2. PUBG: Battlegrounds General hints and tips

Here are a few tips for each mode you can play. I play very differently depending on which mode I am on. On Solo's I will be very aggressive in fights, there's too much ammo laying everywhere to be worried about being precise, so I just spray away even if it is just to scare the opponent into hiding. Enough bullets at most players will be enough to make them not pop out, or to panic and make them think about what to do, meanwhile, you can just keep moving randomly, find the open shot and take it.

My line I use all the time is to be "Mobile, Aggressive and Unpredictable.." Basically, I mean this. Mobile is to never stop doing something like moving or forcing them to move and always be aggressive so they don't have the time to plan anything. But since I'm being unpredictable it should make some players a little hesitant to do anything, but I am ready for action right now.

If you play in Solo's it's all down to you unless you can find some others having a fight and can see both clearly, then wait until they are trying to heal up, you will see them using something they will be forced down to a slow walk if they are moving at all. This will be your best opportunity for an easy kill, they are low on health and otherwise distracted.

If you play Duo's you will need to either get the down and finish them off or eliminate the downed player's Duo partner. Don't get too excited and rush in to finish them off, as their partner will most likely not be far away. So be prepared for a second player to deal with. Best to play with a friend who you know well enough and trust enough for when it gets a little hairy. Teamwork is 100% the key to victory, clear communication, and some skill is required to consistently win fights, so PRACTICE! A LOT!

If you play Squad's, then communication is at peak importance. I cannot count the number of times my squad was wiped out because they failed to call out directions of enemies clearly, not paying enough attention to the sound effects or just not watching the windows. I find most people are a little more relaxed in Squads as with strength in numbers, comes a lapse in awareness from rookie players. Maybe they think the others will pick up the slack. They won't (or shouldn't), if they are like me, they will play as if they are in solo's like the first down is all you have. Fight to the teeth for it if you have to. If you know you're gonna lose, make them pay for it.

As I write this its 22nd April 2020, according to my stats I'm currently at 3028 kills over 2019 matches at 692 hours. So I cannot stress that you should think a boost would be required, yes even for the 1000 kills achievement. Also, NOBODY in their right mind would help to boost this, after all everybody who loves these games love stats, I know I do. Every death hurts...

Keep in mind, if YOU down a player and your PARTNER finishes off the second enemy player, you are still credited for the kill. If you down a player in the blue zone, and they die to it after you down them, it still counts. If the blue zone knocks them down, and you finish them off, this is entirely down to how much damage you gave them before the blue zone will finish them off, some say if you do over 50% of the total damage they received, then it counts. If the blue zone kills them, you DO NOT get credit if you didn't down them in the first place. If you down a player, and another player finished them off, I believe you still lose the credit for the kill if the stealing player does more than 50% of the remaining damage, so a few extra hits on them if you can do quickly enough, will most often secure the kill for you.

I will go into detail on what counts for each individual achievement as the guide goes on.


The mini-map is a super important tool. It looks like this.

For mini details

You will always be at the direct center of the mini-map. In this instance, I am the yellow marked player. You can also see a small arrow showing my team what direction I am currently looking, in this case, South, not down, or over there, but South. Again, clear indications to teammates are crucial, my ahead might be my teammates left or right, but there is only one South. Likewise, you will be able to see the position of your squad and the direction they are facing. Each player is assigned a different colour, Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green. The colours help when teaming with randoms, you can ask what colour instead of whatever random name players have as their Gamer-Tags, we all know they get weird, so ask for their colour.

You can see the name of the location I currently am called "Bootcamp". Use the names to call out to teammates where you plan on going or want to go at some point. If everybody knows what everybody is doing, things go much smoother. Even for the smaller unnamed towns, think of a name and stick with it. Eventually, your squad will know where you mean by just the name. EG, I call the waterflooded town on Erangel "Water Town", it's obvious why. We call the big mountain between the Hospital and Ruins is "Spine Mountain", it just looks like a spine, again obvious. But there's also a "Bob Town", as I claimed it as my own because I single-handedly wiped a 4 player squad. It's just a nice way to remember your accomplishments and give those random spots names. Additionally, when you do remember them, you feel like you get better over time, its a morale boost for yourself to do better. I went off-topic a bit there, but it will help keep your spirits high after many losses, it's gonna happen, accept it, you will lose a lot in this game. There is only one winning team/player after all.

The dashed line is pointing towards the middle of the "Safe Zone". This is where every player will be heading to stay out of the "Blue Zone". If you are outside the "Safe Zone" this will show the direction you will need to head to stay safe.

Related to that is the thick line above the top of the mini-map. This shows how close the "Blue Zone" is to your current position, which is the vertical white line, compared to the safe zone, the white square, on the far right of the thick line. The 20 in this image shows how long until the"Blue Zone" starts to shrink in minutes and seconds, this shows just 20 seconds left until it starts to move. The only thing missing from this image is the "Blue Zone" itself, which will be unmistakable as it fills the whole mini-map blue as it shrinks to the "Safe Zone". As you move closer to the "Safe Zone" the little white marker will move as you do. If you move towards the "Safe Zone" it will move to the right, moving away from the "Safe Zone" and towards the "Blue Zone," it will move left. Once the "Blue Zone" starts to shrink, the Thick bar will fill up blue and gives you a quick estimate on how long until it reaches your position, then how long it will take to get back out of it.

The white squares are buildings or pieces of scenery that you cannot pass through. Fences, walls, and boxes can be climbed over, can be slow but faster than running around the wall sometimes. Buildings will need to be either gone around or through if you can see a door to get inside or a window to climb through, this can be risky as players like to hide, but faster than going around if you know the layout of the building.

The curvy grey lines represent road surfaces, there's no cover but broken cars so use them as intended, to drive along. Look both ways before crossing if you have to and remember its really open, so don't hang around on it for too long.

You can see the river on the top left of the mini-map. You can swim, but keep in mind its about 20 seconds-ish to swim about 60 meters. Rough guess for this river crossing would take about 20 seconds diagonally, which looks to be about 60 meters. The problem is when you only have 20 seconds until the blue zone starts shrinking, which itself gets faster for every phase of the game, it's a lot of time spent going slowly. That's if you even managed to get to the river and start swimming but not get shot at for sprinting across the grass to the river.

Then we have the "Safe Zone" circle visible to the bottom left. It's the part of the white circle where the "Blue Zone" will stop shrinking. Other than the fact the every other player in the game will be already inside this circle or are heading here, its quite a safe place from the blue zone.

So you can see there's a lot more to the mini-map than some people think, and I'm still sure I may have missed something as the game will keep being updated with new things like the new rally points will be shown on the mini-map, covered in the world map section below.


There was an update at the beginning of season 7 which introduced A.I. enemies in each game. This has been a mixed bag of like and hate. But they also offer a perfect chance to get some of the harder achievements completed. On the last page of this guide will be how to effectively boost each achievement. Since there is no way to be sure of finding a game with less players and more A.I. bots, you will need to identify on the fly if they are bots or not. On the final page you will see how to identify bots from player enemies, but beware that any player can "imitate" bots behaviour to a degree in order to lure you into an easy ambush.

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