Oct 2010
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    Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

    (XBOX360 and Ps3)

    Pirates of the Caribbean is one of two games for the Xbox 360 from Disney with a teen rating. This is a very good thing. As someone who has played way to many Disney games, I was very happy to play one where I could actually kill people with a sword. Now only if we could get Disney to implement this feature in High School the Musical.

    Now, you don't get to chop off people's arms and legs like you do in Golden Axe. You can't cut off there heads and have blood squirt out their neck Ala GTA: Vice City. But as the game progresses you do get to learn a number of “finishing moves” that allow you to “Run people Through” in 17 brutal ways.

    The main part of the game features a very standard Hack 'n Slash system of swashbuckling, featuring the classic Sword, Punch, Jump, Grab button combos most gamers will be familiar with. The game also features a number of projectile weapons including: Flint lock pistols, throwing knives, grenades, and exploding barrels. Other then that it is very much your regular old Disney platform Run around, jump across the platforms, climb the wall and shimmy across the ledge kind of game.

    One of my favorite parts of the game is the dueling system which occurs when ever you encounter a boss. It is very reminiscent of the Apple IIe game: Swashbuckler, or The fencing system in the classic Sid Meier's Pirates!

    You will also find that the game features beautiful animation. Even though the graphics aren't cutting edge, the game pays great attention to detail including the famous Johnny Depp Swagger and hair that actually moves around like, well, like hair does.

    There are 14 levels with plenty of little extra nooks and crannies you can explore and a ton of pirate booty to track down enhancing the replay value of the game. This is still a kids game though. I beat the game in about 10 hours and spent another 20 hours going back and looking for treasure.

    For those of you who are wondering, The original movie actors do not do the voices, but the guys they got come pretty close. The story goes through the plot of the last two movies, dead man's chest and At Worlds end focusing more on “The stuff that happens in-between the scenes of the movie”. If you enjoyed the movies, you find much of the same humor in this game that made the films so much fun.

    I do have one gripe about the game though. One of the Achievements call “100 souls” is nearly impossible, and at 150 points, it's not one you'll want to let go. The problem is in order to collect the souls you'll have to acquire “shrunken heads” which are super rare, activate them with out killing anyone around you (Which is almost impossible as is sends out a huge death cloud when you activate it) and then go around killing people before the time runs out (And only a max of six guys appear at a time). To make matter worse, you can only do it a Jack Sparrow (who only appears at certain parts of certain levels), AND your kills don't stack (so if you got 6 souls the first time you played the level, and the next time you play the level you get seven, it only adds 1 soul to the count!) I found this achievement to be pointless, annoying, and a blight on an other wise really fun game.

    This is an older game, so you can pick it up for about 5 to 10 dollars in a bargain bin. Totally worth it in my opinion. If your a pirate fan, This is definitely one for your collection.

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  • AKU DorkinstineAKU Dorkinstine73,360
    03 Jun 2011 06 Jun 2011
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    1st of all I'd like to let you know how it is that i rank and review games. I judge a game on three things. first how much I payed for the game. Second how much time I spent playing the game. FInally how much fun I had VS how much frustration I had.

    Pirates of the Caribean: At World's End. Is a video made off a movie, WHICH MEANS IT'S GOING TO SUCK. "AND IT DOES" This game was like $6.50 at GameStop, and better yet I didn't pay for it, I borrowed it from a friend. I would suggest spending money on something better. Better being anything other then this game. You might as well go bye some candy and sit in a sugar crazed state on the floor for several hours then playing this game.

    If you reading this review to figure out how to play the game then stop reading. I could care less with how it is you play this game. I figure if you read you can figure out how to play video games I'm much more intersted in whether or not you should purschase or spend your time with this game.

    This is a game for people taking a break from huge games like Fallout, or Oblivion, or just a short break from FPS. It divides the game into what was something like twelve levels. A level taking about an hour if your following a guide. The problem is you do the exact same bloody thing in every level. angry which is fine look at FPS's; they do the same thing in every dam game. This is a great game for younger kids so parents feel free to let your kids go crazy on this.......wait its rated teen???? There is no reason what so ever for the rating of this game. Its completely kid friendly its disney for crying out loud.

    Do I recomend that you go out and purschase this game. "Hell No I Don't"facepalm

    The only possible reason for playing this game is if your like me and one of your stupid friends let you borrow it. And your achievement hunting whore. This game might be worth the time it takes to 100% it. You could probibly get every achievement except one in a single sitting.

    the one you won't get is 100 soul collections] which is tunnel carpel and artritis waiting to happen. but go for it anyways. I did and look what i got for all my hard work a pretty picture of a pirate in my 100% box and another review i had to write.dance