Pocket God (WP)

Windows Phone

Pocket God (WP) Achievements

Most Earned

Coconut Bouncing Minion5 (5)Bounce a coconut on a pygmy's head.
Bird Bomb - Minion5 (5)Achieve a score of 1 bird bomb.
Shark Snap - Minion5 (5)Play Shark Snap.
Pygmy Kabob - Minion5 (5)Spear a pygmy

Least Earned

Ooga Jump - God141 (15)Achieve a score of over 6000 points in Ooga Jump.
Shark Snap - God93 (15)Score over 100 shark snaps.
Kill Ice Monster - God79 (15)Kill the ice monster
Hurricane Zapping God46 (15)Zap 100 pygmys with lightning.
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