Prey (Win 10) Walkthrough

19. 2nd Story Playthrough - Part 1

Start a new game (not New Game +) in a separate save slot, pick easy and do not use any Neuromods. That said you will still need some for the end game to abuse the manual save system and put some in Typhon Power abilities to get Split Affinity. This playthrough will be aimed at killing all of the humans in the game, it is important that get the killing blow on the humans. Make sure that you save the game before attacking a human, then check the stats after to ensure you got the killing blow.

This playthrough will not be as detailed as you should now know your way around Talos I, it is beneficial to still search so you can get ammo, Fabrication Plans etc, but that is entirely your choice. Points that you should be aware of:

You must have 2 Recycler Charges for when you meet Alex for the last time (it is within Part of the 2nd Playthrough). If you don't you cannot access the Neuromod Division and therefore cannot get the last 2 humans.

You can use Chipsets, so make sure you pick ones to your advantage.

Your inventory space will be limited, so use Recyclers frequently.

Running is always an option, save ammo for when you need it.

Upgrade the weapons, it is only 1 extra in each slot but could save you dying.

If you can find Medical, Engineering Operators to help you, do it as they are essentially a free Medkit or Suit Repair Kit.

Get a Disruptor Stun gun, this is invaluable when it comes to mind-controlled humans and helping stun and kill them.

Switch off side mission waypoints as you get them, there are only a handful that are worth doing in this playthrough and I will identify these missions and direct you to the objectives for each useful mission. Just have the main mission active, unless directed otherwise as they can act as a distraction.

There will only be 3 designated areas where you need to save to ensure getting achievements, (with the exception of saving before human kills) the 1st time is when you come across your 1st Nightmare. (this is because 1 of the achievements for the Typhon achievement can be glitched and this will give us a backup if it goes wrong on the 1st campaign slot) The 2nd is after you remove the Neuromods from Walther Dahl. The 3rd is right near the end of the game so we can use the save system to obtain the last achievement. I will remind you when to do this in the walkthrough.

You will need to get a Typhon ability at the end (again I will tell you when to do this) so make sure you scan some enemies to have an option to obtain a Typhon skill.

The location of the humans around Talos I was made so much easier thanks to TA user Heraizen's excellent solution.

First Day on the Job

Begin by following the waypoint, go into the helicopter and take part in the tests, once Dr Bellamy dies you will pass out.

Everything you know is about to change

You will wake up in your room, loot the objects in the room and leave. Turn left and pick up the wrench on the floor next to the corpse of Patricia Varma. Turn right and Smash the fish tank in front of you and climb through. Either search the area to loot, or head out through the exit, past the helicopter and into the testing area.

Go past where Dr Bellamy died and up the stairs, go through the Decontamination and through the exit to the Lobby. As you get into the office area, walk forward, turn right and enter Dr Bellamy's office. On his desk is a keycard, pick it up and exit this area.

Walk around and pick up the G.L.O.O gun off the floor and the ammo. Now head forward and January will tell you to collect the Neuromod in the case, smash it and pick it up. Run across to the door (right of you if you are facing the case) leading into the lobby.

An Office with a View

Now in the Lobby, go down the stairs and left towards the Restrooms. Take a left and grab the goodies in the Dead Drop above the sofa in that corridor. The museum has a Phantom but also a Neuromod and the other Dead Drop in this area. Leave the museum and on the desk opposite the entrance to the Shuttle Bay on the desk is the Trauma Center keycard. Go into the Security Office (next to the stairs) as there is a shotgun in here, jump up on the yellow pipe to access it.

Leave the security office and pick up a turret or two, Go up the stairs towards your office, but 1st we want to get into the Trauma Centre to kill our 1st human. Set up the turrets to help kill the two Phantoms. From the entrance to Trauma Center, go down the left side and enter Mathias Kohl's office, access his computer and read the emails to get the Quarantine keycode. Leave this office and turn left. Go to the back of the room to access the Quarantine room.

Make a save and unlock the door, kill Trevor J. Young for human 1/42. (Remember to check your stats to ensure the kill counted) Now head to Morgan's Office and unlock the door using 0451. Loot everything inside and access you computer, play the video.

Through a Glass Darkly

Leave Morgan's office, head through the Teleconferencing center. On the floor as you enter next to the corpse is a pistol, now go forward and follow the path to the left to find the door to the Hardware Labs.

Once inside, go towards the security barrier, take a left into the theatre. Walk to the front, loot the keycard off the corpse of Sean Larsen on the floor and drop down in front of the chairs, take a right and head through the Maintenance hatch. Follow the waypoint to Dr Calvino's workshop, locate Dr Calvino by following the waypoint to the nearby security station. Look under Hardware Labs, 2nd page, Lorenzo Calvino.

Head back and up the Grav lift and follow the waypoint. Turn around, look diagonally right and that is the Med Bay. Enter that and look for the maintenance shaft, this will give you access to the Machine Shop. Now clear the room and head up to waypoint to collect the Propulsion Fabrication Plan. Use the Fabricator to create this and then leave via the airlock.

Outside in Talos I Exterior, just go straight to the waypoint as we need to do no extra exploring. Once you have looted the keycard from Dr Calvino, head back inside. Climb back up to where the Fabricator is, use your boost to jump over to the platform and then onto the other side so that you can then use the pipes to access the maintenance hatch you previously used.

Leave the Med Bay and drop down to the waypoint to access his Dr Calvino's workshop. Access the computer where the waypoint is, follow the wires to the computer to switch on the power. Go to the Looking Glass Server, 2nd tab Network Utilities and click on ARX-SR4BN-1018 to reconnect the server. Now head back to your office in the Lobby, run past everything. Once in your office, access you computer, go to utilities and resume.

When January turns up speak to him, pick up the keycard he drops and then head down to the main lift and you find it is stuck. Time to go into the Psychotronics Lab, follow the waypoint down the stairs.


Use the G.L.O.O cannon on the broken junction box to open the door, head through and follow the waypoints until you get to the point where you need a Psychoscope. Go into the Gents room and into the gap in the floor. Once you collect the Pyschoscope head back out to door you couldn't previously access and up the Grav lift.

Once in the Atrium, follow the instructions and scan the Typhon in here. After calibrating the Pyschoscope head through containment and walk forward, turn left where the flames are coming from and use the G.L.O.O gun to put them out. Follow the corridor around and you will enter Material Extraction. On the right as you enter is V-090655-13 (AKA Aaron Ingram) open the door, do not run the Mimic Experiment and then get the keycode from him. Save it and kill him, this is human 2/42. Enter the armory and loot it.

Pick up the turret in this room and go back down the corridor where you put out the flames, head across to the opposite door and access the Live Exam Morgue. Set up the turret so it has a clear shot on the right side of the specimen chamber. Access the computer in the middle of the room and go to Live Exam Controls, then Open Containment Shield. Once the Voltaic Phantom is killed, follow the waypoint to the G.U.T.S.

Go forward into the Zero-G and follow the waypoint, my tip is to fly as quickly as you can and save often when it is safe. When you get to the doorway that is locked you need to slow the fan beneath this using your G.L.O.O gun and sneak through a small Maintenance shaft to access the other side. When you enter the last chamber January will contact you and talk about the Magnetosphere. You need to look for the corpse of Ramon Ridley and above him is the access area to the Magnetosphere. Once back to normal gravity, walk forward into the next room and turn right. Unfortunately as we don't have any hacking skills we are going to have to enter the Magnetosphere without turning it off. Head up the stairs and before the doorway save it.

Beyond the door are 3 Cystoid Nests, clear them. Wait for the shockwave then enter the chamber float straight down and look for the corpse floating inside, loot him for his keycard and get out quickly. When you walk out of the chamber, 3 corrupted Operators are waiting for you. Hide until the shockwave knocks them out and then run and head for the waypoint. Unlock the door and access the Cargo Tunnels. Follow the signposts to the Arboretum and fly as quick as you can ignoring all Typhon here, only the Weaver may cause you trouble here.

Once you are inside the Arboretum, look for the corpse of Jia Kyung-Ho, he has a Disruptor Gun in front of him. Use the Fabricator and Recycler and then go up the stairs and look on the wall for the corpse hanging out of the access tunnel, climb up and follow it around to get into the main part of the Arboretum.

At the top, take a left and follow the path down the steps and into the front of the Lobby (the area where the main lift is). 1st take a left and follow the path around to open the doorway up at the end. (the computer panel is to the right of the door imbedded into the wall). Now the lets get the main lift working as it helps with moving around quicker, go into the Lobby.

Go through the doors to the main lobby and clear the enemies within, this is an extremely frustrating part. Use Recycler charges to clear the two corrupted Operators and your Disruptor gun to stun the Technopath and then the shotgun to whittle it's health down. Once it is destroyed you can now freely move around. Head back into the Arboretum. Leave the lobby and turn left, walk to the end and as you hit the junction (to the right is the Crew Quarters), look directly in front of you for a path leading around to the left, walk up this. At the top is a corpse and on the floor is a note with the keycode for the Greenhouse. Return down the path and back in front of the lobby, take the steps opposite the lobby and then left to find the computer to open the greenhouse, save it before you open up. Inside are 3 mind-controlled humans, Rodney S. Poole, Mickey Pitt Sr. and Rani Chaudhary humans 3 - 5/42. Double check after each kill that you have been awarded the kill for them.

Leave the greenhouse and return to the junction where you went up the small path, turn left and when you get to the Grav lift for the Talos I Bridge go down it and enter it. Once inside walk forward on the upper level (to the right) and turn right at the corpse, enter the following room and look diagonally right for the stairway leading to the Captain's Loft (I recommend sneaking in here just to prevent any unnecessary combat with the Voltaic Phantom).

Once in the Captain's Loft, walk forward and diagonally right is the Shuttle Advent Status, select Remote Detonate Scuttle Charges, this won't count towards your human killed stat but it's just being thorough. Now leave the Bridge and turn right, head down the Grav lift to Deep Storage. Look for the transcribe on the floor near the corpse of Zachary West.

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