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    20 Apr 2017
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    Now, I picked this up in a sale, thinking it'd be an interesting distraction for a bit, which it was.
    Sadly, Pixel Pirates here is so badly tested and full of problems that it should really not have been pushed as far as the marketplace.

    It is very likely, at some point, the game will lose your save. Probably about the same time it drops to 1FPS rendering it next to unplayable, unless you've already noticed your save doesn't seem to be saving and you're two legendary ships down and you don't dare quit out. There's no way to fix it, I've tried. Going to assume some sloppy coding causing issues.

    In theory, it could have worked well, especially with a low price tag. Sail around, hire pirates, kill other pirates, kill turtles and so-on. Now, I'm looking at it thinking I'd be annoyed if it were free.
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    Sleazy McFeazyYeah I went through a lengthy argument with MS trying to get my money back as the developer admitted the game was fundamentally broken (apparently you can get a gun which lets you kill the final boss within 5 minutes!) - they claimed they had mistakenly released an alpha code version, promised a patch which never materialised and then have the cheek to try and flog it off cheap - shameful behaviour and I never did get my money back :(
    Posted by Sleazy McFeazy on 21 Apr 17 at 10:46
    A Volvo DriverInteresting, I never had the reliability issues that you had. I haven't played it for a while though. It took a while, but I had no problem getting 1000/1000.
    Posted by A Volvo Driver on 23 Apr 17 at 10:32
    InkyPawsIt seems a bit hit and miss with reliability, which isn't really on either! I've uninstalled and reinstalled and am hitting the same issues with frame rate again. It really could have been a good game had they actually delivered the promised patches.
    Posted by InkyPaws on 23 Apr 17 at 12:42
    White WyvernI had the exact same issues. The FPS was so bad that I figured uninstalling would fix it. I did that, came back and my save was gone. Completed it now anyway, glad I only paid a couple of ££.
    Posted by White Wyvern on 30 Apr 17 at 08:41
    FigbenderI never experienced these issues during my completion honestly, and quite enjoyed the experience.
    Posted by Figbender on 30 Apr 17 at 14:49
    I Sanral II found it a fun game, but I also encountered critical issues. After a few hours of gameplay you get horrible framerate drops which render the game unplayable and on top of that your save corrupts about the same time. You just have to finish the game before it breaks on you (and it will break). Short review but fair and to the point. So thumbs up for warning other gamers not to get this garbage.
    Posted by I Sanral I on 30 May 17 at 19:07
    Project TortureThe only problem I've encountered in this game, is when you steal another ship you get stuck in that screen forever. So you have to only blow them up. No other problems, doing my 2nd completion of this game this week on my new account (This one) lol
    Posted by Project Torture on 21 Jun 17 at 02:46
    Yinga GartenNot sure why you've gotten so many negative votes for this review. You are bang on the money. This game makes Bubsy 3D look like a competent effort. If it ran properly without the constant awful bugs it'd still be a pretty average game though.
    Posted by Yinga Garten on 24 Nov 17 at 02:35
    Aura BattlerHorrible game, poor coding causes poor AI, lost save, only 1fps when you fought at last 2 legendary ships and you could not even save. If you fail at this point, you have to start over.

    My fight at last legendary ship actually was unplayable because of horrible framerate, you could just watch your crew randomly control themselves. Luckily my crew was strong enough (lvl90+), all used pistols to win the last battler and got 1000g.
    Posted by Aura Battler on 17 Mar 19 at 11:19