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Vote now for March 2024's TA Playlist game

The March 2024 TA Playlist poll features four games with a heavy focus on advanced science and technology. Which of these futuristic worlds will you choose as next month’s featured game?

Posted 1 month ago by The TA Playlist Team

Xbox Game Studios Spotlight: Roundhouse Studios

Xbox Game Studios Spotlight: Roundhouse Studios

In this Xbox Game Studio Spotlight, we are looking at the very strange 'new' team under Bethesda Game Studios, called Roundhouse Studios. See the devs' early history, new projects, and latest news!

Posted 2 years ago by Kes Eylers-Stephenson

Mafia II and Prey Now Backward Compatible

Another 4 titles have joined the ever expanding Xbox Backward Compatibility program, including Mafia II, Prey, Mafia II (EEU) And Mafia II (JP).

Posted 6 years ago by Dave Horobin

TA Top Five: What Took So Long?

It's said that patience is a virtue and that good things come to those who wait, but in the gaming world who tried our patience the most and was it really a good thing that we ended up with?

Posted 7 years ago by Andrew Ogley

Prey Screenshots and Box Art

Bethesda Softworks has released more details of the Prey reboot they announced yesterday at E3.

Posted 8 years ago by Lucy Wood

Arkane Studios Reimagines the Prey Franchise From Square One

2006's Prey is being completely re-imagined from the ground up with Arkane Studios, known for Dishonored and the upcoming Dishonored 2, at the helm. As you can see from the video, it doesn't look anything like the old Prey.

Posted 8 years ago by Kelly Packard

Prey 2 Officially Cancelled

In 2006, first person shooter Prey was released after a very turbulent development cycle that had lasted for almost ten years. A critical and commercial success at the time and with a cliffhanger end

Posted 10 years ago by Chewie

Prey 2 Trailer With Developer Commentary Pt. 3

Bethesda Softworks are obviously quite proud of their trailers for Prey 2. They've only released two for the game, but both have received additional trailers with commentary to explain what exactly i

Posted 13 years ago by Rebecca Smith

More Prey 2 Screenshots Arrive

Human Head Studios have released six new screenshots from their upcoming open world sci-fi shooter, Prey 2. The new screens show off some great atmospheric settings and prove that Human Heads heavily

Posted 13 years ago by Lexley Ford

New Prey 2 Screenshots Released

A number of new screenshots from the upcoming Prey 2 have been released during this year's QuakeCon. When the title was originally announced in March this year, there was speculation that the game wo

Posted 13 years ago by Andrew Ogley

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