1. PUBG: Battlegrounds Walkthrough overview

Welcome to a guide to what will either be a new addiction that you will happily endure the frustration of losing early and often, to the one win that makes you feel amazing. Or the thing that will drive you crazy and never touch it again. Or like me, annoy you so much, break controllers and shout at your screen, get your blood boiling and heart pumping just to be killed with no way for you to fight back, and just start a new round. Because I hate myself... But don't let this put you off, its really REALLY fun too...

This will not be a normal how to guide as there is no story or single player game to guide you through, it's strictly an extremely competitive multiplayer game. Boosting will be difficult, but not impossible for some achievements. So rather than offer a guaranteed way to earn the achievements, there's no way to boost every achievement in a strictly multiplayer game like this, without cheating/hacking, you will have to, much like Dark Souls, "Git Gud". There's no way to earn the achievements in customs games as the progress does not count towards achievements. There's no communication between teams on Xbox, the proximity microphone that is on the PC version is not a feature on the console version of PUBG, sadly.

As such with this type of game there will be updates that will change things. So I will endeavor to keep this guide as up to date as I can should changes be required. If you have any suggestions that may make the guide easier to read or understand, any extra gameplay tips or even just information about Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, please feel free to comment in the discussion, or message me directly.

To make things simpler I have divided the achievements into three sections. The ones that you will get without really trying to. Some that you will need specific stuff to unlock. And the ones that will require your best skill and patience. You will find tips on each individual achievement, which I hope will give you enough information for you to unlock the achievement.

So with this, good luck. You're gonna need it... (unless you find a lobby filled with Bots)

Welcome, to Pubbygee!

NOTE: As of Update 7.1 Bots have been introduced into the game. So you will see the last page has loads of details on bots and is your chance for the easy method of getting the achievements much faster than before. I will leave the details of each achievement as is. As many players will want to do this legitimately, its now possible to quickly boost if you feel the need to.

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