Plague Inc: Evolved Reviews

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Posted on 07 January 18 at 00:46
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Plague Inc. is a game that can be fun when it chooses to be. What makes Plague such an interesting game is its great variety of different viruses and scenarios which can keep you playing for a while. However, past the first few hours, this becomes fairly stale and repetitive. I was hoping that the range of achievements would keep me having fun for even longer, but many of the achievements are bugged and refuse to work. For many attempts I would do everything I had to do in order to unlock an achievement, to find that the game would never give me the final step I needed and the game would end before I could grab the achievement. For the most part, Plague was fun, giving a new experience for at least an hour or two. However, the struggle with achievements and the unchanging nature of the game leaves it fairly stale after a little while.
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