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Planetbase Achievements

Most Earned

Desert Landing
Desert Landing15 (15)Land on the desert planet
Link to the Future
Link to the Future15 (15)Build two structures and connect them
Planetary Apprentice
Planetary Apprentice11 (10)Complete tutorial
Space Farmer
Space Farmer18 (15)Have at least 20 Vegetable boxes in your base at any given time

Least Earned

Express Dark Colony
Express Dark Colony714 (90)Complete Dark Moon challenge in less than 70 days
Express Colony
Express Colony685 (90)Build a base with at least 250 colonists in less than 60 days
Express Outpost
Express Outpost178 (30)Build a base with at least 100 colonists in less than 30 days
Hyper Challenger
Hyper Challenger422 (90)Complete all challenges
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Planetbase Review

Have you ever wanted to play Sim City but in space? Well, Planetbase can offer you that. Build your colony and help them survive everything from malnutrition to meteors.

Posted 1 year ago by Megan Walton, 11 comments

TGN First Impression: Planetbase

Best case scenario, it's like The Martian meets Sim City. Worst case? Let's not go there. Join Rhys has he attempts to create a settlement from scratch on an alien planet in his First Impression of Planetbase.

Posted 1 year ago by Kevin Tavore, 10 comments

TA Podcast: Prey, Neverwinter, Outlast 2, Late Shift and Win a Code by Listening

Welcome to episode 68 of the TrueAchievements podcast. This week we've mainly been playing games for easy Gamerscore in an attempt to make it into the final 100 teams in this year's GTASC.

Posted 1 year ago by Dave Horobin, 5 comments

Planetbase - First Hour of Gameplay

Yesterday afternoon, Rich and Jack attempted to create a new colony on a remote planet in the latest ID@Xbox game to hit the store, Planetbase.

Posted 1 year ago by Dave Horobin, 10 comments

ID@Xbox Releases: Week Beginning May 1st, 2017

There's an attempt to build a base on a remote planet, a quest to find your friend in a demon-filled dungeon, a rage inducing ninja platformer and four heroes trying to unravel the mystery of an ancient prophecy.

Posted 1 year ago by Rebecca Smith, 8 comments

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