Prey (Win 10) Walkthrough

11. 1st Playthrough Crew Quarters

Gathering Echoes

Crew Quarters

As you enter the entrance to the Crew Quarters you will find a Phantom lurking around and two Corrupted Operators who are locked in a room to the right. Place the turret if you carried it with you in a position so it can help you kill the Phantom. Enter the lobby area and there are 2 Supply Crates, between them they contain Crispy Frites, Methuselah Apple, Sun-Dried Tomato Jerky, Spiralite Cookies, Moonshade Lemon and Udon Noodles. On the left is Storage Room A2, unlock it and enter. Inside is the Phantom Lawrence Baxter kill him. On the floor and shelves are lots of components to loot, 2 Neuromods, a Medkit, a Methuselah Apple, Kings & Way Sparkling Wine, PSI Hypo, Ammo and a Shotgun.

Leave this room and hack the door where the 2 Corrupted Operators are using Hacking 2. Inside this small room is a Weapon Upgrade Kit and on the floor near the Security Station is a bag of Big Bang Candy. In the lockers adjacent to the door are some random items and the PSI Hypo Fabrication Plan. Access the Security Station to download the area map. Leave this room and head right down the stairs, there is another Phantom down here to deal with.

After killing the Phantom continue down the next set of stairs and at the bottom you will find the corpse of Lizzy Colton. She has ammo on her, a Suit Repair Kit and Shotgun Shells Fabrication Plan. At this stage in the game I had created a few Neuromods and had 37 spare in my inventory. The abilities I had selected were Physician 1, Hacking 3, Leverage 3, Repair 2, Suit Modification 2 and Dismantle. It would be a good time to identify which weapon you enjoy using and either pick Gunsmith 1 and 2, or Materials Expert and Lab Tech 1 and 2. I personally went for Gunsmith, Materials Expert (to allow myself an increase in Recycling Yield and I also picked Suit Modification 3 as I was getting annoyed with the lack of inventory space.) These abilities still left me with 18 Neuromods to play with for later in the playthrough.

So now you have the ability to upgrade your weapon, do this to the max to unlock:

Cold Dead Hands in Prey (Win 10)
Fully upgrade a weapon.
  • Unlocked by 190 tracked gamers (16% - TA Ratio = 2.47) 1,167

From the corpse look at the large sculpture and walk behind this to find 2 boxes of Russian Blinis and a PSI Hypo. Walk towards the waypoint and on the luggage trolley are 2 pieces of luggage, 1 has a Sunburst Banana the other Udon Noodles. Now approach the door and enter the Crew Quarters.

*******Use Slot 3 as a permanent save for the beginning of this area in case you make a mistake, use slot 4 as temporary save point (also utilise the auto save points to save you having to replay too much if you do make an error)*********

As you enter the Crew Quarter you could have a Nightmare immediately in front of you, but definitely some mind controlled Humans. If the Nightmare is there, once it runs at you turn around and get back into the Arboretum and wait out the timer to finish. Once the timer finishes head back into the Crew Quarter and crouch immediately, get your Disruptor Gun out and stun Carlos Popinga and Bernard Griffith (If you don't manage to get these before they walk off, don't panic as you'll get another chance later). You will hear someone talking about the kitchen which will open up the side mission, The Cook's Request.

From the entrance area, turn left and walk past the stairs. On the right is a Med Bay, move the benches and crates blocking the entrance, inside is a Medkit, components, the Shelves contain a PSI Hypo and more components. On the far left is a desk containing a component and the Anti-Rad Pharma Fabrication Plan. There is also an Operator in here if you require it. Now leave the Med Bay, turn left and head opposite into the Recreation Center. Once inside the Recreation Center, go past the luggage trolley and there is a small room with a Computer, transfer the file Happy Birthday Daddy! for a Transcribe. Exit this room and turn left, on the floor to the left is the corpse of Bruce Cobb after you search him move forward. Be careful as David Branch is mind controlled in here, stun him also be aware there is a Poltergeist in here. Once you kill the Poltergeist on the table to the left is a bottle of Green Beetle Gin and 2 cans of Duck Beer. Follow the room around and to the right of the stairs is a water cooler, next to this is a small table with Spiralite Cookies and Crispy Frites.

Head up the stairs and follow the path until you reach a large table, on this is a Transcribe. Also on the desk are a number of notes, a Boltcaster and Big Bang Candy. At the head of the table is a red leather chair and a book called Fatal Fortress Game Master's Tome, 6th ed. Either to the right or under this book is Abigail Foy's Cabin keycard. From where you located the Transcribe, turn left and head out of the room. Head forward and repair the turret, behind this is the corpse of Brett Seydel. Pick up the turret and turn around and go back to where you found the Poltergeist and leave the Recreation Centre. Drop the turret and head opposite to the stairs near the Med Bay, go up these to come across Regina Sellers as a Phantom, kill him. Once he is dead loot him for the secure pharmaceuticals keycard. Turn left and enter the room, it has a Recycler within. In the room behind the Recycler are some components, synthetic material, a Weapon Upgrade Kit, Disruptor ammo and a note with the code for the Grav Shift.

Leave this room, walk past the top of the stairs and turn right. Follow the path to find the corpse of Mike Turner. Continue around to the left and you come across a Mimic, kill him and turn left to enter the Yellow Tulip, repair the turret within. Behind the bar are several bottles and cans of Kings & Way Sparkling Wine, Old Sardar Bourbon and Duck Beer. On the floor are the remains of Tizzy, loot it for Spare Parts, Q-Beam cells and the Yellow Tulip Supply Closet keycard. Turn around so you are facing the turret and leave from behind the bar on the left side, diagonally left from your position is the Supply Closet. Inside are 3 Spare Parts, components, bottles and cans of Pomegranate Moonshine, Duck Beer, Green Beetle Gin and Old Sardar Bourbon. On the floor is a note, a silenced pistol and the Corpses of Jenni Garbentzoff and Brandi Pester.

Leave the Supply Closet and head forward to find the corpse of Keira Whitman just to the right. Continue forward and turn right, in front of you is a Maintenance hatch, enter it. (This can be a bit awkward to get into so you may have to run and slide by pressing cn_B) Once inside, turn the power on. As you leave the Maintenance hatch on your right sat on the bench is the corpse of Guy Jameson he has Big Bang Candy on him. Now leave this room and head straight to the opposite side and turn right, be careful as a Mimic and/or a Greater Mimic could appear. In this room is a Computer with a few audio clips to listen to. You have to listen to Music Neuromod Demonstration as it is linked to the mission Gathering Echoes. This will cause a Thermal Phantom to appear, scan it and kill it.

Leave the Yellow Tulip and go opposite into the Theater, within is a Cystoid Nest. Just before the Nest on the right is the corpse of Clarke Rafferty. Clear the nest and walk forward to the 2nd screen area, in here are more Cystoid Nests. Clear both of them and then on the 2nd row of chairs, 3rd from the aisle is a Transcribe. Leave this screen area, opposite the entrance is a Crate, lift this to access a Maintenance hatch. Inside is a G.L.O.O gun and the corpse of Eve Coolidge. Now leave the Theater, pick up the turret from the Yellow Tulip and head back to the Recycler if you need it, either way head back down the stairs. Place the turret down next to the other one.

Once down stairs look opposite the Recreation Centre for the Concierge desk, on this is the Security Station. Read the 4 emails and download the area map. Also download the surveillance recording and report for a Transcribe and to work towards side mission, Whistleblower. Turn right from the Security Station and hack the Mail Room with Hacking 2 or use code 6809. Inside is the corpse of Lia Macy she has Glucassist on her. Also in the room is ammo, components, a Weapon Upgrade Kit, Medkit Fabrication Plan and 3 Neuromods.

Leave this room and look opposite to the Grav lifts, do not activate them yet as in the left one if the corpse of Don Davis he has Russian Blinis on him. Now depending on if you still need the hacking achievement, you can use Hacking 3 or the code 9673. Do not go into the Grav lift yet, instead lets work towards an achievement. The video shows how to get the achievement, however it has many steps so if you want to get an insight please view it but you still need to clear parts of the Crew Quarter and way beyond to get this one and I will describe this to you.

Turn right and enter the Cafeteria area, in front of you as you enter is the corpse of Patricia Wang she has ammo on her and a Disruptor gun next to her. Now collect the two turrets you placed earlier and set them up in front of Patricia Wang so they are facing towards the Cafeteria. Walk forward and down either steps and at the desk with the Dinner Menu behind it, turn right to find the corpse of Joseph McSorley he has a Suit Repair Kit on him.

In this next room is a Telepath and a number of mind controlled humans, depending on how many you managed to take out at the beginning as you entered. There are at least five in here Lisa Larson, Franz Klinger, Vincent Schubel, Indigo Lake and Caleb Hawelthorne. The best thing to do is to try and lure the Telepath back to where the turrets are to help kill it this will automatically stun the mind controlled humans. Be careful as the turrets will target the mind controlled humans.

Once you enter the Cafeteria you will have a chance to speak to the survivor in the kitchen, before you do this head left and in the restaurant area to the left next to an upturned table are 3 corpses, Chris Wade, Neil Warnes and Dan Billingsly. Keep moving forward around the left side of the room and you will see a radiator on the wall where there is a natural gap to the centre, go through here and you will see the corpse of Colette May-Schultz on the floor next to an upturned serving trolley. Look for the large curving stairs, just to the left of where you would have entered this room. Go up them and follow it around until you find another upturned table, here there are 2 corpses, Thomas Lutz and Daisy White. Walk forward and down the stairs and turn left down some steps, go to the Waypoint to speak to the stranger, Will Mitchell. He will drop a keycard for you to get him an award, pick up the keycard. Turn around and look to the right to see the corpse of Kade Mason. Don't forget before leaving to loot the bodies of the unconscious crew members and now leave this area. As I entered the area where I previously placed the turrets there were another 2 mind controlled human's, Jillian Quigg and Phong Vu be mindful of this and have your Disruptor gun ready.

******* There is a known bug here, this can cause both Jillian Quigg and Phong Vu to be appear dead. You have two options here, check your stats and if it does not show as a human kill for yourself then loot them and move on. Alternatively, if you want to make sure they are alive you will have to reload the save at the beginning of this area and immediately make your way to the Fitness Center. Hack the door and turn right, being careful for mind controlled humans. Along the corridor on the right is a burst pipe spewing out flames, G.L.O.O this flame and this will prevent the humans dying (see the below 2 paragraphs for details of the Fitness Center). Once you have cleared the Fitness Center then return to the main area and repeat from the beginning). ********

Once those two are stunned it might be worthwhile using the Recycler, but if not opposite the Cafeteria is the Crew Cabins and Fitness Center and this is our next destination. Sneak forward, as the room in front (the Fitness Center) contains 7 mind controlled human's, Gary Snow, Daniel Landon, Mary Malinaro, Harvey Clausen, Salman Kapoor, Ike Stewart and Oliver Benoit. Be very careful as they can be walking anyway around this area. Use the code 0361 to enter and stun them. So the 1st room to search is directly in front of the entrance, the locker room. Inside the various lockers are ammo, Spare Parts, Suit Repair Kits, components and numerous different food items, including Glucassist, Old Sardar Bourbon, Tamzidat Vodka, and Sunburst Banana's.

Leave the locker room and turn left, use the G.L.O.O gun to stop the flames. On the floor where the flames were is the corpse of Emma Beatty she has a Transcribe on her, Crispy Frites and a note. Head forward and in the next room is a Telepath, kill this to cause all of the mind controlled Human's in this area to become unconscious. Now return to the hallway where you can enter the locker room's and head up the stairs, this leads to the gym. As you enter the gym, turn left and approach the desk to find a Neuromod and Emma Beatty's computer. Read the 2 emails, 1 for a door code and the other to start the side mission Treasure Hunt (you have probably found a few of the maps already). Transfer the file on the computer for the Huntress Boltcaster Fabrication Plan.

Leave the Fitness Center by walking down the stairs and then turn right. as you enter Crew Cabins A on the left is a piece of Cargo. Move this to find a Maintenance shaft to navigate allowing access to Sarah Elezar's room. Smash the glass and drop down. Be careful opening the door as a Voltaic Phantom is lurking the hallways. Move forward to find Sarah Elezar's computer, use Hacking 2 to access it. Read the 4 emails and then download the Weapon Kit Fabrication Plan. To the left of the desk is a briefcase and inside is a Weapon Upgrade Kit and ammo. Turn left to find a gun cabinet with a shotgun and pistol. Now exit the room and walk to Jada Marks room directly opposite, unlock the door and enter.

Immediately to the left is The Starbender Cycle: Book 2: My Enemy's Enemy's Enemy. In the desk are two lots of ammo and adjacent to the desk is a safe, use code 6705 to access this for a Weapon Upgrade Kit and Artemis Golden Pistol, thus completing the Golden Gun side mission. Leave this room and turn right, move forward a short distance and you will find Hans Kelstrup's cabin on the left, enter this using the keycard. Inside are various components to find, on the desk is Hans Kelstrup's computer with 2 emails to read. On the same desk is the Hypo PSI Fabrication Plan and below this is a Typhon Lure. Next to the bed is a bag of Veggie Blend. Leave the room and turn left.

Continue forward until you get to Dayo Igwe's room on the right, enter it. On the floor is a bottle of Tamizdat Vodka and in the storage area under the computer desk is a Neuromod and the Superthermal Amp +6qw5 Chipset. Access Dayo Igwe's computer on the desk using Hacking 2, for an email and the PSI Hypo Fabrication Plan. Leave this room and turn right, walk to the end. Now if you want to you can enter the rest rooms, there is a Mimic in here and a Poltergeist.

If you don't wish to go into the rest rooms enter Will Mitchell's Cabin, walk forward and smash the glass to access Jamon Tomato's and Sunburst Banana's. On the computer desk is a bottle of Kings & Way Sparkling Wine and a Transcribe. Listening to this Transcribe is the last piece needed for the voice recognition to get into Deep Storage and leads to the next main mission, Restore From Backup.

Restore From Backup

Use Hacking 1 to access Will Mitchell's computer for 2 emails. Now turn around and on the bed is The Starbender Cycle: Book 4: Backstabbed in the Face, next to the bed is the award Will wanted you to collect, pick it up. Leave the room and turn left and leave this area and then enter Crew Cabins B. Walk forward until you get to the 1st room on your left, Jorgen Thonstein's room access this using the keycard. Once inside you can find a Weapon Upgrade Kit next to the bed on the floor and on the computer desk is exotic material, the Recycler Charge Fabrication Plan and the Heavy Gear Optimizer CRU[y1] Chipset. Access Jorgen Thonrstein's computer for 2 emails.

Leave the room and head into the opposite room, Sylvain Bellamy's. Entering the room completes the side mission, The Corpse Vanishes. Immediately as you enter on the left is a bottle of Green Beetle Gin and 3 Neuromods. On the computer desk is the Potentializer 23-0948Si Chipset, access Sylvain Bellamy's computer for an email and transfer the file to give you alien research. Leave the room and turn right and just in front of you, sat on the soft to the left is the corpse of Elizabeth Bay. Opposite this corpse is Hendrik DeVries' Cabin, enter it.

Inside this room on the desk are some Disruptor batteries and components. Next to the bed on a seat is the corpse of Mathias Kohl loot him for 3 Medkits and a PSI Hypo, also on the bed is the Anti-Rad Pharma Fabrication Plan. Leave this room and turn right and head forward a little until you see a busted door, this leads to Danielle Sho's room. Take the note on the keypad and then enter to find Ivy Song as a Phantom, kill her. On the computer desk is a note and a Neuromod. Access Danielle Sho's computer for 3 emails, 1 gives you the password to Lorenzo Calvino's computer and then transfer the file for a Transcribe. To the right of the computer is Danielle Sho's tracking bracelet, pick it up. To the left of the bed on the floor is a Transcribe, repair it and pick it up. To the right of the bed, on the shelf (which is chest height) is The Starbender Cycle: Book 1: The Darkstar Anomaly. Now leave this room and go opposite into Abigail Foy's Cabin.

As you enter, turn left and on the computer desk is a Neuromod and a random note. Use Hacking 1, or crouch under the desk to find a note with the password to access Abigail Foy's computer for 5 emails, access the files for the Boltcaster Ammunition Fabrication Plan and listen to the conversation archive for a Transcribe. The utilities tab has a keycode after you complete side mission - Treasure Hunt. Do not be tempted to input any code before you locate all the maps as it will make the reward useless. Turn around and on the floor are some Big Bang Candy and on the bed is The Starbender Cycle: Book 3: Spatial Delivery.

Leave the room and turn left. If you wanted to, enter the rest room on the right and the 2nd cubicle has a PSI Hypo on the toilet paper dispenser. Leave the rest room and enter Lorenzo Calvino's Cabin opposite, approach the computer and move the tab to LG Visor Prototype, listen to all 4 entries for Transcribes. Go back to LG Controls and turn off the Looking Glass, turn right and then at the bottom of the steps, turn right again. Pick up the note to get the code to the safe. Smash the glass where the safe can be seen and enter the code 0523 for some components, Spare Parts and 3 Neuromods. Now exit the room and turn left to enter the Habitation Pods.

Inside this room is a Poltergeist, kill it. From the entrance, turn right and on the last bed on the bottom is a note with the Mail Room keycode. Turn around and walk down the steps, down here are 4 lockers, 2 contain a Suit Repair Kit, a Methuselah Apple and Glucassist. Go back up the steps, turn left and look on the ground for a bottle of Pomegranate Moonshine (it is possible this could be found elsewhere depending on if the Poltergeist shocked it around the room). On your right are 6 lockers these contain various components and ammo. In the middle set of pods you will find the corpse of Maliah Fowles she is slumped against a bed. Next to her is a Transcribe and she has ammo on her to loot.

On the 2nd bed on the bottom level is another Transcribe and there is also a note to the right hand side on a fold down table. Use the G.L.O.O gun to create a platform to jump up to as on the 2nd bed on the upper level of this row is another Transcribe. Now leave this row of pods and turn right and then right into the last row. On the 1st bed on the bottom level is a note on the fold down table. Make a make shift platform with the G.L.O.O gun to access the 1st bed on the upper level to find a bottle of Tamizdat Vodka and a book.

This is all we can do in the area currently, head back to the Recycler if you need to and then return to the Cafeteria to give Will his award. Once Will has his award, walk around to the side entrance and enter the Kitchen. So once in the Kitchen, look left for a note, Jellied Eels and Siskak Unagi Rollz. Follow the left wall to find a bottle of Pomegranate Moonshine on a Serving Trolley. To the left of Will on the kitchen counter are some scraps, Kings & Way Sparkling Wine, Captain Spree's Fish Sticks and a book. Opposite Will is a Fabricator and to the right of this are some Recycler Charges and components. Use the Fabricator if you need to create anything in particular and then return to Will.

On the right of him is a Regulator Socket that you can either place the Regulator you previously found or repair the existing one, make your choice. Follow Will and he will unlock the Freezer, it's a trap and he freezes you and locks you inside. Once you wake, walk forward and open the door in front of you to find scraps and 4 tins of Jeliied Eels. Leave the room and turn right, open the door at the end of the corridor on the left. Inside this room is the corpse of Abigail Foy she has a Transcribe on her, some components and a Weapon Upgrade Kit. Listening to this Transcribe starts the side mission, Danielle Sho. Lift the Ice Blockage to the left of the corpse to access a Maintenance hatch, crawl through this to get back into the kitchen. Walk to the door and you will see it's locked, beneath the Manual Override button is a Recycler Charge, disarm this. Walk through the door and you will receive contact from Will. Now head back into the Fitness Center and follow the waypoint to the window in the Pool. Hit the window 2 or 3 times and Danielle will appear.

After listening to Danielle, leave the Pool area and as you walk along the corridor look for the fire bell. Hit this 3 times to find Dead Drop 5 with Pistol Critical++ Chipset, EMP Shielding (*) 19.4GHz Chipset and a Neuromod. So now it's time to use the Grav Lift to go to the Executive Suites, but you will notice they are not working anymore. Before you input the keycode, look for the boobytrap Recycler Charge just above the keypad, disarm it.

As you go up, you will see a locked door to the left. On the other side is a Technopath that is easily scanned. Head forward up the steps and follow the corridor to the right, the 1st office on the left is Morgan Yu's, enter it. This should feel like deja vu, search the kitchen area for Spiralite Cookies, Skyking Pomegranate, Crispy Frites, Jamon Tomato, Sunburst Banana Pudding and Shaker Lemon Pie. On the left side of the bed is a Nightstand which contains a Weapon Upgrade Kit, Emp Charge and Spare Parts. Surrounding the work station are numerous components, the INTegral Structor b5nm Chipset, Neuromod Fabrication Plan, 2 Nullwave Transmitters, Spare Parts and 2 Neuromods. Access Morgan Yu's computer by inputting the password and access the 6 memory logs.

Leave the room and turn left and access Alex Yu's Suite on the left, careful as there is a Greater Mimic in here. Immediately on your right is The Starbender Cycle: Book 6: Darkstar Rising. Diagonally left from the entrance is Alex Yu's computer, hack this using Hacking 2 to read 4 emails. To the right of the computer are 2 Neuromods and on the bed is the Superthermal Amp +6qw5 Chipset. On the right Nightstand of the bed you can loot a bottle of Old Sardar Bourbon and Siskak Unagi Rollz. In the left Nightstand are 2 Typhon Lure's and a PSI Hypo. Lift up the globe on the left Nightstand to find the EP101 keycard. Search the kitchen and in the Breakroom Cabinet next to the Supply Crate is a bottle of Old Sardar Bourbon and a tin of Ossetra Caviar. The other cabinets and fridge contain Captain Spree's Fish Sticks, Shaker Lemon Pie, Glucassit, Methuselah Apple, Spiralite Cookies, Jellied Eels, Sunburst Banana, Moonshade Lemon, Sun-Dried Tomato Jerky and Big Bang Candy. If you have been eating all of the food items progressively through the game, the Ossetra Caviar should be the last food item you need to eat to unlock:

TranStar Gourmand in Prey (Win 10)
Consume one of every type of food and drink on Talos I.
  • Unlocked by 89 tracked gamers (8% - TA Ratio = 3.61) 1,167

Now leave this room and enter the Guest Suite opposite. Inside this is Argenteno Pero as a Phantom, kill him. On the coffee table in the living area of this suite is a bottle of Old Sardar Bourbon and in the Nightstands you will find a Methuselah Apple, Spare Parts and a component. Time to leave the Executive Suites and head back to the Arboretum, just follow the waypoints to direct you.

Once the loading screen is over, the 1st thing to do is collect the Superfruit that has been growing to complete the side mission, Gardening Tips. Climb the stairs but be careful as you go up the stairs as I came across 4 Corrupted Operators, 2 Mimics, a Voltaic Phantom and a Nightmare all wandering around this area or immediately outside. The small security office is also boobytrapped so if you enter a Recycling Charge will go off, disarm this to allow for access. Attract the Nightmare and then lock yourself in the security office until the timer runs out. If you previously placed a turret in this area, look for it to deploy it and it will do the hard work for you killing the rest of the enemies. Once you feel it is safe follow the waypoint to Superfruit, looting the fruit will complete this mission.

Next make your way back to Alex Yu's Office, once inside get Hacking 4 and hack Alex Yu's computer in his office. Read the 4 emails and download the Neuromod Fabrication Plan. Go to utilities and extend the Rooftop Bridge, now leave the office and go up the stairs so you are on the top floor. When you are on the top floor, turn left and look for the metal bridge leading to Alex's Escape Pod. On the platform just before the escape pod is a Supply Crate containing a Suit Repair Kit, next to this on the floor is a Neuromod and Alex Yu's tracking bracelet. Approach the keypad and interact with it to received a Transcribe. Now save it and enter the pod. Close the door by interacting with the button to the right of the open door, turn around and click on Initialize Launch on the computer screen and this will unlock:

Abandon Ship in Prey (Win 10)
Hidden (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 140 tracked gamers (12% - TA Ratio = 2.88) 1,167

Now reload your save, go to your objectives and set the side mission - Who is December to inactive so that it doesn't show up as a waypoint anymore. Make your way down to Alex's office, you can either head back down the way you came or hack the Grav lift using Hacking 4. Whichever method you chose, head towards the waypoint leading to Deep Storage. Go down the Grav lift and approach the door, interact with it and after the words are repeated travel into Deep Storage and this will unlock:

Open Says She in Prey (Win 10)
Hidden (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 238 tracked gamers (20% - TA Ratio = 2.21) 1,167

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