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    23 Feb 2014
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    Powerstar Golf is a golf video game released for Xbox One only. It looks like arcade-style of game with a cartoon graphics and all these different special abilities, but don't be fooled by that. Simulation level is really good and the game is not easy at all... Actually it can be very challenging.

    Gameplay / Controls / Fun (36/40)

    You start with with 2 unlocked golfers and there are 4 more to unlock on each golf course. Each golfer has a special ability. These abilities are in typical arcade style... for example: magically splitting ball into 5 and only the closest one remains; changing direction in mid-air or magnetic hole. As a result you need to play with each golfer differently, which makes it even more interesting.

    There are 4 Golf courses - 18 holes each. Each hole can be played in 9 different ways, as there are 3 level of pins difficulty (easy, medium and hard starting point) and 3 levels of holes (easy, medium and hard location of a final hole on the same green field).

    While playing you earn an experience and credits to spent. Experience is being given for actually everything you do - as you got it after every single shot. Once a while you are getting a special challenges, which allows you to earn more XP, if certain condition is passed... for example: 900XP for finishing under par on next 3 holes. You are also getting extra XP points for beating your own records, your friends records and world records. There are many records to be beaten on each hole, like: longest drive, closest approach, longest put, etc. All the time you can see record markers on the field, which makes this even more interesting and challenging.

    Credits that you earn can be spent on equipment packs. Each pack contains 5 items and its price depends on items rarity. Items can be equipped in order to improve player stats, like:
    - power - how far you can shot the ball (up to 300 yards),
    - accuracy - how precise you can predict where ball will land,
    - strike - how easily you can get a perfect shot,
    - spin - how hard you can spin the ball,
    - putting - how well you can perform on green.
    There are also additional stats that might be influenced by your items, like: ball bouncing, wind effect, lucky drop, etc..

    You can also choose between 2 caddies to assist you during each game. They are able to predict precise ball trajectory during shots or putting. Each caddie can be equipped with up to 3 perks, which can influence additional stats I've mentioned before.

    The game itself is a lot of fun and it is challenging at the same time. While taking each shot you need to take into account many factors: selected cue, wind, ground level, ball rotation, ball trajectory (pitch shots are much more affected by wind) and shot penalty (while on green the final power is between 96-100% of maximum power, on sand it can be 40-70% if iron cue is selected). While executing the shot you need to press A button, when the shot bar is filling in and out, 1st time to determine the shot power and 2nd time to hit the ball precisely (this part can be influenced by increasing "strike" attribute).

    There is also an opportunity to play in a multiplayer. You can also play against the best saved runs of your friends or other players - available in Rival Mode and Free Run.

    You should also be aware that micro-transactions are available in this game (you can buy credits instead of earning them), but it is not required at all. I could easily bought all the Extreme packs while I was completing the game.

    Overall I would rate this as 90% for a huge pleasure combined with well balanced difficulty and complexity level.

    Graphics / Next Generation (12/30)

    This area is actually the biggest disappointment for me. Graphics is nice, areas are interesting and well-designed... but it still looks like an old Xbox 360 game - not Xbox One game.

    I recall Xbox One presentation on E3, where we could hear: "there will be no loading screen in game anymore"... so here we have 10-15 seconds loading screen between each hole!! Come on!!

    Actually, there is only one aspect of "new generation" I could spot on: this is the power of cloud. You have an instant access to your friends and all the other players best scores, runs and all of this is well integrated into the whole game.

    Overall I rate this section as 40%.

    Sound / Music (8/10)

    Game sounds and music is quite good. There is a very good commentary during the game.
    Overall I would rate it as 80%.

    Achievements (20/20)

    There are 50 achievements in total. Most of these you will get while going for the most difficult one, which is: "Bringing the A game". It is awarded for completing each course with Gold medal:
    Powerstar GolfBringing the 'A' GameThe Bringing the 'A' Game achievement in Powerstar Golf worth 417 pointsAchieve an Elite rating in 45 Career Mode events.

    And actually it is not that hard. Most of Gold's I've got with my 2nd or 3rd try. There was only one course I had to try 6 or 7 times and I've made a notes for myself (it was to get -3 on four "par 3" holes).

    My advise is to do a 1st run to get all the Bronzes, and 2nd run to go for Silver and Gold at the same time. You should already get appropriate equipment if you are focusing on Extreme packs.

    When I completed a game only 7 achievements left for me... and these were/are actually not hard to get, so overall this game can be easily completed in 40 hours.
    To conclude: All achievements are really good and not even single is a buggy one. 100% for me.

    Summary (75/100)

    This game is a great fun. I really enjoyed it every single minute. If you are not scared of old-style graphics I would highly recommend it to you... If you are nothing but horny to see a beautiful next generation look, you might be disappointed.
    My overall score is 75/100 and as 70+ game it is a solid 4 star rating for me.
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    capicawlGood review. I bought it on sale a few weeks back and cant wait to fire it up. :)
    Posted by capicawl on 23 Feb 14 at 11:39
    jimmyclutchmanNice review okay game
    Posted by jimmyclutchman on 15 Jun 14 at 21:04
    BadTarantulavery good review, i really enjoy this game!
    Posted by BadTarantula on 09 Mar 15 at 15:16
    RatpoizenHi, I just downloaded this for free with Games with Gold (last week) but in the description it says there's just a selection of holes from each course or something. Can you still get all the achievements in this free version or is it more like a demo?
    Posted by Ratpoizen on 09 Mar 16 at 18:01
    Cyp12At the point I wrote the review it was a full game (there was no free course available). After releasing the first DLC it was converted to 1 free course + 4 paid courses. It is hard for me to comment, as I was never using free version.
    Posted by Cyp12 on 09 Mar 16 at 19:36