3. Portal: Still Alive Story

This playthrough will cover a lot of miscellaneous achievements and will help you get familiar with the game before you try out the harder run and the advanced chambers. If you're having trouble with some of the achievements, you can find some of them as videos in the playlist link below. Not included are Is Anyone There? and Rat's Tale, since those are more widespread and aren't well-defined into videos.

Portal: Still Alive | Misc Achievements

Test Chamber 00

Once you start a new game, you'll get a brief welcome from the machine running the tests here, GLaDOS. When the portal in your room opens, walk through and over into the next room. A cube will drop from the ground, and you'll have to put it on the button with cn_X. The button, when weighted down, will open the door towards the elevator leading to the next chamber. The emancipation grid in front of the elevator will destroy any objects that you try to take with you, for example the cube, as to prevent smuggling or an advantage in the chamber ahead.

Test Chamber 01

Drop down into the next chamber and take a good look around. The orange portal in your room will remain constant, but the blue one will alternate between three locations. One is the small room with a cube, another with the button it needs to go on, and the third leads to the door and elevator. Try to grab the cube and return to your original room before the blue portal alternates again, then do the same for putting the cube on the button so you can leave the chamber more quickly.

Test Chamber 02

At the start of this chamber, take a good look around and notice the portal device rotating on its pedestal. you'll want to run over to where that small hole in the wall is, past the door to your right, and wait for the portal is shot into that area. Then pass through the portal and drop down to the portal gun to pick it up. Now that you have the portal gun, just pass through your blue portal to get to the higher ledge where the orange one is to finish the chamber.

Test Chamber 03

This chamber starts out with an orange portal right in front of you. Shoot your blue one on any white wall and pass through it, then look at the elevator. Now all you have to do is shoot the blue portal over by the elevator and pass through the orange portal again, which will put you right by the elevator.

Test Chamber 04

For this test, all you've got to do is put your blue portal by the cube that falls down, then take it through to the button.

Test Chamber 05

There are two buttons and two cubes in this chamber. There's one in a pit, just like in the previous test; shoot a portal in there, take the cube, and run through to the other side. Running through the portal will put you on a high ledge. You'll want to place your blue portal next to the cube on the ledge so that you can step back into the orange portal to grab it. With both cubes, you can now open the door ahead and finish the chamber.

If you want to do something funny, then you can open the door, shoot a portal inside, and then close the door. Then pile up both cubes so you can hop on them up to the orange portal. Crouch cn_B so you can grab cn_X the higher of the two cubes, then put the cube past the door and shoot your portal somewhere else. GLaDOS won't be happy with your stupidity.

Test Chamber 06

This test introduces you to energy pellets. One will be bouncing on the left side of the chamber, and its receptacle will be to the right. By taking a look up at the ceiling, you should be able to see a bit of orange light from the receptacle; shoot your portal there and wait for the pellet to drop in. This will activate the lift, which will let you finish the test.

Test Chamber 07

This is another pellet introductory course. Shoot your blue portal at where the pellet hits the wall so it can get into its receptacle, then shoot it at the white ceiling above the moving platform. Wait for it to pass under it, then drop through the orange portal to land on it. Now all you've got to do is ride the platform over to the elevator.

Test Chamber 08

For this test, shoot your portal at where the energy pellet hits the wall, then quickly shoot it at the opposite end of the receptacle. The plan is for it to bounce off the wall opposite of the orange portal and into the receptacle. With the lift activated, shoot your portal at a wall you can reach and make your way to the platform under the orange portal. From here, shoot your portal above where the platform moves, then step through once you can stand on it. Make sure not to fall in the water, because you'll die and get a bad mark on your testing record. And you don't want that.

Test Chamber 09

Test Chamber 09 is impossible. Here's how to solve it. Take a cube from the dispenser and run it through to the high ledge where the orange portal is. Then, from there, shoot your blue portal through the square above the emancipation grid so you can get the cube to the button.

Test Chamber 10

You'll now get to test with momentum. Shoot your portal at the ground below you to be flung out of the orange portal, which is on its own panel above you. Then enter the next room, where the orange portal is repositioned above the door you came in from. Just shoot your portal at the ground and fall into it so you have enough momentum to reach the other side.

In the third room, it'll be the orange portal that remains constant, and it'll be on the floor below. Look up and behind it and shoot your blue portal at the high point of the large chunk of white wall. Then do it again to reach the elevator.

Test Chamber 11

Test Chamber 11 can be broken a bit, and doing so is related to an achievement. Shoot your blue portal at the wall and wait for the orange portal to be placed near a red button that you can use cn_X. This will open a door on the other side of the room, and you'll want to toss your blue portal in there before it closes. The plan is to get stuck in this room, which will force GLaDOS to help you out of the predicament you're in.

When the orange portal is shot to the opposite side of the energy pellet receptacle, shoot your blue portal by where the energy pellet hits the wall so it can enter the receptacle. Keep your blue portal here for the rest of the test, and just wait for the orange one to put you at the foot of the platform that was activated with the energy pellet. It'll take you to the orange portal gun, which will upgrade your own to give you control of both at once. Now that you have it, simply ride the platform back to the white wall you came in from and walk back into the "energy pellet room". This will lead to you being trapped, giving you an achievement.

The door in the energy pellet room will open, giving yourself another chance at getting to the moving platform. Ride it again, press the button next to where the orange portal gun once, was and shoot your blue portal in there. Then ride the platform back to the white wall and put your orange portal on it so you can enter the new closed-off room and use the elevator.

Like a Rat

Trap yourself in a test chamber so that GLaDOS has to help you continue.

Like a Rat
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Test Chamber 12

Now that you have control of both portals, you can do what you did in Test Chamber 10 all by yourself. When you get flung over to a button, a panel from the wall next to it will angle itself upwards. Place your portal that isn't on the floor here, then drop down so you get flung towards the cube. Place it on the button, then fly upwards with the angled panel again to get back to the elevator.

Test Chamber 13

Use your two portals to get the cube on the high ledge in the starting room onto the ground next to the button. Stand on the button yourself and shoot a portal into the main room of the chamber, and bring the cube with you into the main room. Now redirect the energy pellet into its receptacle on the ground to activate the moving platform, and then use your portals to drop down onto it so you can grab the cube on top of it. Place one of your portals on a wall, and then put the other above one of the two buttons on the high platforms on the left side. Having weights on the two buttons will open the door to the elevator.

If you'd like to break this chamber too, stand on the higher of the two buttons and have one cube on the lower one. When the door is open, shoot a portal through the other side and jump cn_A to the lower button so you can take the cube back. Then just push both cubes through the portal to the other side and close yourself off from it. GLaDOS will open the door ahead for you.

Like a Rat

Trap yourself in a test chamber so that GLaDOS has to help you continue.

Like a Rat
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Test Chamber 14

This chamber has an oversight that makes it completable within a matter of seconds. Put one of your portals, blue for example, at the base of the immobile white platform you see at the start of the chamber. Then walk left to a gap, which will turn into a staircase when you get close. Walk up the staircase, and the stairs will retract back into the floor. Now that the stairs are a solid surface, put your orange portal on the floor made of the stair-pieces and then drop through, giving yourself enough momentum to launch yourself up to the top of the platform and towards the elevator.

As for solving the test properly, walk up the staircase that appears when you go to the left, and then place a portal at the base of the black structure with a cube on top of it. Put your other portal down where the stairs once were so you can fling yourself up to the cube. Then place it on the button downstairs so you can use the door past it.

Take note of the white platforms rising and sinking into the water. You don't have to use them just yet, so put a portal on the other side of the hallway so you can get to the energy pellet bouncing around in the room at the other end. When you get to the pellet, put both portals high up on the walls of this room to prevent the pellet from coming at you and killing you later. Then place one of your portals (use your orange one so you remember not to use it later) at where the pellet hits the wall and jump cn_A across the moving platforms in the water to make it back to the receptacle. By placing your blue portal above the receptacle, the pellet will enter it, activating the lift to the elevator.

Test Chamber 15

Chamber 15 might seem a bit puzzling at first glance, but the way through is actually pretty simple. Look up above the elevator you came in from for a panel sticking out of the wall. Put your first portal there, then put another on the floor. Drop through, then drop through the portal on the floor again (or shoot another to where you'll land) to give yourself enough momentum to pass through the emancipation grid.

In the next room are an energy pellet dispenser and its receptacle. Shoot a portal at the place the energy pellet is hitting, then put another one above the lift that you can't use. This will put the pellet through the emancipation grid in front of the receptacle, and you won't have much time to follow the next step. Run through the emancipation grid and redirect the pellet into the receptacle with two new portals before the pellet evaporates.

The third room is much like the first, except the floor here is mostly black. To get the momentum you need, walk into the small room on the left and place a portal on the lower floor at the end of the staircase. Then put your other portal on the panel sticking out from the wall, and jump down through the first portal. This will give you enough momentum to reach the white floor; shoot your first color portal on the floor as you land on it so you can get even more momentum, launching yourself through the emancipation grid.

And now, another room to this long chamber. Notice the energy pellet and dispenser being right next to each other, and then put a portal on the white panel above the receptacle. Put another on the ground, and launch yourself to the other side of the room as you've done before. To get the energy pellet to the receptacle, fire a portal on the flat wall where the pellet hits when it's bounced off of the angled one, and then put your other portal on the flat wall opposite it. The pellet should bounce off both angled panels as it makes its way from the dispenser to the receptacle. Now just do a bit of flinging to take yourself back to the receptacle half of the room, and then look into the now-activated hallway of moving platforms. You'll want to save your game here just in case things go wrong.

The platforms here constantly move away from you, so you'll want to place portals along the walls to advance ahead. Keep one portal, orange perhaps, in the receptacle room, and then use your blue one in the hallway so you can keep moving forward. You'll eventually be able to shoot a portal into the very last room of Chamber 15. There are two lifts in this room that already work; ride one of them up to the top so you can reach a button, and then look to the other side of the room to where the other button is.

Put one portal on the panel sticking out, which is opposite of the two doors that the buttons control, and then put your next portal on the floor below the dispenser. When the energy pellet is stuck between the doors and the panel, press the button near you and then use your portals to get to the next one before the pellet disintegrates. Putting the pellet into the receptacle will activate the lift leading up to the elevator.

Test Chamber 16

There's a lot to do in this chamber. We'll start by mentioning an achievement for never being shot once throughout the game, because there are turrets in this chamber, and you'll want to save often from here on out. If you get shot at all, just reload your most recent save. Another thing to keep in mind is that turrets can still shoot you as they're being deactivated, so try to deactivate them away from you, if that makes sense.

Walk through to the first small room, and a turret from far away will start shooting at you. Don't mind him, because the glass in this game never breaks. Look at the turret facing away from you in this starting room, but don't pick him up or anything. You'll want to actually detach the camera in this room from the wall so that it drops to the floor, and then use it to knock the turret over.

The Camera Adds 10 Pounds

Knock a turret over with a security camera.

The Camera Adds 10 Pounds
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

When a turret is knocked over, it won't ever reactivate, so the goal of the chamber is naturally to deactivate all the turrets. Walk along until you see the red laser of another turret, and then shoot your portal down the hall. From here, shoot a portal behind the turret so you can pick it up and knock it down. The next turret is atop a staircase to the left, and it should be easy enough to get to by using the white walls surrounding it.

In the next area of the chamber are two turrets that won't be able to shoot you unless you get close. There are white ceilings above them, so you'll have to drop things on them. Take a turret from earlier, or a box jammed into a wall up ahead, and use a portal to drop it on one of the turrets. There are some shady-looking red X's above the turrets; these have been drawn on by a man named Doug Rattmann, an Aperture Science employee whose existence is shrouded in mystery. He's also schizophrenic, and has gone mad since the time Chell has started testing. In fact, you can find the first (1/5) Rat Man Den here, which is tucked in behind the panel being held out by cubes. You'll have to find all five of these, so they'll be mentioned as you continue the story. Check the achievements with the cn_start menu to make sure that it's been tracked for this run of the game.

To get through the rest of the chamber, just keep popping out behind corners so you can get the drop on the turrets ahead. Rattmann has broken one of the cube dispensers to give you more than enough objects to topple over the turrets in the chamber, and you can even use deactivated turrets to knock over other ones, so you'll have plenty of things at your disposal. Just be sure to save often, because you don't want to get hit with bullets even once for an achievement later.

When you get to the button in the room with three turrets, be careful, as there's a turret facing directly towards you in the room past the door. Quickly peek out and shoot a portal behind it so you can knock it over (or at least place it in a corner), and then portal yourself over to the side of the last turret, past another gate wall. You'll want to take this turret, or any other for that matter, into the emancipation grid by the elevator for another achievement.

A Feeling Like Floating

Dissolve a turret.

A Feeling Like Floating
5 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Test Chamber 17

You'll be accompanied by a special cube for this chamber, the Companion Cube. It'll help you throughout the entire chamber, so make sure you take care of it at all times. You can start off by using it as a step to get up the initial black area, and then as a shield against the energy ball in the skinny hallway past it. It might be a good idea to save in the "rest area" of the energy pellet hall, because sometimes the pellets will ricochet around and hit you anyway. When going down the next pellet hallway, you'll want to face the dispenser with the cube so it bounces away from you.

The next room consists of a wide, mostly white area, a black hall with three inactive platforms in the ground, a black room with two buttons, and a smaller black room with an energy pellet and receptacle. There's also another (2/5) Rat Man Den in here, so make sure you visit it by using portals to get inside before you finish the test. To start solving this puzzle, take your companion cube over to the pellet/receptacle room and use the cube to nudge the pellet into the receptacle. This will activate the first platform. Next, enter the room with two buttons and put the companion cube on the button that's higher up by a door, and make your way back to the second energy pellet hallway. You're going to want to redirect this pellet towards the doors, so set the portals up to do so and wait by the button on the ground. When the pellet passes the button, stand on top of it so that both doors are open, allowing the pellet to reach its receptacle. The third platform is raised with the first energy pellet, which needs to be redirected with the slanted surface next to the last receptacle.

To get to the exit, take your companion cube back and use portals to get to the now-raised platforms, and use the cube to press a button. GLaDOS will congratulate you on your performance, but will then tell you that in order to progress, you need to euthanize your dear friend the Companion Cube. Press the switch past the door, and then put your cube into the incinerator. Only after euthanizing the cube can you continue to the elevator. It's a very sad moment, I know.

Test Chamber 18

GLaDOS will tell you that at the end of the experiment, you will be baked, and there will be cake. She's been acting a bit weird lately, so she's probably just messing up her words. Use portals to cross the gap at the start of this test. Look behind you when you land to find another (3/5) Rat Man Den, and then put a portal on the ceiling ahead. Don't put it at the vertex of the wall and the ceiling, however, because there's water directly below that. You'll have to put your other portal on the wall above the water and jump into it. Don't worry, it's a lot easier than it sounds. After this, though, you'll be able to make your way up the room using the floor instead of walls, so things will be easier.

At the top of the room is a small white wall you can use to get to a closed door. There's a button across the way, and you'll have to use a momentum fling to get to it. Put a portal high above the closed door, and then look down from the ledge to find a white platform you can jump through. To keep the button pressed, you'll need the cube in the following room, which is going to be a bit challenging to get to.

Press the button by a panel and crawl through to a room filled with turrets. Stick to the left and look around for ideas on how to push all the turrets over with the energy pellet. Just place your portals at where the turrets' sights are lined up on the wall, and then use your other portal to get the pellet towards the turret. After this, you'll need to get the pellet to its receptacle, which is behind a door to the left of where you came in from. This will require a bit of timing, like one of the earlier chambers did. Put an orange portal (or blue, but it'll be referred to as orange for the sake of clarity here) on the panel jetting out from the far side of the room to the left, which is on the opposite side of the receptacle, and then put your blue portal on a wall that the pellet will hit. When the pellet passes through the portals and is headed towards the door, quickly rearrange your portals so you can press the button, allowing the pellet to reach its receptacle.

A successful attempt will activate the moving platform in the middle of the room. Ride it through to the other side and drop down towards another button that, when pressed, re-opens the panel you came in from, angling it upwards. Use a wall near the button so you can get back to the start of the room, then press the button. Now you'll have to put one portal on the panel and one down to the right of it so you can use the momentum to shoot yourself towards the cube. Take the cube back to the start with the moving platform, then reach the button again so you can leave with the cube. Put the cube on the button, and you'll be able to move on.

Next up is a simple momentum puzzle; just use portals on the floors to fling yourself upwards, then put your next portal on another platform that you can see on your way up and so on until you can fling yourself with an angled panel towards the elevator.

Test Chamber 19

The first step to this final chamber is to put both portals on the angled surfaces by the first pellet dispenser and receptacle; when the pellet is on the side of the receptacle, put the portal on that side somewhere else so it can bounce off the angled panel into the receptacle. This will activate moving platforms across a waterway that you can use to reach a button. Press it to open the door nearby, and shoot a portal as far down the hall as you can to save time. Then put your other portal next to you so that when another platform moves by, you'll be able to step onto it. Just ahead of this is a green energy pellet, one that doesn't deteriorate over time, so you'll have to think fast. Quickly redirect it somewhere else (above you, for example) and cut it off so that it can't come back and hit you. Then ride the platform towards a panel. To get through this, you'll have to shoot a portal to the left, past the panel, and then shoot one onto the panel itself. When you get to the panel, stand "on top" of the circle formed with your portals so that you don't fall in the water, and then jump from here to the platform when it catches up.

The platform will then take you to the furnace to be baked. It looks like GLaDOS wasn't exaggerating. But don't fret, there's a white wall above the furnace, and there are white walls all along the room; use them to escape a fiery death, and then use this safe area to momentum-fling yourself up towards the next ledge. Open a nearby door with cn_X after you make your way up a broken staircase, and then use the white wall next to a gated-off door to get to said door.

Past the door are two very large fans. Shoot a portal past one of them and walk through it to get to a rather murky, wide room. Portal yourself over to the other side, and then look at the catwalk in the middle of the room. You'll want to place a portal high along the wall above it so you can jump through one closer to you, which will let you land on the catwalk. The catwalk has an open door leading to a lab-looking area, which will have a closed door branching off to the side. Open it up and pick up cn_X a clipboard on the table to examine the testing results of a chicken.

Tests Like Chicken

Find the chicken's test results.

Tests Like Chicken
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

When you're ready to continue, walk to the other side of the catwalk and ascend this room. You'll have to do a momentum fling in the room to get to the a shattered pipe. Hop in, and you'll be taken to Test Chamber 09. Press the button with your own weight and shoot a portal towards the elevator so you can get to it. Since you're not supposed to be here, however, the elevator won't be here. You'll be dropped down to more same-y looking stuff; use more portals to get past a fence, and then use a small rising square pole to get more height. Shoot a portal on the floor of the chunk of concrete you used to get past the fence so you can jump onto a large piston to get further into the bowels of the facility.

Up next is a big room filled with pistons. Ride one in the middle up near the top and get ready to shoot a portal above the broken ladder in the room. This will lead to two smaller pistons pushing up against white walls. Stand between them and face away from the T-Pipe past the fence, then look up to find a white wall that you need to shoot your other portal at. Ride the piston through to the other side, and then quickly look up again for another white wall. Shoot a portal at it and drop down to the twin pistons again, then do the same thing and get to another piston, and land on top of it. Try to get into a fenced-off side room and use the perspective of the room to set up a momentum fling. The floor you'll be using is the white floor below the side room you've (hopefully) managed to find. The escape from Chamber 19 is pretty hard to follow since everything looks the same.

Another piston room is head; hopefully you've got the general idea down by now. Past it is a T-pipe that you can drop down onto, and from it you can drop down to another. Use another piston nearby as a makeshift platform and jump into a portal on a white wall by the lower pipe so you land on top of it and get ahead. At the end of this is a square hole with an arrow from Rattmann telling you to drop down it. Do so, and then look around for a small hole you can crawl into, where you'll find the second-to-last (4/5) Rat Man Den. Make a manual save when you get to it.

Ahead of the den are three sets of pistons, but don't be fooled; they'll drop as soon as you land on them, so get ready for a fight. There are three doors with three turrets down here, and you'll need to be really quick about shutting them down. When the first door opens, use portals to get behind it and shut it down quickly. Then do the same for the second turret, which then makes shutting down the third turret much easier. If you take a bullet at any point, reload your save and try again. From the third turret's room, look up the shaft that a hook is dropping down from to get into the next room. Place a portal through the shaft and then put another next to you, and try to land on the pipe below the portal you shot through the shaft. Then take a small hole down to a very small room with a single turret inside.

Pick up the turret, and the door in front of it should open up. Drop the turret down to the ground to deactivate it, then drop down to where it landed and look around on the ground floor for the last (5/5) Rat Man Den.

Rat's Tale

Find all the Rat Man dens.

Rat's Tale
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Then use the angled panel that you came out from to do another momentum fling. This will lead to a rather nice-looking area with a button in front of a glass panel. This will activate a rocket turret that will shatter the glass, making things a bit more dangerous. Stand in front of the next glass panel and wait for the turret to lock onto you, then step out of the way so it gets destroyed. Before you leave this guy here, though, put a portal on both sides of it and stand in front of it so it lines up a shot against itself. Doing this should unlock another achievement.

Saw That One Coming

Cause a rocket sentry to destroy its own rocket when the rocket has been redirected back towards it.

Saw That One Coming
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Keep one of these portals lined up with the rocket turret and use it to destroy another glass panel up ahead. Do this one more time on a cube pipe past the glass so that one drops down for you to use. Pick it up and use it as a stool to get into a small grate, then shoot a panel through this small area and pass through the gate again to get to a sewer-ish type of area. It'll be a bit of simple portal maneuvering to get through to a much larger, more deadly room.

This place is filled with turret hideouts, so make a save before getting to higher ground and activating them. Try to quickly get to cover and take one of them down, then use this position to get to the next, and so on until the room is clear. When it's safe, set up a momentum fling with an angled panel so you can put a portal on a much higher angled platform; this one will send you high enough to get you out of this nightmare room. Make a save before you walk too far ahead, because two turrets will be deployed right in front of you. Take them out by making them fall through the floor, and then put a portal down from where they were dropped. You'll need to do another momentum fling to get enough height up to the top, and from here you can find a white wall over a railing to get further ahead. Walk along the lengthy catwalk. If you've managed not to get hit by any bullets throughout this run (by saving and reloading practices, of course), the achievement for doing so will pop here.

Is Anyone There?

Complete the game without ever taking a bullet.

Is Anyone There?
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

GLaDOS's Chamber

Run through the halls to get to GLaDOS so you can have your first proper meeting. As she talks, look for an incinerator on the ground, and a television screen above it. There's a perfectly marked space under the screen for a portal, and you'll want to make great use of this particular spot in a little bit. GLaDOS will try to deploy a surprise for you, but a purple ball will drop from her instead. Put a portal above the incinerator and then walk up the stairs on the left side to find the button that opens it. Drop the ball through the portal and into the incinerator to destroy it.

It turns out that this was a Morality Core that scientists installed onto GLaDOS as she killed everyone in the facility with neurotoxins, which was meant to stop her from doing just that. Once she realized what it did, and what she's now capable of doing, she'll start flooding the room with it and activate a rocket turret as well. Use that spot above the incinerator's screen and any other spot on the wall at ground level to redirect a rocket back into GLaDOS to make another core fall off. The first core, the Curiosity Core, will be suspended in the air above a pipe, which is really easy to get to. Just grab it, place a portal above the incinerator and toss it in like you did with the Morality Core. Redirect another rocket to make the Intelligence Core fly off onto a high platform above GLaDOS. Make your way up to it, and it'll spout off the very odd ingredients for a cake. Lastly is the Anger Core, whose classification becomes very apparent when you pick it up. Try to pluck it out of the air or knock yourself into it so it falls to the ground, and then put it in the incinerator like before.

After the Anger Core is incinerated, GLaDOS will crack apart and be sucked upwards. You will follow suit shortly after, landing outside in the parking lot outside of the facility. After Chell passes out, you'll be shown a nice-looking cake surrounded by cores, and even the companion cube is there. The credits will roll shortly after, and the song Still Alive will play to tie everything together.

If you didn't find all of the Rat Man Dens or were shot in this playthrough, you'll be glad to know that you can reattempt these achievements by starting from Test Chamber 16 as opposed to the start of the game. When you have these two achievements, you can quit out to the main menu to start the Out of the Blue run.

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