Prey (Win 10) Walkthrough

6. 1st Playthrough, Morgan's room / Neuromod Division

****Disclaimer - I will refer to items I locate around Talos I and on corpses etc. These items may or may not be the same for you, or you may have a variant of them. Don't panic if it is not the same as there are numerous items scattered around and I will make mention of any items I find in the 1st Playthrough. Also a number of the codes for the doors etc are randomised for each Playthrough. However the location of the codes are always the same, plus the majority you will be hacking anyway. ********

First Day on the Job


It's the year 2032, and you're Morgan Yu, heir of the TranStar space company. Your brother has invited you to Talos 1, the snazzy new space station that's conducting world-changing research. If you want an easy life, select Story Mode as there are no difficulty related achievements. (However you will have to change the difficulty up at one point to unlock an achievement - Intrinsic Value. Story mode prevents you from damaging yourself, as such you cannot recycle yourself. You will be notified when to do this.)

You will now be tasked with deciding if you want to play as a male or female Morgan. It doesn't matter. I will make mention throughout of various locations to find food items in the game, this is because they will not always spawn in the same place in every game, or they will spawn but will be a different food item. So at least if you miss one location you should be able to find it in another that I mention.

After listening to your brother you will now be able to walk around your room. On the kitchen counter is a bottle of Kings & Way Sparkling Wine this is one of the food items you are required to consume for an achievement, pick it up. Got to the fridge in the far corner of the kitchen and pick up the Skyking Pomegranate and the Cold Mountain Green Tea. Now you have 3/29 food items, look around the room and you will find many different books and notes feel free to read these if you wish. In the opposite corner to the kitchen is a work bench, pick up the components for later use. Approach the left nightstand next to the bed to find more components within.

On the workbench is Morgan Yu's computer, hover the cursor over the password which will autofill. Now press cn_X and read the 3 emails (these are required for an achievement which will unlock much later in the game).

Once you have cleared the room and read everything you want to, approach your suit hanging on the back of the front door and put it on to progress. After leaving your room, turn left till you reach the end of the corridor and left again. Now enter the elevator and select roof on the control panel.

Exit the elevator, go to the far door on the left and open it. Once on the roof make a manual save. You will see a helicopter waiting for you. Here's where we get our first achievement. Jump on the nose of the helicopter and into the blades killing yourself, this will unlock:

No Show in Prey (Win 10)
No Show21 (10)
Hidden (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 272 tracked gamers (23% - TA Ratio = 2.07) 1,167

Reload your save and this time enter the helicopter and enjoy the cool intro. After the helicopter lands turn left and head through the only door available to you. Go inside, and talk to the floating Science Operator. Take the elevator. Talk to your brother, Alex and proceed into the testing rooms. During testing, there are no wrong answers. After Dr. Bellamy has an incident with some coffee, you'll be sent back to your apartment.

You'll notice that your inventory is empty, search the apartment again and pick up all that you did previously. Access Morgan's computer to read the 6 identical emails.

Follow the objectives and suit up again. Head back outside, where you'll see the corpse of Patricia Varna, the nice lady who we met just a few minutes ago. Take the wrench from her, then loot her body for materials. (With regards to corpses, ensure that you press cn_X on them for the game to register that you've found them)

The wrench is one of your most valuable weapons in the game, much like in the first BioShock. You can hold cn_RT to charge your wrench swings for extra damage.

You'll get a call from an NPC named January, who'll tell you to escape your simulated reality. Knock out the fish tank at the end of the hallway and crouch through it.

Break Out

After January's call, you now have the second mission of the game, which tasks you with escaping the apartment simulation. After crouching through the fish tank hole, you're now in a big simulation lab. Surprise!

If you look around you will find various components to pick up and some more bottles of Kings & Way Sparkling Wine. From the fish tank turn right and walk to the end of the corridor. Turn right again and jump down to find Evelyn McCarthy's computer on a desk, read both of her emails.

After reading the emails, turn around and walk up the small steps. Turn right and walk into the room at the end, "Simulation Debriefing". In the right corner you will find Marco Simmons computer which is password locked. Attached to the monitor is a green note, interact with this to find the password. Now access the computer and read the 3 emails. Behind the computer is a safe, the code to access this is 5150.

Turn left out of this room and head forward to the flashing red light, enter the "Simulation Sound Stage". Walk forward into the exit. You will see the helicopter in front of you, turn left and walk through the opening. Immediately right is a red toolbox, loot the components within. Walk behind the panel that is rising out of the floor and then turn left into the Authorised Personnel area. Take the medkit off of the wall and then access the email within Demetri Bowser's computer found on the desk opposite to the medkit.

Turn around and walk into the room, walk a short distance forward till you see Jiao-Long Heng's computer, access it to read 2 emails.

After reading the emails, walk towards the exit and you should recognise the location where the doctor was killed. On the desk is a Transcribe belonging to Marco Simmons, collect this as you need it for a long winded achievement.

Go through the exit and follow the stairs up, continue along and when you come to the junction take a left to Stage B - Control Room. Once over the walkway you will come across a Mimic, kill it.

After killing the Mimic, continue towards the control room and on the floor next to a desk you will find the corpse of Grete Mikkelsen. Loot her corpse and turn right and smash the glass at the end to access a server room and loot some components. Now go back to the junction and take a left towards Decontamination. After entering Decontamination, you will see Jovan Gravilovic get killed. Once you can move forward, loot his corpse.

Take the medkit on the walk and walk through the door, turn immediately left to access 3 emails on Jovan Gravilovic's computer, this enables the optional quest of finding Bellamy's corpse in the Trauma Centre.

Now leave this office and turn left, walk forward a short distance and turn left where you will find two workstations. Access Alice Aiken's computer on the right for an email. After reading the email, leave this workstation and go into the area opposite where you will find Dr. Sylvain Bellamy's office. On the desk you will find Dr Sylvain Bellamy's computer with 3 emails to read and next to the monitor is a key card, pick this up.

Now go to the locked door at the end of the room and you now have access to the Neuromod Division.

Everything You Know Is About to Change

Image 1

Once you enter this new area, turn left to find a Methuselah Apple on the floor. Walk forward till you pass the broken vending machine and you will have to attack a Mimic. You will discover the G.L.O.O. cannon on the floor next to Veer Singh's corpse. The G.L.O.O cannon is a non-lethal caulk gun that functions as your best tool in this game. It can physically freeze enemies in place with solid foam glue. This comes in handy with tougher Typhons like the Phantoms. Mess around with it to try out the mechanics if you want. After this continue forward (You will pass the security booth on you left, this is no accessible yet) into the lobby where two Mimics will await you, you will also receive a call from January. After killing the Mimics, go left into the conference room and find Robert Gage's corpse on the floor in the far corner. Next to his corpse is his transcribe, pick this up and loot him.

Head back into the lobby where two further Mimic's await. Feel free to loot bits and pieces around here and then head up the stairs to the waypoint where a Neuromod rests in a case. Apply it to any Human power of your choosing, although the Hacking I skill would be useful for the next step. This will unlock:

Know Thy Self in Prey (Win 10)
Acquire a Human ability.
  • Unlocked by 1,079 tracked gamers (92% - TA Ratio = 1.03) 1,167

You will find many more Neuromods in the game, but don't go crazy using them as you will need to have at least 30 spare by a specific mission for when we mop up the miscellaneous achievements.

Return back to the security booth (located just past the G.L.O.O cannon) and interact with the keypad. On the bottom right you will see a padlock symbol, press this. Now this will take you to the hacking minigame. Use cn_LS to control your icon and you need to move through the gaps to the end point and then press whichever button it tells you to complete the hack. If you fail you will only be hurt for a small amount of HP and just try again. Now enter the security booth and pick up the weapon upgrade kit on the floor, hold onto it so you can apply it to your GLOO gun when you unlock the skills. There is a computer in here, but you cannot access this yet. Return to the lobby, move up the stairs and approach the door with the big green button, interact with the green button to enter the main lobby.

An Office with a View

Image 1

Welcome to Talos 1! Walk forward and loot the corpse of Nash Underwood, continue forward and turn right, now walk down the stairs. As you walk down the stairs you will see an explosion and you will now be able to access the stats and map of the game by pressing cn_back. Look to the ground to find a Methuselah Apple rolling to you and next to a table on the floor is a can of Duck Beer.

At the bottom of the stairs turn right, and next to some tables you will find the corpse of Kelly Randolph. Walk past her and enter the Transtar Exhibit. In here you will find a Phantom, they are fairly tough but eventually you will kill it. Look for the display case with the Neuromod within, loot this. Turn around to see a fire bell on the wall, hit this 3 times to reveal Dead Drop 1. Inside is a safe, loot it for a Neuromod and 2 Recycler grenades. At the far end of the room is a Medkit on the wall. Leave the room via the door next to the Medkit and prepare for 4 Mimics to attack you. After killing them, loot their bodies and the red toolbox.

Walk ahead into the door marked "Security". Once in the grey hallway, climb up the large yellow pipe and walk through the air vent, which will drop you into the Security Office. Here, you'll find a Shotgun and some shells. In the safe behind the desk, input the code 0526 to receive a Nullwave Grenade, an EMP charge, and a Recycler Grenade. Look for the note next to the computer to receive the door code and then access Sarah Elazar's computer for her 4 emails.

Walk around the desk and into the adjacent room to find a weapon upgrade kit and a security station. Download the area map selecting Utilities and access the 4 emails. These stations are also used to locate the missing crew, but that is something for later. Return back into the security office and turn right, input the code 1129, or alternatively work towards 20 hacks by hacking the door to enter the holding room. You will be attacked by a Mimic, kill it and read the note to start a side mission, Stolen Neuromods. Walk around the desk and loot the corpse of Demetri Bowser.

Time to get an achievement, the Recycler Grenade can be thrown with cn_RT, and like the wrench, can have charged throws by holding cn_RT. It actively recycles objects in real-time, instantly creating material cubes out of objects, foods, and even enemies. Make a save and increase the difficulty to Nightmare mode by accessing the settings using the cn_start button. Now throw the grenade at your feet. Yes, you need to kill yourself again. Once you've killed yourself, you'll unlock:

Intrinsic Value in Prey (Win 10)
Recycle yourself. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 264 tracked gamers (23% - TA Ratio = 2.10) 1,167

This video is not the exact location I describe, but demonstrates the technique involved:

Once you're loaded back into the security office, head back into the small office and out of the door by interacting with the manual overlock. Now walk back into the lobby area. Turn right and head to where the sofa's are, look for the two armchairs and on the table are some Udon noodles. Head down the small set of steps to the left of the sofa and you will find the corpse of Bianca Goodwin, loot her. Turn left, you will see a reception type area with "Transtar" above it, head into this area to find a Medkit on the wall, on the desk is the Trauma Centre keycard, Siskak Unagi Rollz and a Mimic.

Look out in front of you, you will see the Shuttle Bay, head into this to find the corpse's of Jason Chang and Mischa Lazarev. Loot their bodies if they have anything useful on them. Return to the lobby, turn right and walk up the stairs. Next to the sofa's at the back you will find on a table a Kafe Karsk and Sun-Dried Tomato Jerky.

In front of you are male and female restrooms, you can choose to go in these if you wish. If you do there is a Medkit in the male restroom, but also 2 Mimic's. Facing the entrance to the restroom, turn left and you will see a large white sofa approximately 1/2 way along the corridor on the right. Climb on this and hit the fire bell above 3 times to find Dead Drop 2, this contains 2 PSI Hypo's and a Neuromod. You can choose to turn left and then enter the door on the left which leads to the Employee Orientation, there is nothing but Mimic's inside. That is the ground floor complete, now it's time to head to the stairs adjacent to Security.

Walk up the stairs and prepare to be attacked by a Mimic on the landing. Look to the left to find Laura McAvoy's corpse, loot it. Use your keycard to open the door leading to the Trauma Centre and enter it. Once inside walk straight to Anna Goldcrest's corpse and loot her. On the table next to her body is a Methuselah Apple. Look for the computer desk which the corpse is adjacent to and loot Sylvain Bellamy's Tracking Bracelet, also access the computer for 2 emails, read them to update The Corpse Vanishes. Download the map and then go through the doorway to your left and prepare for a Phantom and Thermal Phantom. Lure one at a time and use your shotgun to dispatch them. (You could also use the turret which is found by the reception area where you found the Trauma Centre keycard) Don't worry that one of them has a name, it doesn't class as a human kill.

Now with the danger cleared, enter the room and turn right to find Chris Wade's office, enter it. Immediately you will see a desk in front of you, to the right are 3 cans of PopStar. Loot everything you can in here. Leave the room and look for the desk in front of you with the locked computer (requires Hacking 3, so we will return here later) next to this is the Medkit Fabrication Plan. Now turn around and head diagonally right till you find Martin Giroud's corpse, loot him. Walk forward and then enter the glass circular medical bay where you will find Luther Glass Corpse on the bed, loot him and hopefully you will find a Neuromod on him.

Turn around, exit this medical bay and turn left where you will see Quarantine. Just before the door turn left and enter the small room to find stuff to loot, now enter Quarantine. On the counter to the right you will find Sunburst Banana Pudding. Inside Quarantine is Trevor J.Young who is mind-controlled. If you wish to open the door the code is 5716, but entering at this time will cause him to explode. Return back to the Trauma Centre. Now in the Trauma Centre, turn right and then enter the darker medical room to find Lucia Jimenez's corpse on a trolley, loot her.

Exit this medical room, turn right until you come across Mathias Kohl's room on the right, enter it. Upon walking into this office you will find April McGuire's corpse on the floor, loot her. Walk forward to access Mathias Kohl's computer, download the 3 audio files (by pressing the individual Session Log and then transfer file) and access the 3 emails.

Exit the Trauma Centre, go down the stairs and cross the lobby over to the other stairs. Go up one flight of stairs and hack the keypad to the I.T. Security room. Immediately on the right of the door are 3 cans of Kafe Karsk. Inside this room are two Phantom's, try and take one out at a time. After dispatching the Phantom's walk to the far right to find Steve Folson's work station, on the desk at the back is the Security Office keycard. Leave this area via the exit on the right to find yourself on a balcony and another doorway leading to the Staff Lounge. Be careful as there is a mimic on the balcony and if you hit the glass you will fall down hurting you significantly.

Enter the Staff Lounge after killing the Mimic and you will find at least one more Mimic. Inside the Staff Lounge you will immediately find the corpse of Randolf Hutchinson. To the left of the doorway you entered is a Recycler. Interact with it by pressing cn_X, once in the menu transfer all of the junk you have been collecting by holding cn_X. Now exit the screen and walk to the computer monitor and recycle the goods into useful items. Walk to the right and collect your goods which you will be able to use later.

Turn around and walk around the counter, a Mimic might jump out on you here. Walk around the counter to find Octavia Figgs corpse, loot her as she has a Transcribe on her, this will give you a keycode for the Pilot Lounge for later in the game. Now loot the refrigerator for Jamon Tomato, Duck Beer and Shaker Lemon Pie. On the work surface to the right of the refrigerator is another Duck Beer. Some of the cabinet's in the kitchen will also have food items within them, be sure to look through all of them as I find an additional Sun-Dried Tomato Jerky, Moonshade Lemon, Glucassist, Methuselah Apple, Crispy Frites, and Jellied Eels. I would also loot any junk or components whilst in the lounge to take advantage of the Recycler. If you enter the recreational area of the lounge you will find two Mimics inside. Once you are happy you have searched everywhere and recycled everything return back to the stairway leading to the Trauma Centre, but this time go up to the 2nd floor.

Enter the Executive Offices and head into the workspace directly opposite the entrance (Bianca Goodwin's office), inside you will find another Trauma Centre keycard and a Methuselah Apple on her desk as well as her computer. Access the 3 emails which will give you the keycode to the Volunteer Quarters. After reading the email head right out of the office and right again into Sylvain Bellamy's office. Access his computer for 1 email.

After leaving Sylvain's office you will receive a call from January informing you that the code to your office is 0451. Turn right and walk past the turret, you should have a Mimic appear and hopefully the turret will sort it out. Walk behind the desk and you should find a Sunburst Banana on the desk. Look for the note on the monitor to access the password for Jason Chang's computer, read the 1 email. Now it's time to enter Morgan's office, upon entering the room walk towards the computer desk but take a left to enter his workbench. Loot everything off the counters including a keycard for Morgan Yu's Suite, the Wrench plan and a Medkit. Use the recycler if you need to. Now approach the desk, on this is a box containing 3 Neuromods and a keycard for Teleconferencing. Turn left and find a Methuselah Apple on the bookshelf and above this is a safe, loot everything here.

Now access the computer, I would choose to hack it to work towards the 20 hacking achievement but you can also use the password if you wish. Read the 3 emails first then watch the video via the Utilities tab, turn around to see it on the big screen. After the video abruptly shuts off, Alex will contact you. Time to go to the Hardware Labs!

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