Prey (Win 10) Walkthrough

20. 2nd Story Playthrough - Part 2

Gathering Echoes

You will be told you need to have the voice of Danielle Sho, loot the body of Zachary West and also open the airlock. Now go back up the Grav lift and return to junction where you found the little path and head forward into the Crew Quarters. Go down the stairs and interact with the door.

Inside the Crew Quarters we have to locate several voice samples but also we have 18 humans to deal with. As you enter the cook will be talking and 3 mind-controlled humans will walk from the lobby into the Cafeteria, don't worry about them at the moment.

(This 1st part in the Fitness Center is time critical as if you are too slow, one or more of the humans can die by walking into a flame.)

Enter the lobby and head to the end of the room to the Concierge desk found on the left side, read the emails within the Security Station and get the keycode for the Fitness Center. Turn left and sneak up to the door of the Fitness Center as otherwise Gary Snow will stand at the door. Open the door and stun Gary Snow, kill him for human 6/42. Turn right and then left to find Oliver Benoit in the doorway of the Locker Room, kill him for human 7/42. Enter the Locker Room and walk forward to the end wall. Turn left to find Ike Stewart in the shower, kill him for human 8/42. Leave the Locker Room and turn right to find both Phong Vu and Jillian Quigg human 9 and 10/42 either on the stairs or heading down the stairs. Go up the stairs and in the gym is Emma Beatty for human 11/42. On the corpse of Emma Beatty is a Transcribe with another voice sample. Turn around, go down the stairs and walk to the end of the corridor. At the end turn left, put out the flames using the G.L.O.O gun.

In the pool area at the end is a Telepath and 4 humans. Salman Kapoor, Daniel Landon, Mary Malinaro and Harvey Clausen for humans 11 - 15/42. The trick here is to lure the Telepath out with your pistol and then use the Disruptor gun to stun it to allow for an easy kill. Save it before you start in case it goes a bit wrong.

Leave the Fitness Center, go back to the Lobby and go to the far left room to enter the Recreation Room. As you enter save as you have David Branch who is human 16/42 to deal with, try and kill him from distance as there is a Poltergeist to deal with also in this area. Once the Poltergeist is dealt with, head up the stairs and approach the large table. On this table is a Transcribe that has a voice sample required for the side mission. Grab the keycard leading to Abigail Foy's Cabin which is also on the table as it is required for this mission. Head back downstairs and you will likely have to jump over the Luggage Carts that are block the way.

Head up the stairs opposite you, turn left and enter the room, inside is a Phantom. Inside the room, turn left and find a note on a table which has a keycode on it. Use the Recycler in here and then turn around and leave. Follow the balcony around to the right and then on the left is the Yellow Tulip, enter it. Go behind the bar to find the remains of an Operator called Tizzy, this has a keycard for the Supply Cupboard. As you are facing the entrance for the Yellow Tulip, look diagonally left and that is the Supply Cupboard enter it for ammo etc if you want to. From the Supply Cupboard door, walk forward to the other end of the room and turn right. In this room, directly in front of you is a Maintenance hatch, open it. Inside is the terminal to switch on the power, do this and leave via the hatch you opened. Walk forward to the end and turn right. Inside this room is a computer, select Music Neuromod Demonstration and then prepare to be attacked by a Thermal Phantom and possible a Voltaic Phantom. You need to survive for 65 seconds, either hide within the bar (not in the maintenance hatch area as it doesn't count) and once the time is out you will get another voice sample.

Leave the bar and then head into the Theater opposite, inside are Cystoid Nests. Enter the 2nd room on the left and head down the stairs. On the 2nd row down, 3rd seat in there is a Transcribe under the seat with another voice sample. Exit the Theater, turn right and go down the stairs. Turn left and look for the waypoint titled Cafeteria, if it is not up make sure you have the side mission - The Cook's Request highlighted within your objectives. In the Cafeteria are a number of mind-controlled humans and a Telepath. Save it before you start in case it goes a bit wrong. The humans within are Carlos Popinga, Vincent Schubel, Bernard Griffith, Indigo Lake, Caleb Hawthorne, Lisa Larson, and Franz Klinger for humans 17 - 23/42.

Once that is all done go and speak to the Chef at the window, he will tell you to get an award and leave his keycard, pick this up. Follow the waypoint to the Cook's Room, outside his room there will be some form of Phantom to deal with. Enter the Cook's, on the computer desk is a Transcribe with a voice sample. Turn around and pick up the award. Before heading back to the Cook, let's get the last of the voice samples. Exit the room, turn left and follow the waypoints "Danielle's Cabin" and "Abigail's Cabin" along the corridor and into Crew Cabins B.

Enter Danielle's Cabin 1st, there is a Phantom inside. Access the computer and click on the Files tab, download the conversation archive. Leave the room and enter Abigail's cabin opposite. Inside look for the computer desk, press cn_B and look under the table for a sticky note with the computer password. Access the computer, go to the Files tab and download the conversation archive, this is the last voice sample required.

Restore from Backup

Return to the Cook and hand him his award, he will open the door for you. Once inside the kitchen kill V-010655-37 (AKA Luka Golubkin, The Cook, Will Mitchell) for human 24/42. Use the Fabricator within the kitchen if you need to, loot the various food items and then leave and head back to the Arboretum. As you enter the stairway there are 3 corrupted Operators to deal with and then as you exit into the Arboretum there is a Nightmare, this is where we will make our 1st "Do not save over" save - make a note of this save (this is just a backup in case our 1st playthrough glitches for the achievement) and then sprint past the Nightmare and all other Typhon's down into Deep Storage.

Locked inside Deep Storage, you need to go to the workstation just on the right to find a sticky note with the keycode. Enter the other room and there is a Mimic, Phantom and Technopath. I personally killed the Mimic and Phantom and then snuck around to the Data Vaults door on the right, entered the keycode and snuck around (If you stick to the left or right side of the room you can avoid the Technopath's patrol path which is down the center of the room). At the top of the stairs head forward and then take a right over the bridge leading to Danielle Sho's office. Inside is a Thermal Phantom and a Mimic. To the right of the entrance are 3 computer monitors, the Download Station, Danielle Sho's computer and a Tracking computer. To the right of the Tracking computer is the security keycard, pick it up. Use the Recycler and Fabricator within and then drop down and sneak to the door to access it without annoying the Technopath.

After entering the Security Office, go to the computer on the right hand side it is called the Repository Access computer, click on Grant Access. Leave the room and turn left and enter the Zero-G area. Use the explosive canisters that are scattered around to kill the Cystoid Nests without too much of an issue, there is also a Weaver in here but you can avoid this by sticking to the left side of the room. Follow the waypoint titled "Hard Drive" to pick up the Hard Drive to pick up then float back up to the waypoint. Float near the computer for it to automatically be installed and then click on the computer, "Mount A Drive".

Head back to Danielle Sho's office and use the Download Station to download the Arming Key Fabrication Plan, found under the Files tab.

Following the conversation with Danielle Sho, access her computer and go to the Utilities Tab and click on Data Vault B. The room you need to access is across the metal walkway and directly in front of you, but the small issue is how to get into the area where Data Vault B is as we cannot lift the blockage, so you have 2 choices. 1st choice is to use a Recycler Charge to clear the blockage or alternatively the 2nd choice is if you look up from Danielle Sho's computer there are grey ducting pipes. Climb up onto the Recycler and then use the G.L.O.O gun to make platforms so you can access the pipe and climb over. Inside the room you are aiming for is a Weaver so jump down and boost over to the Data Vault B to avoid the Weaver. I personally went for the 1st option as it is much quicker.

Inside the Data Vault B, walk to the end and turn left. Open the Maintenance hatch and press the button.

This Side Up

Once you are back in control of Morgan, open the door use the button on the right and you will receive communication from Sarah Elazar. Follow the waypoint to the Cargo Bay. As you approach the Cargo Bay you will receive contact from Dr Igwe, he is panicking as he is running out of air. You have 7 minutes to save him and it is essential you do as it is linked to kill every human achievement. Float into the Cargo Bay being careful for Cystoid Nests and wait till Sarah contacts you, once she does look to the right for the waypoint titled "Container Controls". Approach this and input the number 2312 and then interact with Dock Shipping Container to save Dr Igwe. You will receive the keycode for Dr Igwe's container, approach it and unlock it, now enter the Cargo Bay.

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