Prey (Win 10) Walkthrough

17. 1st Playthrough, Talos I Bridge

A Mind Without Limits

Talos I Bridge

Start off by walking forward, you will find the corpse of Matt Cothron hanging over the railing, he has ammo and the Silenced Pistol Ammo Fabrication Plan on him. Careful as there are 2 Greater Mimic's here. Jump over the railing and find a silenced pistol and a Typhon Lure on the floor. Look forward to the Grav lift, head down it. This leads to another escape pod bay, on the right wall as you walk forward is a Medkit. Once you are in the centre corridor, take the 1st steps up to the left side of the pods. Go to the 3rd pod on the left and you will find the imposter hiding. Approach him and on the floor beside him is a briefcase, if you are quick enough you can loot 2 Neuromods, 4 Jellied Eels and a Medkit. You need to quickly back up as he has boobytrapped the pod. Once he kills himself you will unlock:

Best Served Cold in Prey (Win 10)
Hidden (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 177 tracked gamers (15% - TA Ratio = 2.58) 1,174

Don't forget to loot the material from the Recycler Charge going off in the escape pod. Cross over to the other side, and beside the 2nd right side pod is the corpse of Stone Blanchard he has a component and a Suit Repair Kit on him. Outside the last pod on this side are 2 corpses, Sadie Hall (who has a Suit Repair Kit and Udon Noodles on her) and Gordon Bitz he has a component on him. Just above them is a briefcase with the EMP Charge Fabrication Plan and the Psychoshock Amp +6qw5 chipset.

Head back up the Grav lift and turn left, you should see 2 Crates, 1 smaller than the other stacked against the wall, move them to reveal a passage way. Enter this and follow it around either left or right until you come across an opening that leads up. Climb out and on your right are some Spare Parts. Turn left from the opening and follow it around until you get to the end wall and turn right leading to some stairs. Follow the stairs around and go through a door into the Briefing Room, inside is a Mimic and Voltaic Phantom. Once they are killed in front of the door you walked in, on the desk is the corpse of Skye Braxton, she has a component, Suit Repair Kit and the Fear Reactor 0322Si Chipset on her. Also on this desk and the surrounding floor are several food items, Kafe Karsk, Sun-Dried Tomato Jerky, Shaker Lemon Pie, Russian Blinis, Big Bang Candy, Spiralite Cookies, PopStar, Old Sardar Bourbon and Kings & Way Sparkling Wine. Go up the steps in the room and turn right, follow it around to the right to find the corpse of Perry Fullbright, he has a component and Spare Parts on him. Behind him is a safe that requires Hacking 1 to open it, inside is a Weapon Upgrade Kit, 2 Neuromods, and a Nullwave Transmitter.

Turn around and look for the door diagonally left of you, use the manual override button to open it. Inside the next room is another Voltaic Phantom to deal with. From the door you entered this room, turn right and go up the steps, on the right is Penny Tennyson's computer, it has 3 emails to read. Turn around and go forward, down the steps and find the corpse of Spencer Ogden, he has 2 components, the Grounding Resistor (*) 19.4GHz Chipset and a Kafe Karsk on him. Walk up the next set of steps and on the right is a Security Station, download the map. On the desk is a Nullwave Transmitter and a Transcribe can be found on the left corner of the desk.

Turn left 90 degrees and on a chair is the corpse of Izumi Minami, she has 2 components on her. In front of the corpse on a desk is another Transcribe. This will start a side mission - Where is Kirk, this will only be useful if you still need to find members of the crew, if not ignore it. Head into the centre of this room and to the right of the Navigation desk is the corpse of Omar Bolivar, he has a component, Spare Parts and a keycard on him. Turn 90 degrees left and between the Navigation desk and the Station Monitor Power Plant desk is Skye Braxton's computer it has 1 email to read.

Turn right and follow the path along to the steps, head up them. At the top turn left and you want to be going up the stairs on your right that take you to the Captain's Loft, there are 2 Mimic's inside. Inside the Captain's Loft, turn left and underneath the sofa is the corpse of Bill Nixon-Greene, he has a component, Weapon Upgrade Kit and a keycard on him. To the left of the sofa is a briefcase, it has a Psycholitic Converter =/~ Chipset inside. To the right of the sofa is a counter, this has RanDom Dim Sum, Old Sardar Bourbon and Green Beetle Gin. To the right of that counter is a Cabinet which contains, Kings & Way Sparkling Wine, Spiralite Cookies, Pomegranate Moonshine and a Medkit. Whilst facing this Cabinet, turn 90 degrees right and you will see in front of you on the floor the corpse of Jada Marks, she has a component, Glucassist, a Neuromod, a keycard and a Transcribe. Listening to this will start and complete a side mission. Next to her corpse is a pistol. Turn right and on the desk is Cptn. Jada Marks computer, there are 2 emails to read and although you can access a tab titled Talos, you can't actually interact with anything here.

Leave the Talos Bridge and head back out to the Arboretum and it is entirely your choice, do you want to destroy the station or fabricate the Nullwave Transmitter?

Consider in your 2nd playthrough that you have to destroy the station to get an achievement, so if you want to see both endings it could be worth picking the Nullwave option.

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