Prey (Win 10) Walkthrough

10. 1st Playthrough, G.U.T.S / Arboretum



Start of by heading right and down the stairs, in the small area is Operator Dispenser, Recycler, a red toolbox containing components, Spare Parts and a Suit Repair Kit. To the left of the Recycler is a computer desk with Eric Berger's computer, this has 1 email to read. On the desk are some components, a Recycler charge and a note. To the left of the desk are some Shelves with a component inside. Hack the Operator Dispenser if you need this for the achievement and use the Recycler, now head back upstairs.

Go through the doorway to lead to a Zero-G area. As you thrust forward you see the floating corpse of Eric Berger, on him he has the EMP Charge Fabrication Kit and an EMP on him. Float forward for a destroyed Operator to loot. As you move along the tunnel on the left you will see some Spare Parts flashing, smash the glass to loot it. Continue along until you see flames coming from a broken tube, block this using your G.L.O.O gun to find 2 components to loot nearby.

As you float to the tunnel end put on your Pyschoscope and edge forward slowly so that you can scan the Cystoid Nest within, this will explode causing the Cystoid's to break free try and scan two of these to finish that research. With the Cystoid's you can either shoot them once with the pistol and they will blow up, or try to use the flammable pipes to cause a flame to ignite them (a good tip is to use the Pyschoscope and zoom in to act almost like a sniper scope). There are 4 nests in total in this tunnel area to take out. Once the nests are cleared if you wish to search this area you can, on the bottom level near the entrance is an opening, under here are 2 components to loot. Approximately 1/2 along the tunnel on the upper level are some Spare Parts. Near where the 2nd nest is located on the left side are 3 components to loot and then at the end on the far right are more components. Essentially everything in this 1st area is junk to recycle apart from the Spare Parts.

Move into the 2nd area and again there are 9 more Cystoid Nests to deal with. Once you clear these, on the right side about 1/2 way down is the remains of an operator ready to loot. As you approach the end doorway look on the ground for an opening, as you make your way along under you will find 2 Spare Parts and 2 supply crates with Spare Parts and a Recycler Charge. Make your way back out of this small underground bit and head to the doorway, it is locked. You have two choices, use your G.L.O.O gun and stop the fan which is situated just below the door to the side, or use Hacking 2 to open the door. In the tunnel where the fan is are two components to loot.

Into the 3rd area and there are just loads of Cystoid Nests to deal with, break open a few and start shooting. Hopefully with the explosions it will cause flames to appear from the nearby pipes and this will assist with clearing them. Once they are out of the way, on the left on the ground level is a component to loot, in the middle where the nests were found is a Medkit. Just past the Medkit, look for the remains of a Cystoid Nest on the ceiling and just before this is a Supply Crate with an EMP Charge and a Neuromod. Look to the far left for another component and an opening on the ground level for 4 components to loot. On the far right side is another fan with 3 Cystoid Nests, you have the choice you can sneak past them and repair the doorway that is sparking or you need to clear these and sneak through.

In the 4th area you will move forward and then get shocked, January will contact you. Keep heading forward you will see a component floating in the middle area right in front of you, look up to see the corpse of Ramon Ridley. Head straight down from this corpse through the opening to find 2 Spare Parts. Turn around and at the opposite end is a Supply Crate with components within and further on to the right are 2 more components. Head out of this small area and got to the middle level, to the left is a small Medical Bay, within is a Medkit on the wall, some junk next to the chair and Spiralite Cookies and 2 Cold Mountain Green Tea. Above the chair to the left is a Supply Crate with 2 Medkits and a PSI Hypo. Float backwards out of the Medical Bay and to the left are some components to loot, a note and a bottle of Kings & Way Sparkling Wine.

Return to the corpse of Ramon Ridley and look for the doorway (not the one where the waypoint's are leading) Head into there where you will exit Zero-G. Loot the red toolbox on the left for Spare Parts and a Suit Repair Kit and above this is a Supply Crate with 2 Anti-Rad. Go through the doorway leading to the Magnetosphere Control Room. After entering the room turn right and go though the next doorway (don't worry about the plasma shockwave warnings they won't hurt you). On the floor in front of you is the corpse of Laurel Davis, loot her for the Suit Repair Kit Fabrication Kit, component and Transcribe. Under the stairs, to the right of the corpse are two further components and a safe that can be hacked with Hacking 2, inside is a Weapon Upgrade Kit, 2 Recycler Charges and 5 Spare Parts. In the far left corner on the wall is a Medkit, a weapon upgrade kit and a security station. Access the security station for 2 emails and download the area map. To the right is a small toilet area, within is the book The Starbender Cycle: Book 2: My Enemy's Enemy's Enemy. Return to Laurel Davis's corpse, next to her on the computer is a pistol and ammo, using Hacking 3 you can access Laurel Davis's computer. On this computer are 3 emails and the ability to access the Magnetosphere and power it off do both.

You now have limited time, so rush up the stairs and enter the next room, within are 3 Cystoid Nests, clear them. On the shelves to the left are components you can loot. Enter the generator area and approximately 1/2 way up, usually near the glass viewing area is the corpse of Anders Kline, loot him for a Neuromod, the Maintenance Tunnel keycard and the ARTX Propulsion Gen 1 Chipset. Quickly leave this area via the same doorway before you get frazzled by the plasma shockwave. As you walk back down the stairs 2 Corrupted Operators will attack you, if the plasma shockwave is enabled this will act as an EMP and will assist you with disabling them allowing you to kill them easier. Disable the Magnetosphere again and this time as you enter the Zero-G area look directly opposite and above for an area that says supplies. Here are 2 Recycler Charges, a ReActivator x2t-00 Chipset and a Supply Crate containing 3 PSI Hypo's.

Now head back out into the Zero-G tunnels and towards the waypoint. Unlock the door to the Maintenance Tunnel and head through the golden coral, after January speaks to you head left to the Arboretum. Look for some floating crates within a Supply Crate is an EMP Charge. Head forward slowly and get ready to scan a Weaver, this will shoot out little balls that will poison you with radiation (use the Q-Beam to easily kill it), there are also 3 Cystoid Nests here. You will need to kill these to progress forward. Just above where the Weaver spawned in a metal sheltered area is the corpse of Josh Dalton, he is required for the side mission, The Blackbox Project. On his corpse is the Blackbox keycard, Q-Beam ammo, a Weapon Upgrade Kit and a Transcribe. Next to his corpse is a Q-Beam. We will get to this side mission later when we have access to Talos I Exterior, continue towards the waypoint. In this next area, you will hear communication between Sarah and Mika. There are a number of Eel scraps you will see floating around and you can loot them if you wish and there is also the scraps of 2 Operators floating around. Drop down the opening and back to normal gravity. In this room on the left are components to loot and Duck Beer. On the shelves on the left is a Recycler Charge and Spare Parts. Towards the waypoint are two Typhon corpses, a Typhon Lure and the corpse of Alika James. Behind him is a red Toolbox with Spare Parts inside and a component. Enter the Arboretum by interacting with the door.


Walk forward and on the floor in front of you is the corpse of Jia Kyung-Ho, a Mimic will jump out at you from just behind him. Loot his corpse for a Suit Repair Kit, ammo, a Transcribe and a Neuromod. Listening to this Transcribe will start the side mission Disgruntled Employee. Next to the corpse is a Disruptor Stun Gun and behind him is a red Toolbox with Spare Parts and a component, there are also 2 Supply Crates with ammo and components for you to loot next to him. To the left is a Fabricator and a Recycler which I'm sure you will need to use by now.

Head up the stairs and follow the path past the door, you will see the corpse of Marc Sellers hanging out of a shaft, on his body is a RanDom Dim Sum. You have a choice, if you have Leverage 3 you can force the door open or alternatively you can climb into the shaft. Both routes will lead you to get the side mission Lift Interference. For the purpose of following the guide, I climbed the shaft. (Ultimately this only leads you to above the doorway anyway). After climbing the shaft turn around and you will see a note flashing hanging on the Fertilizer Dispenser, this note leads to the side mission, Gardening Tips.

Turn right 90 degrees and look for the doorway, to the left is a keypad that needs Hacking 1. Enter the supply shed for a Mimic, Kafe Karsk, Cold Mountain Green Tea, Russian Blinis, Crispy Frites and Siskak Unagi Rollz, these are found scattered on the various shelves in this small shed. Leave the shed and turn right, follow the path through the greenery until you find the corpse of Edna Burton she has a Suit Repair Kit, Recycler Charge and ammo on her. If you follow the path around to the right, this leads to the Greenhouse and you will see Rodney Poole pleading to be let out. Unfortunately no matter how quick you are you cannot help him, the Telepath Typhon will mind control him. To hack the terminal you require Hacking 3, you have 3 options once you access this terminal. The 1st option is to unlock the doors, 2nd to lock them and 3rd to activate the sprinklers. The Telepath doesn't seem to like the sprinklers so use this to your advantage and then lure the mind controlled humans to you and use the Disruptor gun to knock out all, there are 3 including Rodney Poole, the other 2 are; Mickey Pitt Sr and Rani Chaudhary. If they get too close they will explode. I would also recommend scanning them when they are mind-controlled and the Telepath to keep up with your research.

Now once all 3 humans are knocked out, lock the Telepath inside and turn around. Head down the stairs and you will see a busted turret, repair it and hack it. Now move it strategically in front of the doors of the greenhouse. Return to where you found that turret (here is a Supply Crate with Disruptor ammo) and head up the opposite steps. You will see another broken turret, repair and hack it. Behind the turret is the corpse of Evelyn McCarthy she has a Cold Mountain Green Tea on her. Pick up the 2nd turret and strategically place it. Now lure the Typhon out and hopefully the turrets will take care of it for you.

Once you kill the Typhon you will automatically pick up the side mission Save Rani, you will need to return later to see her. Inside the greenhouse there are numerous food items including Sunburst Banana's, Jamon Tomato's, Moonshade Lemon's, and Skyking Pmegranate's. Also around the room is a Weapon Upgrage Kit and on the left hand side to the right of the Operator Dispenser is a Water Pressure Regulator and the Fear Rector 0322Si Chipset.

Leave the greenhouse via the door where the computer was located. Turn left and follow the building around, you will pass 1 lamp post and 3 pieces of cargo on your right as you approach the 2nd lamp post, stand to the left of this and look across to where you found Evelyn McCarthy. On a large leaf shaped structure you will see the corpse of Gennady Mironov, he has a component, Medkit and G.L.O.O ammo on him. For those wishing a visual guide:

Drop down and return back to the greenhouse to pick up the turrets and walk back to where you found the 1st broken turret. Go down the next set of steps where you can see the corpse of Jenny King and place them facing right of her, there is a Phantom lurking down the next set of steps. Loot her corpse for the Disruptor Battery Fabrication Plan and a Medkit, beside her corpse is a PSI Hypo. If you turn left and follow the path this leads you to the door where you could earlier force it open, to the right is a power on button. Head down the stairs if you need to Recycle.

Return to where you placed the turrets and turn left into the Lobby. Inside as you walk down the steps look right for the corpse of Lily Morris, she has a Recycler Charge and a Transcribe, listening to the Transcribe will start the Side Mission, Talos Smuggling Ring. Above this corpse is a red fire bell, hit it 3 times to reveal Dead Drop 4. Inside this Dead Drop is some G.L.O.O ammo and a Neuromod. Turn left and walk forward, you will see a doorway on your right leading to a Medical Bay, enter it. Inside on the trolley is a Medkit and an Anti- Rad Pharma Fabrication Plan. There is also an Operator Dispenser in here if you need it. Leave the room and hack the two turrets and the end to make them stronger. Approach the right hand fish tank and smash it to show an Etheric Phantom behind, the turrets should destroy it. Enter the room and loot the Supply Crate at the back for Disruptor Batteries, beside this are some components.

Turn left and walk up the steps, keep heading forward and on the crate in front of you is the Potentializer 23-0948Si Chipset. Head back down the steps, turn right and then right again. Walk down the steps and just before the crates on the right hand side is a gate to open. Once you have opened this using Leverage 3, move the cargo. Inside this area are 2 Spare Parts, a red Toolbox containing components, and the corpse of Carin Buckley. Next to her Corpse is a Weapon Upgrade Kit, ammo and the Shotgun Fabrication Plan. Leave the caged area and head back out to the two turrets.

Behind the turrets is the Main Lift, enter this. Inside you will be prompted to scan the enemy which is a Technopath, these are tough. They will shoot out EMP burst that damage you and interfere with your weapons. Either side of this are two corrupted Operators, use an EMP charge on both Operators and then hack them to get them to help you take out this enemy. Once you clear this, it will allow the lifts to move freely gain and complete the side mission, Lift Interference. On the floor to the left of the Main Lift is the corpse of Hendrik DeVries. On him he has some components, a keycard for Hendrik Devries Office and a Medkit. On the floor next to him is a Transcribe. Listening to this will unlock the side mission, Do No Harm.

Enter the Main Lift and go to the Lobby. As you exit the Lobby you will find a number of Cystoid Nests and as you turn left and left again you will see a Nightmare at the end. Quickly scan this and the hide in the Main Lift, you will need to evade it for 3 minutes. If the Nightmare doesn't leave after the 3 minute timer ends, go down to Life Support and step out of the lift, this should end the side mission. Return to the lobby and head to the Trauma Centre.

Once inside the Trauma Centre go to the centre and look for Regina Sellers Computer (the work station is opposite Chris Wade's office. Using Hacking 3 unlock the computer to access 2 emails. Now head past Mathias Kohl's office on the right side and find the locked office of Hendrik DeVries, use the keycard to access the room. In the far corner of this room you will find filing cabinets containing components and 2 pieces of Luggage with Spiralite Cookies within.

On the desk is Hendrik DeVries computer and it has 2 emails and a file to download for the side mission, Do No Harm. Now press cn_back and go to Data, scroll to Audio Logs an listen to Morgan's Breakdown. After listening to the Audio Log look into the other corner of the room to find a safe that requires Hacking 2 to open. This has a number of items including 3 Neuromods to take. Now leave this office and turn left and enter Dr Kohl's office. As you enter the office go to the back and access Mathias Kohl's computer, select utilities and reset the test. Now exit this part of the office and as you reach the red rug, turn left and access the terminal to start the test again. Select answers A, C, B, A and C and opposite you a safe will appear in the wall. Loot the contents, namely 3 Neuromods and a Transcribe. Listen to this Transcribe to complete Do No Harm.

Return back to the Main Lift and head back up to the Arboretum. Leave the Lobby and go back to the Recycler to find Rani, she will give you a keycode that you will require in a moment. Go back to the entrance of the lobby and continue forward towards the waypoints. You will come to a junction where you can head right to the Crew Quarters. (There is a Phantom lurking in the entrance way) If you walk forward and slightly right you can see a small stone pathway/steps, follow this to a raised courtyard area. On the table is a Neuromod and seductively posed is the corpse of Iris Stein, she has Spare Parts and a Recycler Charge on her. To the left of the corpse is a Weapon Upgrade Kit and on the floor is a note, read it to receive a password.

Go back down the path and turn right, follow the waypoint and as you reach the peak of the slope on your right are some bits of Cargo that need moving out of the way. Once they are moved access the Storage using code 9476, inside is a Weapon Upgrade Kit, Q-Beam ammo, 2 Silenced Pistols, a Shotgun and 2 turrets. Carry the turrets out one at a time, turning right and set them up on the left side of the waterfall sculpture facing down the hill, it could also be beneficial to get the previous 2 turrets near the entrance to the Lobby. There are 3 Mimics, an Etheric Phantom and a Thermal Phantom in the area, lure them back to the turrets to clear them easily. If one of the turrets breaks be sure to repair it, at this point in the game you should either unlock or be close to unlocking:

Engineer in Prey (Win 10)
Engineer35 (15)
Repair (20) objects on and around Talos I.
  • Unlocked by 222 tracked gamers (19% - TA Ratio = 2.30) 1,174

If you haven't unlocked this there are plenty more opportunities within Talos I to repair things.

Head down the slope to where the 3 Mimics were and head past pond on the left, stick to the path and you will come to a sign post, head to the Looking Glass. Follow the path around to the left and in front of the bench is the corpse of Thomas Tucker. He has Glucassist on him as well as a component, ammo and a Typhon Lure, on the floor next to him is a Silenced Pistol. We are now going to use a sneaky route to get to Alex Yu's office, below is a written description but for those who prefer a visual guide:

Smash the Looking Glass screen to reveal a Medkit behind it, at the far wall look up and you can see a gap. You can use the G.L.O.O gun to make a makeshift ramp to climb this. As you make the 1st block to jump on a Greater Mimic will drop down, scan this and then kill it. When you get to the top, you will see a Supply Crate and inside are 2 Jamon Tomato's and Shaker Lemon Pie. To the left of this is the corpse of Julien Howard. He has a component, Spare Parts, Dr. Howard's Growth Formula (this is for the side mission Gardening Tips) and a Transcribe. Walk forward and jump up onto the ledge and then jump up again. As you look forward you will see electric arcing, edge closer and use the G.L.O.O gun to block this and then repair it.

Next to the previously broken Junction Box is the corpse of Marietta Kyrkos. She has a component on her, a Suit Repair Kit, Jada Mark's Cabin keycard, Big Bang Candy, a wrench and a Transcribe. Listening to this will start the side mission, The Golden Gun. On the floor next to her is another wrench, Spare Parts and ammo. Head forward and duck under the iron girder, at the end turn left and duck under another iron girder. Walk to the edge and turn left, jump up and then jump up over the barrier to find yourself in front of Alex Yu's office. Turn left and follow this around, in the far right corner is a Supply Crate with Big Bang Candy, Moonshade Lemon and Skyking Pomegranate. If you follow the path around and keep going up the stairs to the top in the area where there are air conditioning fans you will find components, a wrench and Spare Parts to loot.

Go down the stairs and enter Alex's office. Inside this room in the centre is a table, look at the wooden divider and the sign that says 'Axiom', beneath this is a Weapon Upgrade Kit. Go to the large office desk, there are two Cabinets on each side. One contains Tamizdat Vodka and the other ammo and a Methuselah Apple. On the desk next to the computer is a Neuromod. To the left of the desk (if you are facing the computer) is a Crate, lift this out of the way to reveal a Maintenance shaft. Enter this and inside is a Supply Crate with Ammo and a safe with the code that December had, enter the code or use Hacking 3. In this safe is the Psycholitic Converter =/~ Chipset, Alex Yu's Suite keycard, a Transcribe, a Nullwave Transmitter and 2 Neuromods. This is all we can do in this room so far and will return later to access Alex's computer.

Head back the way you went to get up her and then go back to the sign post. Walking approximately 10 steps down the hill on the left side you will see a large tree with a purple coloured trunk, slumped against this is the corpse of Elle Gold, she has an EMP Charge and 1 component on her. Next to the corpse is a rock, lift it to reveal Storage Room A2 keycard. Follow the path forward and to the left, up some stone steps leading to a small courtyard with a bench. On the bench is The Starbender Cycle: Book 4: Backstabbed in the Face, read it.

Now go to the Waypoint leading to Deep Storage, enter the Grav Lift and as you exit you will see an Airlock on your left, activate it. On the floor in front of the door leading to Deep Storage is the corpse of Zachary West. On him he has a Suit Repair Kit, a note for a treasure map, a keycard for the Crew Quarters and a Transcribe. Next to the corpse is G.L.O.O ammo and a Silenced Pistol. Listening to the Transcribe completes the mission Detour. Head back to the area with the Fabricator and Recycler to create Dr. Howard's Growth Formula, once you pick this up head up to the Sprinkler using the tunnels, be careful as there maybe a Greater Mimic waiting for you.

Approach the Sprinkler and interact with it, transfer the Growth Formula across and press the button. You will have to return to this area later to complete this side mission. Follow the Waypoints titled Multiple Objectives, it could be worthwhile picking up one of the turrets on the way and head to the next tab to continue.

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