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    Hey guys today I would like to tell you about Planets Under Attack.

    First I would like to say that this game is one of the most challenging games I have played, when I got the game its all I played for weeks! The game play is truly addictive.

    Story overview
    Basically you are a space profiteer looking to make tax off planets to become filthy RICH! In other words, our dream jobs.

    So you go from star formation to star formation trying to beat other old wannabe rich dudes from winning that areas planets.

    During your adventure the company who is loaning your broke ass sollars (space bucks) will come calling! And they want repayment immediately...... To the point where they initiate planets takeovers attempting to bankrupt you!

    Of course once you pay these slimeballs off you continue with missions against other CPU players, a robot race, and an odd alien race all leading up to a grand finale fight against a huge boss planet.

    Now for gameplay itself you are basically sending ships from planet to planet to capture them, upgrade planets, create money planets to build more ships......sounds boring? ITS NOT!

    On some levels you need to hold one planet for a specific time, so if you capture it your enemy will send thousands of ships over and over to try to capture it, so in turn you need to send thousands of ships to it to keep the planet and fend off the attackers. If the enemy captures the planet you will need to recapture it and hold it again for the specified amount of time. And also while all this madness is happening the enemy will also try to capture your other planets as well.

    On other levels you are tasked with capturing three specific planets and holding them all at once.

    The game is quite challenging difficulty wise and in order to obtain all "stars" in a mission you need to complete side tasks, such as build 3 money planets, or finish under a certain par time.

    The graphics are quite amazing. You will find yourself playing in giant nebula's with purple gas floating around and stars and galaxy's in the background. One night my girlfriend saw the game running and she said it was the most beautiful game she has ever seen.

    As you guys can see the achievements can be quite tough, and the achievement for killing 1,000,000 population will take some time and or turbo controller's! However there is a quest counter for it, thank god! Another challenging one is obtaining all the "stars" in the campaign.

    Cost wise, 1200 points was well worth it in my opinion. I tried waiting for a sale but it never came, so one day I said screw it and spent the $15! I'm so glad I did because its one of the most unique and challenging games I have ever played. If and when you complete this game you WILL feel like a rock star!

    This game is an easy 5 stars for me. There are no bugs or buggy achievements. But there are beautiful environments, addictive gameplay, good story, and a true sense of achievement when you beat it.

    The video below will show you the first missions of the game and give you a general idea of how to play, check it out.

    Credit for video goes to xvideogamesourcex
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    Ok I'm sending you a friends request, lol. We r on the same page.
    Posted on 25 Nov 14 at 22:38
    JORAXRather generous review IMO. I love strategy games, but the difficulty ramp on this one is crazy (the developer even admitted they relied too much on very experienced testers and didn't have new players try it out). The price was also quite high for what the game was. Glad you liked it so much, but I have to think you are in the minority. I'd give it around a 3.5/5 personally :).
    Posted by JORAX on 08 Jan 15 at 01:07
    The difficulty is what I was a super challenge, but once you got used to attacks and could get attacks and the perks needed it became way easier. Yes the $15 is a shame but I can't figure out why it has NEVER been on sale.....or given free at this point.
    Posted on 08 Jan 15 at 02:30
    JORAXSince you are one of the 5 people who have completed this game, any tips? I'm currently stuck on the second "payoff" type mission (16) which doesn't show the countdown timer and starts you on a small planet without much room to move. I can't manage the 4 player hard AI free-for-all game either.
    Posted by JORAX on 08 Jan 15 at 18:31
    Tell me, what upgrades have you unlocked so far? You know how you can select 3 to use...what ones can you use?
    Posted on 08 Jan 15 at 18:40
    JORAXI'm level 9 and have:
    - Ships: +20% damage, +40% dam -10% speed, +30% speed -20% dam
    - People: +20% planet def, +30% income - 10% pop growth, +30% pop, -10% income
    ... and 3 on Special that don't seem that important (I don't use guns much)
    Posted by JORAX on 08 Jan 15 at 19:32
    JORAXI use +speed -damage when I know I'll have to defend and move my fleet around a lot, or just +damage if I'm not sure, and mostly use +20% defense for the second slot.
    Posted by JORAX on 08 Jan 15 at 19:34
    Well for the payoff mission you want bonus money and speed if you can. You basicly want to payoff the total asap so capture 2-3 planets and instead of using resources to build just keep pressing the pay button....that's how I did it and I beat it in about 45 seconds to 1:30 I think....and remember as you pay him the attack timer resets.

    As you level up better options open up....the last perk is especially good.
    Posted on 08 Jan 15 at 19:39
    JORAXManaged to get by that mission and am making progress once again. I might grind out some local MP to get access to those better perks. Thanks for the tips and letting me hijack your review with my questions :).
    Posted by JORAX on 08 Jan 15 at 22:21
    Yah the last perk is a special one...sends 9 ships out when you make don't see 9 on the screen but it does make a HUGE difference.
    Posted on 08 Jan 15 at 22:59