Plague Inc: Evolved Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

Save! The game occasionally installs with a bug that causes the inability to save or load games. If this happens to you, try to keep your saves to a maximum of 2 files. Save on a new slot, delete the one giving you issues, and run entirely with the new file. Having saves at crucial parts of the games ensure that you can just retry without going through the process all over again.

Evolve! In most instances, sitting on your evolution points is useless. Use them when you get them, to evolve transmission in the early stages before stockpiling them for a massive kill off once everyone is infected. It's the main strategy for winning the game.

Adapt! Sometimes things go astray. The cure may be developed incredibly fast, or countries may be taking ages to get infected. Change your strategy up a bit and always have a backup plan.

Slow down! I never played on the max speed, I usually had the middle speed on (speed is adjusted by the D-pad). This ensures things aren't slowly and horrifically boring, and not too fast so that things get missed. If you need a moment to pop bubbles, pause the timer completely and focus on them.

Pop! Whenever there are bubbles on the screen, pop them. They'll get you DNA points or slow the cure, so it's always beneficial to pop your bubbles.

Check the news! cn_up pulls up the news ticker, which is vital for most achievements related to "pop-ups". Check it frequently to find what you need.

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