3. Please, Don't Touch Anything Mop-up/Misc AchievementsUpdate notes

OK, so now that the most annoying achievements are done and out of the way, it's time to mop up.

Start by loading the game up again and you will have your colleague inform you that he is taking a bathroom break and he will be back in a minute. Simply wait a whole 60 seconds for him to return like he did for one of the endings. If you wait a further 3 minutes here, you can unlock the following:

Next up, you are going to need to hit the red button 16 times to reveal the hammer on the left side of the console. Simply grab the hammer and hit the printer to your left 37 times for an achievement.

The next achievement will require you to follow these steps:

Press the red button twice to reveal a 3 button panel.
Enter the code 312213 in the new panel to reveal a panel with four buttons arranged in a square.
Press the [Top Right] [Bottom Right] [Bottom Right] [Top Right] buttons again in the newly revealed panel to reveal a 3-digit dial with 2 buttons.
Next you are required to hit the grey button 277 times within 60 seconds. You cannot hold the click button at any point (each click has to be pressed). If successful, you will unlock the following achievements:

Next achievement requires you to lose at a game of Tic Tac Toe by following the steps below.

Press the red button 16 times so that the hammer and screwdriver appear.
Pry open the desk drawer below the right side of the main console with the hammer.
Use the screwdriver to open the top right panel to reveal the coloured buttons.
Press the colored buttons in this order: [Red] [Yellow] [Yellow] [Blue].
Place the telephone in the drawer on the device that appears from pressing the coloured buttons.
Dial the following number: 311 399 2364.

This will display the game Tic Tac Toe on the monitor.

Click the '1' on the screen in order to add a player. You will now be matched against the AI. All you have to do is lose. Pretty simple. Just allow the AI to get three in a row and you will unlock the following:

The next bunch of achievements will be for making calls to different numbers using the telephone. In order to reveal the telephone, you will need to press the red button 16 times in order to reveal the hammer. Use the hammer on the drawer in the bottom right side of the terminal and it will reveal the telephone. Interact with the telephone and dial each of the following numbers for different achievements.

Dial - 6529770

Dial - 8675309

For the next achievement, you are required to dial a total of 10 secret numbers. You have already dialed 3/10 (1 from the main story and the 2 listed above), so you are only required to dial 7 more. Here is a small list of numbers to choose from:

0 (Operator)
911 (Emergency Services)
411 (Information)
555 2368 (Ghostbusters Reference)
606 0842 (B-52's Reference)
555 0123 (God's Number, Bruce Almighty Reference)
555 0100 (Vegas Vacation Reference)
2 13 55 5 4679 (Swingers Reference)
555 3455 (Seinfeld Reference)
555 0113 (Arrested Development Reference)
555 6162 (A-Team Reference)
6 36 5 55 3226 (Simpsons Reference)

Once you have dialed 7 numbers from the list above, you will unlock the following:

Next achievement will require you to use the UV light in order to reveal a hidden poster on the wall. In order to reveal this, you will need to do the following steps:

Press the red button twice to reveal a 3 button panel.
Enter the code 312213 in the new panel to reveal a lever.
Pull the lever to the right to reveal the UV light.

Grab the UV light and use it on the wall to the top left side of the monitor to unlock the following:

Next achievement is a little tricky and may require a little patience and some level of skill as it requires you to be ridiculously quick and flawless with your actions at the same time. You are basically required to collect all of the rubbish around the office and dispose of it in the trash can within 15 seconds. There are 10 pieces in total, 6 of which are clustered relatively close to the trash can, 1 is under your desk with 2 just to left by the door, and the final 1 behind you by the filing cabinets.

I would advice pausing the game here and going to your options menu and setting the Look sensitivity to 10 and try getting used to this as I'm pretty sure it's borderline impossible if you do not.

Start by getting the farthest ones first, then move to the closer ones, so in order:

1. Furthest one behind you by the filing cabinet
2-3. By the door to the left of the console.
4. Under your desk
5-10. By the trash can itself.

If you need to, you can press and hold Left Trigger or Right Trigger for a moment to zoom in and get better aim on the balls.

The achievement will pop if done in time and your colleague will appear back from his bathroom break and thank you for cleaning up the place.

If you really struggle with the above achievement, there is a method in which can manipulate the trash balls so that they become stretched and elongated which makes them easier to pick up. In order to do this you must spam the pick up/drop button until they stretch enough for you to try this.

You may have by now obtained all of the achievements as the last couple are cumulative, but if you haven't unlocked them already here is what remains.

Easy enough. You can simply spam the cn_Y button to reset the console until you reach a total of 100 resets.

Pretty self explanitory. Simply continue to hit the red buttons a total of 1000 times. I would suggest the middle button as many times as you can, then press cn_Y to reset. Rinse and repeat.

If you have unlocked all of the achievements within this walkthrough up to this point, then you will unlock the final achievement for unlocking all the other achievements.

Congratulations on your completion, you are now done with this walkthrough.

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