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Posted on 20 April 17 at 10:10
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Now, I picked this up in a sale, thinking it'd be an interesting distraction for a bit, which it was.
Sadly, Pixel Pirates here is so badly tested and full of problems that it should really not have been pushed as far as the marketplace.

It is very likely, at some point, the game will lose your save. Probably about the same time it drops to 1FPS rendering it next to unplayable, unless you've already noticed your save doesn't seem to be saving and you're two legendary ships down and you don't dare quit out. There's no way to fix it, I've tried. Going to assume some sloppy coding causing issues.

In theory, it could have worked well, especially with a low price tag. Sail around, hire pirates, kill other pirates, kill turtles and so-on. Now, I'm looking at it thinking I'd be annoyed if it were free.
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