Prey (Win 10) Walkthrough

13. 1st Playthrough, Cargo Bay

Shipping and Receiving

*******Use Slot 4 as a permanent save for the beginning of this area in case you make a mistake, use slot 5 as temporary save point (also utilise the auto save points to save you having to replay too much if you do make an error)*********

Shipping and Receiving

As you enter look to your right to find 2 Phantoms and a Voltaic Phantom walking around on the 1st level, on the 2nd level you can see Austin Cool waving at you to get your attention. As you walk forward Austin will shout at you to get up to the catwalk so they can let you in. (Look over from where you are and you will see the Fuel Storage Bay)

Drop off the end of this platform onto the ground level and turn left to find a Spare Part in a red Toolbox. Turn around and sneak past the struts holding up the platform, there is a light on the floor and it is illuminating the corpse of Ash Lasair on her is a component, a Methuselah Apple and the Shotgun Fabrication Plan. On the ground floor there are various components scattered about and on the ramp behind Ash Lasair is a wrench.

Use the steps to get to the 1st level and take out each of the Phantoms. Once they are all killed you need to go towards the far left of the room where the Fuel Storage Bay is and enter it. After entering walk forward a short distance to find some Cargo on the floor, jump up on this and then jump and boost over to the platform in front of you. Turn left and you will see the corpse of Diane Washington hanging over the side, she has 2 components on her, a wrench and a Weapon Upgrade Kit.

From facing her feet, turn 90 degrees left and jump up to the higher platform. Walk forward until you are in line with the 2nd pipe that is spewing out blue flames. Now jump forward and boost so you avoid the flames. Once you land safely, look for the red Toolbox which has a Spare Part, component and Suit Repair Kit inside. Next to the Toolbox is a Transcribe this will start and complete the side mission - The Lover's Gift (we already did all the parts earlier). Also next to the Toolbox is the corpse of Gus Magill he has a component on him, Spare Parts, a note which gives you a password and Crispy Frites. Now jump up on the Toolbox and onto the shelves.

Looking towards the flame that is situated the way the corpse head is pointing, run, jump and boost over it. Walk into the open doorway leading to Cargo Power Control, inside on the right is a Greater Mimic. Turn right and next to the window is a computer screen that allows you to switch the power on, interact with it. Turn left and leave out of the door, immediately on the left is a red Toolbox, inside is a Weapon Upgrade Kit, component and the INTegral Structor b5nm Chipset. From the Toolbox turn around and walk forward till you see the 1st blue metal support rod on the left, next to this is a computer which allows you to drop 3 different cargo lifts.

Lift 6 has a Weapon Upgrade Kit and a turret inside, lift 5 has a Supply Crate with a Nullwave Transmitter inside and lift 4 has 4 Spare Parts inside. Use the computer to drop the lifts and then approach each separate lift and on the side of each lift it has a computer screen to interact with to raise and drop the lift. The doors to Supply Pods 4 and 5 need the doors opened using the button on the left side. Go up the stairs which are next to lift 4 and this will take you to the middle of the 1st floor, on the back wall there is now a working Recycler and Fabricator, be sure to use them.

From the Recycler turn around so you are facing Shipping and Receiving, look to the stairs on your right leading down to the ground level, walk down them. On your right is a Supply Pod enter this to find another turret, pick it up and upgrade it. Place it near to the Recycler for now. Facing the Recycler, turn left and walk till you are alongside the 2nd blue metal support rod, to the right of this is the next computer that drops the cargo lifts, drop both 2 and 1.

Now return to the Recycler and head to the door that is locked leading to Shipping and Receiving, Austin Cool will now unlock this for you, also to the right of the door is a turret, repair it and upgrade it. The reason it is important to do this is because they will be needed for an achievement.

Enter Shipping and Receiving and talk to Austin Cool head past him and on the right fence opposite the large spot light is a note to pick up. Continue into the area where Tamiko Hayashi, Darcy Maddox and Kevin Hague speak to them. Look behind Kevin Hague to see a Medkit flashing on a Crash Cart, turn right to see a component on the desk. On the shelving directly behind this is one more component to pick up (to the right you will see a Grav lift, we will go here in a moment). Go back to Tamiko Hayashi and as you are facing her turn right 90 degrees to find Gus Magill's computer either use the password or use Hacking 2 to access it. This computer has 3 emails to read and go to the utilities tab to unlock both cages. Walk back towards Austin Cool and you will see just before him both cages are now open, go into the left one 1st. As you enter turn left and on the cargo is a Weapon Upgrade Kit, in the red Toolbox next to this is some Q-Beam cells and a component. Directly opposite the doorway to the cage is a Supply Crate with a Weapon Upgrade Kit and a Suit Repair Kit, to the right of the doorway is another Supply Crate with a component and G.L.O.O ammo. At the far right is a turret and on the shelves are 3 components and a G.L.O.O gun. Pick up the turret and place it in the area where is says Loading Zone near Darcy Maddox and Kevin Hague.

Now move to the 2nd caged area, using Leverage 3 move the Cargo out of the way. One inside turn left and at the end on shelves is a briefcase containing 2 Typhon Lures and there is also a Supply Crate with a Q-Beam. Turn around and walk to the other end, on the way are 2 red Toolboxes containing Spare Parts, components, a Neuromod, ammo and the Disruptor Stun Gun Fabrication. On the floor either side of the last Toolbox are 2 components. Now go and collect the 3 previous turrets and place them in the Loading Zone.

Head to the Grav lift and go to the 2nd floor. Go straight forward and talk to Sam Hertz and Alfred Rose after they finish talking. Turn left and head over the metal walkway and enter the Cargo Shipment Control Center. Once inside speak to Rani Chaudhary and Ekaterina Mulsaev once they stop doing their auto conversation. On the table behind Rani Chaudhary are numerous food items including RanDom Dim Sum, Udon Noodles, Siskak Unagi Rollz, Captain Spree's Fish Sticks, Ossetra Caviar, Veggie Blend, Jellied Eels, Skyking Pomegranate and Sunburst Banana's. On the desk that Ekaterina Mulsaev is leaning against is a wrench, a note, a component, The Starbender Cycle: Book 3: Spatial Delivery and Gerald Wildman's computer which has 2 emails to read. Opposite the computer are 2 Filing Cabinets with a component and Tamzidat Vodka inside.

Dr Igwe is standing behind the computer, speak to him, this completes the side mission - Doctor Igwe and he will give you a Neuromod. To the right of Dr Igwe is a red fire bell, hit it 3 times to reveal Dead Drop 6 with the Weapon Kit Fabrication Plan, a Neuromod and an EMP charge inside. This will also unlock:

Black Market in Prey (Win 10)
Hidden (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 77 tracked gamers (7% - TA Ratio = 3.88) 1,167

Now go back over the metal walkway and follow the waypoint to Shipping and Receiving. Just before entering the room to speak to Sarah Elazar, turn left into the Med Bay to find a component and 2 PSI Hypo within the Shelves to the right of the doorway. In the Laboratory Cabinets high on the wall opposite the doorway is a component and another PSI Hypo. Leave the Med Bay and go into the room opposite to find on a desk right of the doorway 2 components and The Starbender Cycle: Book 5: Crown of Tumbleweed. Reading this providing you have read all of the other 5 books will unlock:

Prism Master in Prey (Win 10)
Hidden (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 145 tracked gamers (12% - TA Ratio = 2.84) 1,167

On the shelves behind the red Toolboxes are 2 components and within the Toolboxes are 2 Spare Parts and 2 components.

Now leave this room and enter the room with Sarah Elazar. The 1st row of computers on the right is a Security Station, access this to download the area map and also highlight the location of Grant Lockwood, his record is found on the Cargo Bay tab and on the 2nd page.

On the 2nd row of computers, turn left and find a component, 4 Neuromod's and ammo on the desk. On the right side of the 2nd row is a Transcribe sat on the desk. Approach Sarah Elazar and she will tell you she wants to clear the Typhon around Cargo Bay B, but needs you to create turrets (hence the turrets being placed there earlier) before we do this, it is time to mop up 2 small matters in outer space, locating Grant Lockwood and finding the Derelict Shuttle. Head back to lift 1 and go into Talos I exterior.

Once you are in outer space, head out of the Cargo Bay breach and ascend upwards. Look for the metal rings that surround Talos I and approximately 200 meters from the Cargo Bay breach is the Derelict Shuttle floating motionlessly. If you wish you could also ascend up to the Airlock - Arboretum and as you are facing the airlock door with the spinning "Arboretum" in front of you, turn left 90 degrees and you can easily see the Derelict Shuttle in the distance. I have provided a visual guide from the Cargo Bay breach to aid with navigation:

Enter this from the right side of the Shuttle, inside are numerous corpses, Hunter Hale who has a component on him, Transcribe, Weapon Upgrade Kit, pistol and ammo. Go inside and turn left to find 2 corpses, V-071855-21 and V-110655-27. To the right of these is The Starbender Cycle: Book 5: Crown of Tumbleweed.

You can choose to repair the emergency power in this area if you want, however it only allows you access to a Neuromod and a Weapon Upgrade Kit, so it's your choice as you need Repair 3 to do it. Turn around and float to the front of the Shuttle to find the corpses of V-060155-05 (he has a Kafe Karsk on him) and V-011155-17. Float forward and just before the cockpit is a Supply Crate on the right side which contains RanDom Dim Sum, Russian Blinis and Tamzidat Vodka. In the cockpit is a briefcase which contains a Neuromod, ammo, Typhon Lure and the Typhon Lure Fabrication Plan.

Leave the Shuttle and from the exit look down and to the right to see the Employee Tracker directing you to Grant Lockwood's location, float to him. As you get close to him you will receive radiation poisoning so be quick, he has a component, a Suit Repair Kit and the ARTX Propulsion Gen 2 Chipset. Next to him is a briefcase with a pistol and a Neuromod inside. Locating him will finish the side mission - Disgruntled Employee.

Now head back inside the Cargo Bay breach so we can continue the main mission. Go to the Fabricator and create 2 further turrets allowing you to have 6 turrets for the next part, be sure to hack them all so they are stronger. Once you set up two in the Loading Zone all of the humans will back away from the door and you will receive the code for the door. Make a save before you open it and then input the code. If you are successful with no one dying you will unlock:

The Gates of Hell in Prey (Win 10)
Hidden (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 205 tracked gamers (18% - TA Ratio = 2.38) 1,167

Enter Cargo Bay B and be sure to loot the many Typhon corpses scattered around, ensure that you find and interact with the corpse of Enoch Kouneva as he had been turned into a type of Phantom. Turn left from the entrance, walk to the end to find a Supply Pod, open it using the button and at the back is a Supply Chest with a PSI Hypo inside. Turn around and diagonally right is a shelf with a Supply Crate on it, inside is an EMP charge. Next to this shelf is a Supply Pod that requires Hacking 1 to enter it, inside are 2 Supply Crates with ammo in both of them.

In the centre of the room is another Supply Pod, but this only contains components within. To the right of the entrance to Cargo Bay B there is a computer desk, on this is a Transcribe. Listening to this will start and finish the side mission - Derelict Shuttle. To the right of this Transcribe is a computer, input the code 8120 to open the Supply Pod diagonally right of you. Inside are 2 Supply Crates, 1 contains the Shotgun Fabrication Plan and the other Spare Parts, a Recycler Charge and a Weapon Upgrade Kit. On the back wall in the centre, look for the Supply Pod with the number 9171 on the side. Hack this using Hacking 1 to access it and inside is a Supply Crate with Spare Parts, an EMP charge, Weapon Upgrade Kit and the Anti-Rad Pharma Fabrication Plan.

The last Supply Pod worth investigating is situated on the back wall to the left of the entrance if you had your back to the entrance, it has code 7040 on the side. Within is a Supply Crate with a Suit Repair Kit, a Recycler Charge and a Weapon Upgrade Kit. To the left of this Supply pod is the corpse of Christopher Smith and he has a Suit Repair Kit, a Neuromod and ammo on him.

Behind this corpse is a door and the manual override is to the right of the door, interact with it. Walk forward and you will see a locked Supply Pod, hack it using Hacking 2. Inside is the corpse of Quinten Purvis he has components on him, 2 Neuromods, a Suit Repair Kit and Annalise Gallegos' Thumb Drive. On the floor of the Supply Pod is a Recycler Charge, Siskak Unagi Rollz, RanDom Dim Sum, Sunburst Banana Pudding and a note. Leave the Supply Pod and be careful for the Etheric Phantom lurking around, kill it. Walk towards the waypoint titled "Multiple Objectives", to the left is a locked door, press the manual override for easier navigation.

Turn right at the doorway leading to the Multiple Objectives and open the Supply Pod on the left to find 2 Supply Crates with an EMP charge x 2, Suit Repair Kit, Spare Parts and a Weapon Upgrade Kit. Leave the Supply Pod and follow the walkway around as you get near the number 5 on the wall you will receive an update for the side mission - Treasure Hunt. Now as the station is in lock down we cannot progress down this corridor so go to the waypoint and interact with the door to go into Life Support.

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