Prey (Win 10) Walkthrough

21. 2nd Story Playthrough - Part 3

Shipping and Receiving

Inside the Cargo Bay, you have Austin Cool on your right waving at you, he will tell you to get up to the catwalk. You need to clear 2 Phantom's and a Voltaic Phantom 1st. Once the Phantom's are killed, head into the Fuel Storage Bay and climb the shelves so you can jump over the flames. In the middle is a corpse, read the note for a password to a computer. Climb more shelves to jump the last flames and make it over to the far end. Inside the room at the far end is a computer with the electric switch, turn it on. Leave this room via the door that is now opened and access the lift controls, you need to go into Cargo Pod 6 as it has a turret. As you look where Austin Cool is stood, the stairs to the right go down these and in the open Cargo Pod, now on your right has another turret inside it.

Approach Austin Cool and he will open the door for you, carry the 2 turrets inside, but do not deploy them. At the end of the cage areas to the right and left of you, turn right and access the computer. Open the cage under the Utilities tab, inside the left cage is a turret at the end. Leave the cage area and go up the Grav lift, at the top turn left and go into the end room. Approach Dr Igwe and he will speak to you and hand you a Neuromod.

There are 9 humans inside here, including Dr Igwe. We do not kill them yet and it is vital that we don't let any of them die when we open the Cargo Bay B door. Go and speak to Sarah Elazar, she will ask you to get the turret Fabrication Plan. Follow the waypoint titled "Fabrication Plan" out of Talos I, now leave the Cargo Bay breach, turn left and left again, careful for the Cystoid Nests and possibly a Weaver. Look for the waypoint which leads to a safe and inside is the Fabrication Plan you need, head back into the Cargo Bay.

You already have 3 turrets, but you will likely need at least 6 to ensure everyone stays alive. Set up the turrets in the Loading Zone and after 3 are set up, approach Sarah who will give you the keycode. Save it and then open the door I threw down a Typhon Lure to distract them, if anyone dies reload the game. Once you are happy they have all survived, head through into Cargo Bay B, feel free to loot the contents of the Cargo Pods. From the doorway leading to Cargo Bay B, head diagonally left to find the next door, use the button to the right to open it.

Inside the next area is an Etheric Phantom. We will return later to kill the humans here, but for now follow the waypoint "Self Destruct Key".


Now inside the Life Support, there are 2 Etheric Phantom's to deal with one on the ground floor and one up the stairs. Shoot G.L.O.O onto the electric junction box and go down the Grav lift. You could be unlucky and have a Nightmare to deal with, if so go straight back up the Grav lift for the 3 minute timer to run down. Unfortunately this one may glitch and even with the countdown finished you may have to go back to the Cargo Bay to get it to disappear. Once the Nightmare has disappeared, go back down the Grav lift and deal with the corrupted Operators. Follow the waypoint and scan it and then you need to kill a Technopath. Turn around and look up for a walkway, this is you destination. Use the G.L.O.O gun to make platforms and then follow the path around to access Maintenance hatches and into the Water Treatment area.

Inside the Water Treatment area you will see the Technopath you need to kill, get down to the ground floor and deal with it. Once it is killed, climb the stairs that are found left of the door (if the door is at your back). After climbing the 2 flights of stairs you can see the Maintenance hatch you previously accessed, use the G.L.O.O gun to form a platform on your right. Jump over to the platform then onto the pipes to access the hatch and go to the waypoint.

Now we are in the Power Plant, go past the Security Office and on the far right is an Operator Dispenser. Look above this for an opening, climb up on the Dispenser and use the G.L.O.O gun to make a platform to access it. Follow the pathway around and you will drop down behind the previously locked door, there are a number of Mimic's and Greater Mimic's to deal with. Now unlock the door and go down the Grav lift. Walk forward, turn right and then head down the stairs on the left. There are a number of various types of Phantom's in here. Once the Phantom's are cleared, at the bottom of the stairs walk forward and jump over the balcony to the bottom level. Turn 90 degrees right and look for the opening, go into it and all the way forward to the end. Turn left and throw a Recycler charge to clear the blockage.

Climb up and unlock the door, look in the middle of the room and climb up to the room above to unlock the doors (be prepared for lots of Mimic's). The reason we have done this is to help with easier movement later. Now head back down to the waypoint and to the left of the door, extinguish the flames with the G.L.O.O gun to find a corpse with a keycard to access the locked door. As you go through to the next area you will have a Phantom to deal with, kill it and then unlock the airlock on the left. Enter the Coolant Chamber and greet Mikhalia Ilyushin by putting her out of her misery for human 25/42.

Leave the room and go down the Grav lift following the waypoint "Reactor Control Room". Turn left and go all the way round to the stairs and then down to the bottom. Look diagonally right and aim for those stairs, at the top of the 2nd flight of stairs turn right and follow it around till you find a corpse with a keycard. Jump over the barrier and boost across to the waypoint. Loot everything in this room, then approach the computer monitor. Press Access Safety Switches, then interact with Magnetosphere, Substation Power Grib, Photovoltaic Rings, Gravity, Life Support and Main Reactor. Then click Initiate Reboot on the computer, this will interrupt. Go into the Reactor and clear the Cystoid Nests. Now look for the waypoint above you for a Divertor, climb the stairs (the ones you previously climbed to get the keycard but this time go to the top) and go across to pick up a Divertor. Jump over the side and boost down safely. Enter the reactor and open the panel and place the Divertor in. Return to the Reactor Control Room and access the computer, press Resume Reboot.

Now we need to get back up to the top and this is annoying without the Grav lift, especially as we now have Technopath's to deal with as well. Go to where you picked up the Divertor and then use the G.L.O.O gun to make a platform to ascend the lift shaft all the way to the top where you need to press a button to open the closed door. (Use quick saves when you get up a reasonable distance so you don't have to work from the bottom if you make a mistake, or get spotted by the enemy).

I have linked a video to give an alternative root up as well:

At the top, follow the waypoint Multiple Objectives, when you reach the room where you hear over the PA system "Warning dangerous levels of explosive gas detected" go to the left into the room we previously opened, climb up the middle part of the room and into the Parts Storage room, allowing for quick and easy navigation. Keep following the waypoint out into the Life Support area, go up the Grav lift and then keep following the waypoint up the stairs and into Talos I Lobby, just run past all the Typhon.

As you load in, you should get contact from Dr Igwe he will tell you he is in your office. It is important to turn around, go back into Life Support. Once loaded in walk forward, down the stairs and go left to the Cargo Bay so we can kill off the humans inside. If you don't do this now it is possible they will be killed by a Nightmare. Use your Disruptor gun to knock them out as they will attack you once you attack them. If the game glitches and Dr Igwe is still there, do not attack him.

So you are looking for the following humans to kill; Sarah Elazar (Upstairs), Austin Cool (Usually on patrol out the front), Alfred Rose (Inside on the ground floor), Darcy Maddox (Inside on the ground floor), Ekaterina Mulsaev (Unconscious upstairs in the room were Dr Igwe was), Kevin Hague (Inside on the ground floor), Sam Hertz (Inside on the ground floor) and Tamiko Hayashi (Usually on patrol out the front) for human 26 - 33/42. Use the Security Station in the room that Sarah Elazar was in, go to Crew, Shuttle Bay and click on Frank Jones.

Now go back through to Life Support and into Talos I Lobby by following the waypoint.

Go into the main lift and up to the Lobby, exit via the left door and turn left and left again. Head forward and unlock the Shuttle Bay and enter it. We are going to kill the next 2 humans. Once loaded in, turn left and use a Recycler Charge to clear the obstruction. Go forward and follow the waypoint to Frank Jones down to the Escape Pod Bay, inside are 2 Greater Mimic's and a Mimic. Frank will ask you to blow the hatch seal outside manually so they can escape. Don’t do that, just go to the maintenance panel and launch pod 2. This will make the escape pod explode instead and kill Frank Jones and Emmanuella DeSilva, humans 34 and 35/42.

Leave the Shuttle Bay by following the waypoint "Multiple Objectives", go back in the lift and up to the Arboretum, expect to be ambushed by a Phantom. Run around to the Grav lift opposite the entrance to Deep Storage, input the code Alex just gave you.

Before I give you the Key

Once you access Alex's office he will speak to you via the Transcribe and pass you the password for his computer. Access it and watch the video, by going to Utilities and LG Controls. After listening to Alex for the 2nd time, pick up the Chipset that appears on the right side of his desk and install this. Now enter Deep Storage and go out of the airlock, so you can scan the Coral. Follow the waypoint to the Coral Node, careful as there might be Weavers in here. Quickly scan the two Nodes and then head back to the waypoint leading you back to Deep Storage.

Head back up to Alex's office and access his computer to upload the scan information, by going to Utilities and clicking on Coral Data Management. Half way through uploading you will be interrupted by Walther Dahl and then you will have Military Operators to deal with, hide until Dahl stops talking. Exit Alex's office and run down to Deep Storage.

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