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Posted on 09 September 10 at 15:34, Edited on 10 September 10 at 13:35
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Essentially, the premise of the game is as follows: A relentless gang of the undead are trying to cross your lawn and make their way into your house. Why? To eat your brains, of course. In order for you to stop them, you must plant a number of flowers, bushes, trees and other foliage that can take down these zombies in a number of humorous ways: decapitating them, blowing them into black powder (think Daffy Duck) or running over them with a lawnmower. The game looks really stunning in HD and the bush where the zombies come from makes it a bit more challenging.

It might sound like a simple and straightforward concept, but you must select from a number of plants to use (each with a different way to take down the enemies) and wait until you can buy more using collected resources (such as sunrays). Then you need to decide where to plant them along the paths (closer to the road or closer to home?) and which paths should you cover first so you’re not surprised by a flesh-eating visitor at your door. This is all easier said than done, as there are many encroaching zombies who will eat your plants given the chance, rendering them useless.

Plus, there are two dozen different kinds of zombies, including ones that can jump over your bomb plants or man-eating Venus Flytraps, and others that wear mining helmets to resist damage or hold screen doors like a shield.

CRAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZZZY DAVE! Incredibly addictive. Refreshingly unique and surprisingly deep game. Great sense of humor. Multiple game modes and mini-games. Attractive graphics and good music.
Can get quite hard. Gameplay not as mainstream as some other PopCap games. Some might not appreciate comic violence

Thanks to Doc Buddha for posting this in the comments section.
Although, for the benefit of people who are looking @ this to help decide whether to buy or not, & maybe interested by the fact it has vs & co-op game modes (as I was - thinking "great, I can play this with m8's over LIVE") - THIS GAME HAS NO LIVE FUNCTIONALITY! The multiplayer game modes are local only. You can't even view your friends houses in the leaderboards section unless they're actually playing at the time. A massively poor omission in an otherwise excellent game.
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Posted on 22 November 10 at 16:01
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Release Date: February 15, 2010(iOS), September 8, 2010(Xbox 360), May 5, 2009(PC)
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Mac, iOS, XBLA, Nintendo DS
Developers: PopCap Games
Genre: Tower Defense
Publishers: PopCap Games

Storyline: 8/10
Well, the storyline is simple and to the point, which really isn't a bad thing. In the midst of a zombie apocalypse, the zombies want to drop by for some lunch with you being the meal. So, you must repel them with plants that you lay down in your garden (and roof, but mostly garden). After each section they'll leave you a really nice note delaring their want to eat you and you'll have a change of scenery for your battlefront.

Length and replay value: 10/10
After adventure mode is done and dusted, don't get to thinking that it's the end of the game, far from it infact. There's numerous other puzzle, challenge and survival levels to keep you enticed and on top of that you have your own little zen garden to care for; keeping you entertained for a reasonable amount of time. As for replayability, it really doesn't get old and can be enjoyed over and over.

Gameplay: 9/10
The controls for this aren't confusing at all, simply use the shoulder buttons to scroll through and select the plants and plot it where you want. This simpleness remains pretty universal throughout the game too which is great. As for the general gameplay within levels and challenges it's all pretty much the same, requiring you to decide which set of plants you want to take and then utilising your hopefully useful layout to repel the zombies.

Graphics and Audio: 8/10
Well, lets be honest, this game wasn't supposed to be a masterpiece of graphics and what it has does it justice fine, anything more complicated would just make it odd. The audio on the other hand can be quite tedious and although it's fitting, my iTunes was definately a better personal choice.

Achievements: 7/10
The achievements aren't exactly hard but they're enjoyable to achieve. The majority require very little effort to get and can be gained through casual gameplay but there are a few that need a bit of effort and time to be put in such as the wisdom tree (which costs quite a bit in total) and the survival achievement that is just long.

Overall Score: 42/50
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Posted on 01 April 13 at 16:43, Edited on 07 April 18 at 17:58
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From 'PopCap Games' the guys who brought us many popular arcade titles such as the Bejeweled, Zuma and Feeding Frenzy franchises along with Peggle and Heavy Weapon comes Plants Vs. Zombies. This tower defence strategy game was developed with addiction in mind as it is very hard to stop playing once you've started.

I'd like to focus around the achievements for this review, after all TrueAchievements is an achievement based website.

The graphics are unimportant as this game focuses on gameplay and sound. The general idea is to use Sunlight as fuel to place deadly mutated plantlife in your 9x6 garden or rooftop to prevent the hordes of Zombies from invading your home and eating your brains!

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The game offers a lot of re-playability and a genuine sense of skill and accomplishment, fortified of course by the achievements.

We are given some simple tutorial ones to begin with such as:

Plants vs. ZombiesSoil Your PlantsThe Soil Your Plants achievement in Plants vs. Zombies worth 10 pointsPlant your first 10 peashooters

Plants vs. ZombiesClose ShaveThe Close Shave achievement in Plants vs. Zombies worth 22 pointsWin any level after all 5 lawnmowers have been used

These present no challenge and will often unlock without noticing. Then as you progress you are given certain tasks to add a little more humour and variety to an already diverse and funny game.

Plants vs. ZombiesExplodonatorThe Explodonator achievement in Plants vs. Zombies worth 26 pointsBlast 10 zombies at once with a Cherry Bomb!

This is very easy and the chances to get this will come in hordes equaling that of the Zombies themselves.

Plants vs. ZombiesNom Nom NomThe Nom Nom Nom achievement in Plants vs. Zombies worth 17 pointsStop the horde using only the Sunflower, Wallnut, and Chomper on any level

This is a fun way to play and a good idea for an achievement.

Also if you turn your attention to the multiplayer aspect of the game, which doesn't require XBL and can be done with two controllers offline, you'll find a couple of easy achievements. Basically these encourage you to check out the multiplayer and have no imagination, but they are also very straightforward:

Plants vs. ZombiesVersus vs VersusThe Versus vs Versus achievement in Plants vs. Zombies worth 27 pointsGo on a 5 game winning streak in VS. mode

Plants vs. ZombiesZFF's 4 EvrThe ZFF's 4 Evr achievement in Plants vs. Zombies worth 37 pointsBowl a winner with a friend in Co-Op Wall-Nut Bowling

You'll soon be introduced to the very whacky character of 'Crazy Dave'. He offers assistance in the form of instructions, advice and most useful; he will sell you new plants, weapons, and customization. You can gain money through collection during the main Adventure mode and in the Survival and Mini-Games modes but a great way is to harvest your 'Zen Garden' and sell plants.

External image

The Zen Garden is a little mini-game whereby you nurture various plants by watering them and playing music for them until they are big enough to sell for cash profit. The first achievement linked to this idea is the:

Plants vs. ZombiesShopaholicThe Shopaholic achievement in Plants vs. Zombies worth 16 pointsGo trunk diving and spend at least $25,000 on Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies

Accumulating $25,000 is quite easy and won't take long at all. This is made redundant however by two much larger achievements concerning cash:
Plants vs. ZombiesMaster of MorticultureThe Master of Morticulture achievement in Plants vs. Zombies worth 48 pointsCollect all 49 plants in the game

This requires you to buy all the plants from Crazy Dave and will set you back $100,000, this is also a pointless achievement though because the:
Plants vs. ZombiesSmarty BranchesThe Smarty Branches achievement in Plants vs. Zombies worth 31 pointsGrow the Tree of Wisdom to at least 100 feet

Requires at least $247,500, this is actually quite long and will take some time and effort to build towards.

Continuing with the Adventure mode you will encounter many new Zombies who are tougher or who have new abilities. Abilities to jump over blocking plants, to crush your plants, and to tunnel or fly over your garden towards your house door. One of these later Zombies is known as the 'Gargantuar' and as his name suggests he's big.
External image

So big in fact that he has a smaller zombie on his back which he throws down your garden devastating your rear-guard. He also sometimes carries a normal Zombie and uses him as a club to smash your plants. You will encounter many Gargantuars during your completion of this game but killing just one will unlock:
Plants vs. ZombiesCrash of the TitanThe Crash of the Titan achievement in Plants vs. Zombies worth 15 pointsDefeat your first Gargantuar

The Adventure mode spans five main levels with dozens of sub-levels in between and is well large enough to quench your thirst for Zombie destruction. It's not that hard and you get infinite continues, but it is hard enough to satisfy your sense of accomplishment. Completing the campaign and defeating the giant Dr. Zomboss will net you another achievement:
Plants vs. ZombiesHome Lawn SecurityThe Home Lawn Security achievement in Plants vs. Zombies worth 40 pointsComplete adventure mode

Now finally we come to the real challenge and the true heart of Plants Vs. Zombies. After you complete your Adventure mode, do your MP achievements and build up enough cash to buy everything, it's time to move on to 'Survival Mode'.

This Mini-Game offers a lot of challenge and playability as you now face off against wave after wave of Zombie hordes using your full arsenal in various locations. The majority of these modes are not linked to any achievements, but they can be used to accumulate cash and they are very fun. However you will have to complete some of them in order to unlock the monster challenge; the 'Endless Survival' mode which does have the hardest achievement available.

In Endless Survival you will be attacked indefinitely by hundreds and hundreds of waves of Zombies. However the achievement attached to this is only to survive '40' waves which is '80' flags. This is still not easy and will require all of the skill and strategy you have learned throughout your campaigns.

External image

Endless Survival gives you the ability to choose any ten of your lethal plants from your full plant board to survive ever increasingly stronger waves of Zombies. After every two waves the game is paused and you can re-choose a new selection of ten. You must have all ten slots and every available plant to beat fifty waves. By the time you reach only half-way you will be massively overwhelmed by every type of Zombie from the Adventure mode. To counter these waves you will have to use the correct plant in the correct position at the correct time and be very vigilant and observant, your success depends on your skill, speed and your strategies.

Plants vs. ZombiesAlive and PlantingThe Alive and Planting achievement in Plants vs. Zombies worth 76 pointsSurvive 40 waves of pure zombie ferocity

This achievement really adds a great but doable challenge and a lot of playability to an already seemingly endless title.

Concluding with a rating based on the achievements I give Plants Vs. Zombies an 8/10. A solid and interesting game with challenging but not ridiculous achievements.

For more information please read my Plants vs. Zombies Walkthrough .

And watch out, there's a Zombie on your lawn!
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Posted on 18 February 11 at 00:14
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Set your plants to 'Kill'

Ah, just another relaxing gardening day... All of a sudden, zombies! Then your plants spring into action because genetic modification just so happens to be your cup o’ tea. So you sit back and watch your plants attack the zombies and enjoy it. No, this isn’t a Bioshock for kids, this is Plants Vs. Zombies! Yes the PopCap game that had a trial pre-loaded on your Windows 7 computer that you never bothered looking at. But what’s this; it’s a good game? Yes! But if you’re like me, you already bought it for the iPod and ended up getting this on release day. I know it’s a risk for a game like this, but I guarantee this might just be the best games for iPhone/Computer/and XBLA. But I must admit something, this game’s not for everyone. I suggest starting a trial if you don’t like Tower Defense games. And even if you don't like tower defenses, this game is enjoyable.

It’s not perfect; it’s a lot of waiting as with all Tower Defense titles. But it’s amusing. It definitely keeps you entertained and you might even get a sick laugh or two, we won’t tell. wink There are several mini-games, Survival mode, a fun adventure mode, and puzzles for you to enjoy! There’s a lot to do, I’ve easily wasted a lot of time on this game.

They’re cartoony, but they work. No glitching textures.

N/A for scoring
They’re not the most interesting, but they’re pretty easy.
Plants vs. ZombiesZFF's 4 EvrThe ZFF's 4 Evr achievement in Plants vs. Zombies worth 37 pointsBowl a winner with a friend in Co-Op Wall-Nut Bowling

Is a really fun mini-game, plus achievements!
Then there’s achievements that you wouldn’t normally do and provide a little challenge:
Plants vs. ZombiesNom Nom NomThe Nom Nom Nom achievement in Plants vs. Zombies worth 17 pointsStop the horde using only the Sunflower, Wallnut, and Chomper on any level

None should give you all that much trouble.

Fun Factor
You will love this game, you will get addicted. You will become a zombie.

N/A for scoring
It’s Local only. No Xbox Live gardening here, though that would have been a great feature.

Final Verdict
This game is addictive, and otherwise amazing. But what are you doing still reading this? Go buy this game! smile
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Posted on 08 November 12 at 02:22
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Being an avid zombie fan and liking Popcap's Bejeweled quite a bit, this seemed like an obvious purchase from Xbox Live. Playing my first couple of rounds defending my lawn from the oncoming zombie horde was easy to get into, and quickly became addictive. The game is eager to accept new players with plenty of tutorials, hints, and in an in-game almanac.


Gameplay consists on a large grid, with your lovely house on one end of the lawn and a row of hedges on the other. Zombies travel through the hedge and lumber slowly towards your house. If they reach the end, they eat your brains! However, luckily you have some gardening skills, lawnmowers, and some plants with a taste for zombie flesh. It's like a little Little Shop of Horrors, only with zombies!

Gather sunlight and you can plant more weaponry. Put a sunflower in the ground and suddenly you are gaining twice as much sunlight. From there you can use peashooters, wall-nuts… There are a number of different plants you can use to fight the zombie horde, but you are limited to what seeds you carry on hand during that level. Before the level begins you see a quick glimpse of the horde ahead. Just as there are many plants, there are many types of zombies, including slow ones, fast ones, armored ones, jumping ones, and gigantic ones. However, all of them will eat your crops given the chance! This makes gameplay very strategic.

While some levels were difficult, it was never to the point of chewing on my controller, and usually buying an upgrade from the shop remedied the situation.

After you beat the Adventure Mode, you unlock a ton more to do. Mini-games include bowling with zombies as pins, whack-a-zombie, and of course a zombie variant of Bejeweled called Beghouled. You also unlock Survival mode, Co-Op, and Versus. All of these games are really fun, and they do an excellent job of keeping the game from being repetitive. Furthermore, there is a mini garden that you can attend to called the Zen Garden. Taking care of this quiet reprieve from the zombies will grant you a bucketload of cash, which you can later use to purchase new plant upgrades.


While I personally didn't get a chance to try out the multiplayer, it looks like it could be highly entertaining.You and a buddy can pick teams as Plants or Zombies and fight each other, or can opt to work together against the endless undead. There is a catch though - this can only be achieved locally. Online multiplayer is not supported.


The graphics are cartoonish. Plants bob and sway, often grinning or blinking as they destroy zombies. If a zombie begins to munch on them they often display hilarious expressions of horror before they perish. Each of the different types of zombies has their own specific look making them easy to identify and combat, and plants are vibrant and varied. Even on the main menu and submenus the game never ceases to be brilliantly colorful.

Zombies moan for brains (as to be expected) and plants let out various sound effects as they hurl corn, gather sunlight, or shoot peas at their enemies. The background soundtrack reminds of music from Mario. It's inoffensive while you are playing, but long afterwards you may find yourself humming the tune. And can't get it out of your head.


I was able to barrel through the entire game in only a matter of days, but many of those days were near all-nighters. For the most part achievements are easy to moderate in difficulty, with the harder achievements requiring only time and patience to gather money or complete many levels of Survival Mode.


This game was FUN. It is highly addictive, visually stunning, and downright awesome. I would recommend this game to anyone.
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Plants V.s Zombies has finally made its way to Xbox Live Arcade from its previous platforms, but this is no straight port. It has a few changes and all new CO-op Mini Games. There has been a few Tower-Defence Games on XBLA in the past, but i would say this the best by far. This is the latest game by PopCap Games and they are known for making simple and addictive games. If you have played Peggle or Bejeweled then you will know what i mean. Plants Vs. Zombies is as addictive as them, if not more.

In Plants Vs. Zombies, you are a home owner that has to protect your house from incoming waves of zombies. You use different plants which you can place on 5 layers of lawn. This is a little different to other tower-defence games as the enemies don't have a zig-zag path to take. You are limited to the amount of plants to begin with, but you unlock more as you progress through the game. There are a varient of different plants you will come across. for example, Some are used as turrets that shoot out green peas which slowley destroy the zombies lims. Others are used to block, crush and even eat them. The amount of plant you can eventualy choose from is astonishing. Collecting falling suns will let you build more plants, and sunflowers, You collect them by moving the cursor near them. You can also collect them easier by holding the RT button. Every sunflower you build gives you another sun. The more suns, the more plants you can build. This is when i found it extremely addictive.

You have a neighbour called Crazy Dave. He will sometimes help you out like giving you tips and selling you usefull items to defend your house. You can also upgrade items, like your seed packet. This gives you another slot so you can choose more plants. Also upgradable is the sunflower. This gives you more sunlight to build your plants. You can buy these upgrades with coins that you can collect whilst defeating the zombies.

As you play through Adventure Mode you will go through a day and night cycle and visit three different areas. The front yard, backyard with a pool and roof. This makes it alot more challenging, as you need to build lily pads on the pool and plant pots on the roof before you can build your plants their. You will unlock CO-op and mini games as you play through the levels. These are new to the console version. These vary from Puzzle, Survival, CO-op, VS and Mini Games like Wall-Nut Bowling, Slot Machine and many more. These are all great fun, but is a little disappointing that you cannot play them online, and Local only. If you have played Plants V.s Zombies on a previous platform then i don't think its worth getting just for the extra content.

PopCap Games have made another charming and addictive game for you to spend endless hours on. If you love Tower-Defence games or just want a simple game to pass the time away, you should definitely add this to your collection.

Overall Score 9/10
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Posted on 07 January 11 at 22:38
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PopCap's take on Tower Defense wins big

I've never played a PopCap game I didn't like. Plants vs. Zombies is no different. For a gamer with a truachievement number that rivals small cities in terms of population numbers, I find this self-proclaimed casual-game developer's work to be vibrant, fun, and always addicting. After settling down after my Peggle addiction, I found something that caught my eye after perusing the App Store from my iPod Touch one day. Plants vs. Zombies. For $3. I heard about it sure. It was a tower defense game on the PC where you prevent zombies from eating your brains by planting plants in rows. I bought the iPod/iPhone version and was instantly hooked. It was definitely a PopCap game. After beating adventure mode twice and getting more than half of the in game achievements, I wanted more.

I bought PvZ on Arcade immediately. $15 might seem a little steep, but the amount of content in this game make other $15 game on Arcade seem like a waste of money. Not only do you get the adventure mode from the iPod/iPhone version, you get everything from the PC version including puzzle, survival, and mini games. Co-op and Vs. have been added to this version and are fun little distractions. Co-op is nice to have if you have someone over and they want to play. They just jump in and start helping. Vs. mode is pretty basic. One side is the plants and the other side is the zombies. You might find this to be a great mode but personally I only played it to get the achievement. It is worth noting that the multiplayer modes are local only. The real meat and potatoes of the game is the addictive single player modes, and you will definitely be busy for a while. My only complaint of this game is that the leaderboards just plain suck. You can only view your friends (which are represented as houses) and only one score.

PvZ, which is without a doubt my new favorite tower defense game, proves that PopCap are still kings of addictive experiences. PvZ is a game that can be enjoyed by casual and hardcore gamers alike and has the perfect balance of strategy to keep both groups of gamers satisfied. As far as tower defense games go, PvZ is pure gold.
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