Prey (Win 10) Walkthrough

12. 1st Playthrough, Deep Storage

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Deep Storage

After listening to Alex you will find yourself locked in Deep Storage, if you are really unlucky you will have a Nightmare in front of you in the next room. Sneak to the left side of the room and you will find a small opening on the floor, drop down into this and scan the Nightmare. Now move forward in this little tunnel area as otherwise the Nightmare or Phantom's can get you, wait out the 3 minute timer. Whilst hiding you will receive communication from Will Mitchell and just before this January.

Once the Nightmare has disappeared, jump back out of the tunnel area and you will have a Phantom to deal with. From the entrance turn right to find the corpse of Jennifer Lee, in front of her is a computer desk. In the storage part of the desk (under the telephone) is a Neuromod. On the desk are 2 notes, 1 is stuck to the monitor. 1 of these notes gives you a password, the other gives you a keycode. Access Zachary West's computer for 2 emails and you can also download the Huntress Boltcaster Ammunition Fabrication Plan.

In the next room is a Technopath and it has a turret to help it out, utilise EMP charges and your favourite weapon to clear this quickly. As you enter turn left and there is a drink cabinet on the far left wall containing several cans of Kafe Karsk and Cold Mountain Green Tea. Turn around and as you approach the red Toolbox there is a Mimic, kill it and loot the Toolbox to find components and an EMP charge. Hug the left wall and walk forward, as you get past the Explosive Cannister you will see the corpse of Lyn Cloyer. Continue towards the end of the room and find the corpse of Mary Page, she has a Cold Mountain Green Tea on her. As you approach the Central Repository you will be directed to enter the Security Office to open the doors, but you do not have the keycard for this yet. Feel free to repair and hack the turret found in this room. I would take either 1 or both of the available turrets up to the next area as it will help with the enemies.

Go back towards the entrance of this particular room and turn left to find the stairs to the Data Vaults, feel free to hack this is you have Hacking 3, or use code 3990. Enter the stairway and turn right, in the toilet area you will see the corpse of Heather Bentz she has components and an EMP charge on her. Leave the toilet and go up the stairs, immediately on the right of the top of the stairs is a desk. On the desk are 3 notes, The Starbender Cycle: Book 1: The Darkstar Anomaly, ammo and a Duck Beer. In the red Toolbox behind you are 2 components. Walk through the doorway and on your right after approximately 10 steps is Ivy Song's computer, use the password you got earlier or use Hacking 1. Read the 1 email and you can download the Huntress Boltcaster Fabrication Plan.

Turn around and our next destination is where the electric is sparking, the Data Vaults. The entrance is blocked with a Tape Drive, pick it up to gain access. Use your G.L.O.O gun on the broken junction box and repair it. Inside this room is a Weaver, use the Q-Beam to quickly kill it. Once the Weaver is killed the junction box repaired, from the doorway walk forward and you will see the corpse of Akande Benin to the right on the floor. He has a Suit Repair Kit, Sunburst Banana and ammo on him, next to him is a shotgun and from his head look forward to find a Neuromod near to the shelves. Turn around and go to where you repaired the junction box, walk forward and you will find the corpse of Andrew Grey, he has a component, Suit Repair Kit and a PSI Hypo to loot. Next to him on the floor is a G.L.O.O gun.

Leave the Data Vaults and turn left, use Hacking 4 to access the Confidential Records room. Enter the room and on the computer desk is a note, a Typhon Lure and an EMP charge. To the left of the computer desk is a safe, use Hacking 4 to open it (you can wait if you wish as the next room has a note with the keycode). Inside the safe is the Disruptor Stun Gun Fabrication Plan and a Neuromod. We will return to this room later to use the computer. Now leave and turn left, go over the walkway and enter Danielle Sho's room. Inside are 2 Mimic's and a Thermal Phantom. After killing them, from the entrance go right around the computer desks. The 1st desk on the right has Danielle Sho's computer on the rear of the monitor is a note with the password for the safe within the Confidential Records room and also in this room. This computer has 3 emails, and 2 files to download, including 1 treasure map for the side mission - Treasure Hunt. On the floor are 2 Neuromod's for you to collect.

Turn to the left, on the next desk is the Security keycard (to the right of the monitor). Now access the Personnel Tracking computer and enter the ID number 1129, this will update the side mission - Disgruntled Employee. To the left of the monitor are 2 Recycler charges and underneath these are 2 cans of Cold Mountain Green Tea. Inside this room are both a Fabricator and Recycler. On the back wall between the Fabricator and Recycler is a desk which has the Recycler Charge Fabrication Plan and a component. On a desk to the left of this (if you are facing the desk where you found that Fabrication Plan) is the Psychoactive Charger S-i286 Chipset and a Huntress Boltcaster. To the right of the desk (where you found the Fabrication Plan) is a safe, use Hacking 4 or the code you previously found to loot a Weapon Upgrade Kit and the Q-Beam Cell Fabrication Plan. Be sure to use the Recycler and Fabricator whilst in this room, when you are happy make your way downstairs and to the Security Office.

Enter the Security Office and turn right. Look at the end to find a gun locker with a shotgun and pistol, adjacent to this is a locker with a Nullwave Transmitter, EMP Charge Fabrication Plan and a Weapon Upgrade Kit. To the right is a Security Station use this to download the area map. On the desk to the right are some components and the Shotgun Shells Fabrication Plan and also the Repository Access computer, interact with this to grant access to the next area.

Deep Storage - Zero-G

This will open a door at the end which leads to a Zero-G area, enter it. You will find numerous Cystoid Nests to deal with in this area, use the Explosive Cannisters or flammable pipes to assist with killing them. Once you clear the initial area head forward and you will see a big drop below you, there is a Weaver and more Cystoid Nests to deal with, again there are more than enough Explosive Cannisters to help kill them. Once those are cleared go towards the waypoint for the Hard Drive. Before you pick up the Hard Drive, if you turn around you can see a red Toolbox floating to the left, this does contain some components and an EMP charge if you wanted it. Now pick up the Hard Drive and float back up towards the waypoint. As you reach the waypoint the Hard Drive will automatically be fitted, now go to the computer screen and interact with "Mount A Drive". Now leave the Zero-G area and when you walk into the room be prepared for a Greater Mimic and a Phantom.

Once those 2 have been killed, go back up the stairs into Danielle Sho's room. Approach the Download Station computer by following the waypoint and download the file. Following listening to Danielle Sho, go back onto her computer and read an additional email. Once that has been read, go to the Utilities tab and select Vault B. Now follow the waypoint and walk through 3 doors to the end. On the left is an Maintenance Access panel, interact with it and then push the button to be shot out into space.

Once back in control of Morgan, float to the door and interact with the button to the right of it, you will receive contact from Sarah and you will receive a waypoint for the Cargo Bay. If you wish to explore a couple of the breaches you can, however if you want to ignore this part as it has nothing to do with achievements and will only get you some Chipsets and other miscellaneous items please move to the last sentence of the 3rd paragraph below.

Look upwards for the green dot that says Hull Breach - Crew Quarters (169m) head to this, be careful for the Cystoids outside, the Cystoid Nest just inside and the Technopath within. Once the enemies are cleared, float in and access the 1st room on the right. Inside is another Cystoid Nest, clear it and find a Filing Cabinet to the left of the bed with a component within and the Aggressor Amp 1337Si Chipset. Leave this room and ignore the one opposite, instead turn right. Follow the corridor around and enter the room on the left. In the corner above the desk is a can of Cold Mountain Green Tea and Veggie Blend. In a briefcase floating in the middle of the room is the Q-Beam Fabrication Plan and a Nullwave Transmitter. Leave this room and float into the opposite room, in a Filing Cabinet in the middle of the room is some Exotic Material, a PSI Hypo and a bottle of Green Beetle Gin.

Now leave the breach and float out a small distance, turn around to face the hole in the station and look down and to the right for the green dot that says Hull Breach - Crew Quarters which will be anywhere between 80 and 100 meters away, float there. This area is a Med Bay and has 2 corrupted Operators to deal with as well as potentially Cystoids. Once they are clear enter the breach. Float down the middle where there are beds either side of you, the 1st bed on the right, lower level has Spare Parts inside. The 2nd bed on the left, upper level has a briefcase with Exotic and Organic Material within. The 3rd bed on the left, upper level has a note and the Leverage Assist CRU[q1] Chipset. Turn around and leave this bed area, turn right and look for the Med Bay sign, to the left of this are some shelves blocking a door, these have a Medkit, 2 components and Anti-Rad to loot.

Now leave this area and look down to find the waypoint for the Cargo Bay, head to this.

As you approach the Cargo Bay, just above the entrance is the corpse of Tana Vale, she has a G.L.O.O gun next to her and on her body she has G.L.O.O ammo, a wrench, a component and a Suit Repair Kit. As you approach the Cargo Bay you will receive contact from Dr Igwe, he is panicking as he is running out of air. You have 7 minutes to save him and it is essential you do as it is linked to an achievement and an endgame achievement. Float into the Cargo Bay being careful for Cystoid Nests and wait till Sarah contacts you, once she does look to the right for the waypoint titled "Container Controls". Approach this and input the number 2312 and then interact with Dock Shipping Container to save Dr Igwe and unlock an achievement. For a visual guide to this achievement:

Adrift in Prey (Win 10)
Adrift35 (15)
Hidden (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 213 tracked gamers (18% - TA Ratio = 2.34) 1,174

Now interact with Open Shipping Container to be able to access this. To the left of the computer is a Transcribe, before we move on we can find 2 more corpses, a safe and some useful items. Clear the Cargo Bay of Cystoid Nests 1st and then from computer (if you are looking at it) turn left to find the corpse of Jessica Wiley she has Glucassist, a component, wrench, Suit Repair Kit and the Beam Shielding (*) 19.4GHz Chipset on her.

Leave the breach of the Cargo Bay and turn left almost immediately, you will see another breach directly next to the Cargo Bay. On the outside you have 2 Cystoid Nests and 1 inside, destroy these and enter. Against the far wall near a sealed door is the corpse of Riley Butler he has ammo, a Weapon Upgrade Kit, Disruptor gun and a shotgun on him. Turn 180 degrees around from the corpse and look diagonally left to see a safe adjacent to the breach opening. Use Hacking 3 to access this to find the Portable Turret Fabrication Plan and 2 Neuromods. Now return to the Cargo Bay breach and there are various components and things to loot in the various open Shipping Containers or floating around. However just left of the waypoint to the Cargo Bay is a shipping container with a Supply Crate that has a PSI Hypo, Neuromod, Suit Repair Kit and a Medkit. Due to the difficulty of navigation outside Talos I, I have provided a video for visual reference:

Once you are happy you have looted everything go inside the Shipping Container to move to the Cargo Bay area.

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