Prey (Win 10) Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

Despite the initial difficulty, Prey is a sort of mashup between BioShock and Dishonored in terms of gameplay. Like Rapture in the first two BioShock games, Talos 1 is a large, gradually opening world that encourages exploration and backtracking. The game lacks a "replay mission" option, meaning that you will have to manually save if you missed something or messed up. For that reason, this walkthrough will refer to the names of the different sections of Talos 1.

The game also places a unique emphasis on survival and upgrades, considering that the majority of your foes are unarmed aliens who aren't afraid to get up close and personal. You'll have traditional weapons like shotguns and pistols, and weirder fare like the G.L.O.O. cannon, which can save your life depending on how you play this game.

Crafting comes in the form of the Recycler and the Fabricator. Random bits of junk such as lemon peels, used cigars, copper wiring and even paper balls exist in the game world and can be added to your inventory. These scraps can be inserted into the recycler and recycled as material cubes. There's four groups of material: exotic (Typhon organs), mineral (metal junk), organic (flowers and food), and synthetic (plastic materials).

The Fabricator will instantly craft anything you have the materials for. This includes medkits, grenades, ammo, and even entire guns if you happen to lose a weapon. For example, it might cost 3 mineral and 2 synthetic to fabricate a shotgun. It might sound complex, but you'll remember how to use the system when the game starts getting tough.

The main enemy of this game are the Typhon, a nasty race of mysterious aliens who like to play tricks on peoples' minds. Unlike most game enemies, the Typhon are extremely intelligent and will often deliberately react to everything you do.

Here are some tips to make the most out of it:

  • Play the game on its easiest difficulty, Story Mode. There's no difficulty-related achievements, so don't go on Nightmare difficulty unless you wanna have a bad time.
  • Upgrade your weapons carefully, as the enemies will get bigger and tougher as the game progresses. You don't wanna waste 36 pistol bullets on an enemy who still has 50% of his health left.
  • Only upgrade powers you need or can't get collectibles without, such as hacking.
  • Backtrack. It's impossible to get everything in one fell swoop, so you'll often find yourself picking up keycards that open up doors you might've walked past way back at the beginning of the game.
  • Take your time. This is a game that tells a story through its environments, characters, and style. Running through everything for the sake of an achievement would ruin your experience. Don't rush.
  • SAVE OFTEN! You don't wanna find yourself in an endgame mission and you're missing one audio log from 10 missions ago. Although there is only a maximum of 10 save spots.

There are many collectibles within the game and not all can be obtained immediately. Prey requires a lot of back tracking so be prepared for that. I will make mention of computers, emails, corpses and other collectibles that are all required. There are Security Stations scattered around Talos I, these help you find the missing crew members by plotting a waypoint on them. I will direct you to all of the crew members, but feel free to use this as well if you wish.

As you progress you will locate various Suit Chipsets and weapon upgrade kits. Ensure that you use the Suit Chipsets, but it could be worth waiting on upgrading weapons as you need 15 to fully upgrade one weapon for an achievement. You could always highlight the weapon you enjoy early on and just upgrade that but be prepared to be disappointed if you locate something better and you have wasted your valuable upgrade kits.

Unfortunately for the cumulative achievements you can't just save the game repair/hack the item and then reload, it will only acknowledge on your 1st successful attempt on each item.

The enemies spawn randomly in this game, there are a few places where the enemies are scripted but as you backtrack expect to find enemies have respawned or they are not where I have mentioned them. Be prepared for anything around every corner!

Some of the codes in this game will be identical for everyone, some are randomly generated. I will refer to the code in my game but be warned they could be different for you.

As you progress in the game you will get something called the Pyschoscope. This piece of equipment allows you to research your enemies and each enemy has a specific amount of times you have to scan them to be fully researched. Researching the enemies allows you to learn their Typhon Abilities and although the 1st playthrough we are not using Typhon abilities you need to learn them for when we are going to utilise the save method to allow us as many achievements in the 1st playthrough, so make sure you learn all of the enemies abilities.

The controls for the game are as follows:

cn_LS - To move your character around (Pushing in will allow you to sprint)

cn_RS - To move the camera angle

cn_back - To access your inventory/objectives/data

cn_LB cn_RB cn_LT cn_RT - To navigate various tabs whilst in the inventory screen

cn_start - Pause the game to access saving and loading

cn_X - To interact with things in the world

cn_A - Jump

cn_B - Crouch

cn_Y - Hold this to access your favourites wheel

cn_RT - Shoot or swing your Wrench

cn_up - Switch on your Flashlight

cn_right cn_down cn_left - Choose between your selected favourite equipment

In Zero-G:

cn_LS - To thrust and push to boost thrust

cn_LB + cn_RB - Brake

cn_A - Ascend

cn_B - Descend

cn_LB or cn_RB - Roll

Using the Pyschoscope:

Click cn_RS to access it

cn_up - Zoom in

cn_down - Zoom out

With that out the way, let's get Prey(ed on)!

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