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Portal 2

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Portal 2 Achievements

Most Earned

Wake Up Call
Wake Up Call5 (5)Survive the manual override
You Monster
You Monster5 (5)Reunite with GLaDOS
Undiscouraged11 (10)Complete the first Thermal Discouragement Beam test
Bridge Over Troubling Water
Bridge Over Troubling Water11 (10)Complete the first Hard Light Bridge test

Least Earned

Still Alive
Still Alive40 (15)Complete Course 4 with neither you nor your co-op partner dying
Friends List With Benefits
Friends List With Benefits134 (50)While playing co-op, hug 3 different people on your friends list
Professor Portal
Professor Portal194 (75)After completing co-op, complete Calibration Course online with a friend who hasn’t played before
Triple Crown
Triple Crown35 (15)Solve 3 co-op chambers in the Mass and Velocity course in under 60 seconds each
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