Prey (Win 10) Walkthrough

3. Optimal Neuromods and Empathy Table

Within your 1st Playthrough you are going to want to upgrade specific abilities to assist you accessing different areas to obtain all of the collectibles. You will also need between 20 - 30 spare Neuromods for when you reach a specific mission so that you can utilise a save to get the kill/Typhon achievements. Don't panic as you will pick up a Fabrication Plan which allows you to craft Neuromods. The primary abilities you will need for the 1st Playthrough are:

Hacking 1, 2 and 3, Leverage 1, 2 and 3 and Repair 1 and 2. This will allow you to access all of the areas, repair electricity feeds and hack terminals, doors, Operators and safe's. Ensure that you pick Hacking and Repair 1 first, then followed by Leverage 1. As you get more Neuromods upgrade Hacking 2 then Repair 2 and then Leverage 2. Finally get Hacking 3 and Leverage 3 as and when you can afford them.

Repair 3 will be required to access certain areas to locate corpses but the 1st point this comes into play is in Life Support, however it does allow you to reinforce turrets and make them stronger so it can be useful to help kill enemies.

You will also need to get Hacking 4, however this isn't until after the area Crew Quarters and this is explained during the walkthrough.

Useful abilities are Suit Modification 1 and 2, so that you can have a larger inventory and more chipsets and Dismantle as it will allow you to break down things and recover Spare Parts.

Gunsmith and Lab Tech are useful as well as they allow you to upgrade all of the different weapon types to maximum. You will need one of these for an achievement anyway, but they shouldn't be your priority over the primary abilities described above.

Conditioning and Stealth 1 are also very cheap and useful abilities to get as they give you a small increase to your health and allow you to sneak without being detected.

Finally, you then want to look at the abilities that will increase your health, improve stamina, etc. as these will help your survival chances.

Make sure that you don't go crazy with the abilities, as mentioned in the 1st paragraph, you need Neuromods to take advantage of the save method for certain achievements.

In the 2nd playthrough do not select any abilities until directed within the walkthrough as you will void an achievement, but still collect Neuromods as you go through the various areas.

There is an empathy related achievement in the game where certain actions will cause positive or negative empathy and you need +4 empathy by the end of the game. Those actions are:

Save Dahl (“Incapacitate Dahl” completed)+1
Rescue Dr. Igwe (see achievement Adrift)+1
Save Alex Yu (Arboretum area)+1
Complete “Dahl’s Ultimatum”+1
Complete “Assist Mikhaila Ilyushin”+1
Complete “Mikhaila’s Father”+1
Complete “Escape Attempt”+1
Complete “Gustav Leitner”+1
Complete “Help Luther Glass”+1
Complete “Danielle Sho”+1
Use Mindjack Typhon power to save 10 Mind-Controlled Humans+1
Become Psychopathic by killing Sarah Elazar, Dr. Igwe and Mikhaila-100
Kill Aaron Ingram-1
Kill Alex Yu-2
Kill Dr. Igwe-2
Kill Mikhaila Ilyushin-2
Kill Sarah Elazar-2
Let Aaron Ingram die in Psychotronics-1
Let Dr. Igwe die (fail to do Adrift achievement)-1
Let Mikhaila Ilyushin die in Power Plant-1
Let Sarah Elazar die in Cargo Bay-1

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