7. Prey (Windows) 1st Playthrough, Hardware LabsUpdate notes

Through a Glass Darkly

*******Use Slot 1 as a permanent save for the beginning of this area in case you make a mistake, use slot 2 as temporary save point (also utilise the auto save points to save you having to replay too much if you do make an error)*********

Leave Morgan's office and enter the Teleconferencing Centre which is found directly opposite the Executive Offices. As soon as you walk in 3 Mimics will appear, either attack them head on or lure them back into the Executive Offices for the turret to dispose of them. Now go back into the Teleconferencing Centre, to find Elias Black's corpse on the floor and two silenced pistols (one turns out to be a Mimic) loot his corpse and the remaining pistol. Follow the room around to the right and go through the door.

Take a right and walk over the glass bridge to access the Sales Division, inside is Yuri Kimura as a Phantom, dispose of her. Immediately to the right of the entrance is a drinks cabinet with two Kafe Karsk and a can of Cold Mountain Green Tea. Turn left and follow the corridor to find Kelly Randolph's office, careful there is a Mimic in here. Once you kill that go next door into Yumi Kimura's office to find a box of 4 Neuromods on the floor, loot this to complete the side mission Stolen Neuromods. Read the email on her computer and the return back over the glass bridge.

Enter the room leading to the Hardware Labs which is easily seen by the green glow from the glass bridge. Once inside turn left and pick up the spare parts. Using a Neuromod select Repair 1, then approach the Recycler at the end and repair it to work towards the 20 repairs achievement. Leave this area and then clear the glue by smashing it with your wrench, once this is clear interact with the door to travel to the Hardware Labs.

Hardware Labs

Walk down the corridor and you will come across two corrupted flying computers, you can try to sneak around but eventually they will spot you so just kill them one by one. As you enter this room you will find Hope Ellis' computer, underneath the desk is a bottle of Kings & Way Sparkling Wine and on the other side of the desk are two cans of Cold Mountain Green Tea. Read the 2 emails on the computer and then turn around to find Hope Ellis' corpse, she may have Big Bang Candy on her. Turn around and walk into the area where there are sofa's, you will find a drinks cabinet with 1 can of Kafe Karsk and a can of Cold Mountain Green Tea. You will see opposite is a locked room for Director Thorstein's office, this is not accessible yet.

Leave the sofa area and walk directly over to the other side of the room, opposite Hope Ellis' work station to find two more cans of Cold Mountain Green Tea and some random components to loot. Now continue back to the hallway and head towards security avoiding the barrier unless you want the alarm to go off. On your right you will find a small room that you have to sneak to get under a broken screen through some automatic doors, inside you will find a weapon upgrade kit and the plans for 9mm bullets. Also in a cabinet is a pistol. Access the computer and under the Utilities tab you can unlock the security locker, do this. Leave the room, turn left and then left again to access the locker and loot some stuff within.

Exit the locker and head forwards towards the Demonstration Theater, find a Neuromod in a glass display case on your right. Continue around (you will be jumped by a Mimic) until you enter the Theater and you will have to watch as a human is being attacked by a Phantom. After this look to the left to find several bottles of Kings & Way Sparkling Wine and cans of Duck Beer are on the shelf. Walk down the steps in the Theater to find the corpse of Sean Larsen, he will have the keycard to the Employee Entrance as well as a bottle of Old Sardar Bourbon. Look around the various chairs for possible food items.

Walk to the end of the seating area and drop down, turn right and access the maintenance shaft. Using your G.L.O.O gun stop the flames. Walk to the end to find the corpse of Randall Wood, loot him. Turn left and then use your G.L.O.O cannon to build blocks for you to jump up to access the next maintenance panel and enter the Atrium.

Inside this next area you will find a Phantom, kill it to freely search around. Be careful for the Junction Box that needs repairing as it can kill you with the electrical arcs. On the floor opposite the maintenance hatch is the corpse of Conrad Birchman, loot him. To the right of this corpse is the doorway to the security area, hit the override button to open up the area.

Near to the sparking Junction box is an open maintenance hatch, enter this to switch off the power. Now at this stage I had used my Neuromods to have Hacking 2, Leverage 1, Repair 2 and Suit Modification 1. This allowed me to repair the Junction Box and then switch on the power again. Go to the far side of the room to find the entrance for the Ballistics Lab and Chemical Lab. Use the G.L.O.O gun to stop the pipe from flaming and then find Aime Schmidt's corpse on the floor, loot her to find the Ballistics Lab keycard.

Enter the Ballistics Lab and save it as we are going to get an achievement. Walk straight forward towards the glass containment area for the two mimics, walk to the right of this and stop half way along it. Turn around, and stand level with the Petersons cardboard box. Look in front of you and to the left and you should see a white cannister on the floor, throw a fully charged Recycler charge at the cannister and this should suck up 20 items unlocking:

A video for those who prefer a visual explanation:

Reload your save and turn left and loot all of the components. Pick up the grate on the far left to find some material and a note with the safe access code: 2844. Now turn around and go to the opposite side to find the safe either use the code or hack it. You will also some more components and useful materials on this side of the room. Behind the safe is the Ballistics Lab computer, access the two emails. Walk to the back of the room behind the glass containment area and before climbing the steps, crawl underneath the raised platform to find some useful material. Now head up onto the raised platform to access the computer, select set off the grenade then open the chamber to collect more useful materials.

Now return to the Atrium and head to the opposite side of the room, towards the waypoint to try to access Dr Calvino's office. You will be told to access a workstation to find him, in the area are a number of components to loot and in the far corner you can move a crate to locate a maintenance access panel. Inside is a spare part and the access to the Machine Shop if you didn't repair the Junction Box.

Turn around and access the Demonstration Stage (this is adjacent to Dr Calvino's Workshop). Once inside take the two cans of Cold Mountain Green Tea found on a cardboard box. Walk down the 1st flight of stairs and up the make shift glue ramp. At the top of the ramp you will find the corpse of Thaddeus York, loot him to find his Transcribe log. Behind the corpse is a maintenance access panel and inside are a few bits and pieces to loot.

Return down the ramp and down the other stairs leading beneath the staging area. Below the staging area is another Phantom to deal with, kill it how you see fit. In the area there is a Recycler and a number of components and useful material as well as a room in between the stairs and the Recycler which has a chipset within. Access the Recycler and then move up the stairs and back into the Atrium.

Head to the Security Office to access the workstation to locate Dr Calvino, select the Hardware Labs tab, then go onto the second page of the crew and click on her name. This will show that she is located on level 2, above the Atrium. To access this, enter the Atrium and into the Grav Shift room (located on the left after you enter via the Security door) which will lift you to the 2nd floor.

As you go up to the 2nd floor you will see a Mimic run to the left and there is also a Phantom, dispose of both. Once they are cleared you will find the corpse of Miyu Okabe, loot her to find a Transcribe. Turn right and you will find the Med Bay. Inside is a Medkit and the Medkit plan both found on the trolley. If you are injured use the Operator Dispenser and interact with the Medical Operator to be healed. In the corner is a Maintenance access panel, inside are 2 Mimics and a few components. This leads to the upper level of the Machine Shop. Return to the 2nd level of the Atrium, exit the Med Bay and stick to the left side. Half way along is a large statue, to the right of this statue on the back wall is a fire bell to hit 3 times to find Dead Drop 3, inside is 1 Neuromod. Now turn around and go past Miyu's corpse and enter the conference room. There is a Mimic waiting for you, kill it. Feel free to repair the turret to work towards the achievement.

Turn immediately left after entering the room and behind the white board is a glue sculpture, smash it to find Jellied Eels and a Sunburst Banana as well as other bits of junk. Go back into the main room and on the left side on the desk is a clipboard with the password for the computer, hack this computer or use the password. Now read the 3 emails, this will give you the access code to the Machine Shop Supply Closet (9862). On the main desk in the room is a bag of Big Bang Candy. Follow the desk to the end and walk forward, past some boxes and a chair to find the corpse of Titus Kromwell. Turn right and look for the doorway with glue partially covering it, smash your way through. Immediately to the left is a drink display with Cold Mountain Green Tea and Kafe Karsk. On the table next to this is a box of Siskak Unagi Rollz. On the floor is Nickie Tannar's corpse, a Weapon Upgrade Kit and a G.L.O.O gun, loot them and the corpse. Look in the kitchen cabinets to see if there are any additional food items, I found Spiralite Cookes, Sunburst Banana, Captain Spree's Fish Sticks, Jamon Tomato, Kings & Way Sparkling Wine, Big Bang Candy, Veggie Blend, Glucassist and a Methuselah Apple.

Return to the conference room and turn left, on the other side of the room is another workstation with Thaddeus York's computer and some useful material. Read the 3 emails to receive the keycode to Director Thorstein's office (0459). Turn around and either use the code or hack it if you have the skill level. Go through the doorway and then into the next door on the right. Inside you will come across another Phantom and a Mimic, kill them and loot the Phantom to find Jorgen Thorstein's Cabin keycard. In the opposite side to where the Phantom was is Jorgen Thorstein's computer, access it to read the 2 emails. Turn right and find a briefcase on the floor, this contains 2 Neuromods, there is also a Medkit on the wall directly behind the briefcase.

Look for the safe against the wall, the access code is 9954 and this contains the Anti-Rad Pharma plan as well as other useful items. Return back to the 2nd level of the Atrium and turn right. Walk until you find a pile of Cargo, jump over this to grab some spare parts. Jump back onto the walkway and follow the waypoint (for Lorenzo Calvino) to access the Beams and Waves Lab / Combustion Lab. Upon entering here, you will be informed that you have to upgrade your suit, go back down to level 1 and it's time to access the Machine Shop.

Inside the Machine Shop are 3 corrupted computers, I personally picked up the turret from the conference room that I repaired and hacked it to level 2 then used this to help me, but you could also use and EMP to help out. Once you clear the enemies, go to the right and find Clive Lawrence's computer with 3 emails. Go to the area opposite to find a computer which will move a conveyor belt with cargo, enable this and eventually it will crash and drop in the middle of the room. 2 Mimic's will appear either kill them or if you have your turret/s set up they will dispose of them.

Now go to wear the cargo dropped down to find Peter Coleman's corpse, this has a Neuromod and spare parts, loot him. Search around the area and loot all of the red toolboxes as these contain useful items such as spare parts, there are also numerous components spread around. Stick to the left side of the room and past a cordoned off area, don't enter this as it has radiation that will kill you. Walk straight past it and approach the Machine Shop Supply Closet. Either enter the code 9862 or hack it. Once inside a Mimic will appear, kill it and then loot the Neuromods, spare parts and weapon upgrade kit as well as other useful components.

Leave the room and cross over to where the waypoint for Dr. Lorenzo Calvino is. Turn 90 degrees left to see some cargo stacked up, climb up this and then jump over to the far platform. On this platform there is a Recycler, a Fabricator and two computers (Mary Malinaro and Franklin Goode) both with two emails on each and one of the computers (Mary Malinaro) has two fabrication plans to transfer. Next to Franklin Goode's computer is the Artax Propulsion System Fabrication Plan, pick it up. Approach the Fabricator and click on Start, highlight the Artax Propulsion System. You will see 16 boxes on the bottom part of the machine, interact with this to place the material required and click Create.

Once you pick up your new creation, you need to glide to the platform. I used the upturned trolley adjacent to Franklin Goode's computer then ran and glided by holding cn_A. It may take a couple of tries but eventually you will land and find the corpse of Franklin Goode, loot him and the bits around you. Return back to where the Recycler was and be sure to get rid of any junk on you to clear your inventory.

Jump down and if you want to loot everything in this room there is the radioactive area next to the Supply Closet, it has a red Toolbox to loot and the Wrench fabrication plan. If you get poisoned just nip back into the Atrium and up to the 2nd floor where the medical robot will heal you up.

Go to the waypoint and unlock the airlock and then interact with the green button to head out into the Exterior area of Talos I.

This area is fairly disorientating to navigate and combined with the fact there are enemies out here, this can be frustrating. Make a save because you can die a few times, after reading the instructions, head forward out of the structure and stop. Turn right and look for the green dot that says Human Corpse 99m, fly to this one. This 1st corpse is Karisma Chouhan, loot her. From her look around for the next green dot that says Human Corpse 117m, fly down to this one (it is inside the structure). This corpse is Jose Costa, loot him.

Look up to find the next green dot saying Human Corpse, 125m, fly forward and up the side of Talos I, as you get in line with the green dot, look for an open Maintenance shaft to fly into. This corpse is Marianna Arias, she has a Transcribe on her as well as the Q-Beam weapon next to her. After looting her look down and find the next green dot for Human Corpse that is 152m away. This corpse is Mike Devlin, loot him as he may have Russian Blinis on him.

There are more corpses floating about outside but we will revisit them later. Now find the waypoint leading to Dr. Lorenzo Calvino (approximately 300m away) and fly there. Once inside the room, do not go straight for Dr. Calvino, instead loot all of the spare parts and numerous other bits floating around that are easily spotted by them flashing. Repair the broken Breach Failsafe, this will start the side mission, Breach Access and then fly across to his body to find a Transcribe and keycard next to him, loot them. There is a safe in the bottom corner underneath the Dr's corpse, but you need hacking level 3 to access it. Now head back inside via the Hardware Labs airlock.

Head into the Atrium and you will find a Phantom has spawned, kill it. Head up to level 2 and follow the waypoint to the Beams and Waves Lab. Upon entering it you will find Josh Dalton's computer with two emails on the left hand side of the room. On the opposite side of the room is a computer to control the Q-Beam, shoot it to destroy the Phantom, then press unlock to access this room. Enter the Q-Beam room and loot the ammo and weapon, leave this room and cross over to the opposite side where you will find Lane Carpenter's computer, access this for 2 more emails. Reading these emails will start a side mission, The Blackbox Project (he is located in an area called G.U.T.S). There are Q-Beam ammo next to the computer, loot these.

Leave this room and you may find another Phantom to deal with, kill it and move down to level 1 and into Dr Calvino's Workshop, turn right and there is an area with lots of crates that can moved, inside this is a Medkit if you want to move the crates to access it. Now head down the steps and at the bottom turn right and walk to the red Toolbox. On top of this is Dr Calvino's Tumbler, pick it up. Now turn around, walk past the waypoint and to the desk with the microscope on it. Next to the microscope is a set of scales, the tumbler will be placed on this unlocking a secret cupboard with 2 Neuromods and Lorenzo Calvino's Cabin keycard, but more importantly:

Above where the tumbler is now sat is Dr Calvino's computer, access this by walking up the small set of steps and read 3 emails. Walk around the area to find a few components and then when you are ready go to the waypoint, follow the power cable out to the left and to a generator. Look for the monitor and interact with the screen to switch the power on. Walk to the waypoint and press onto the Network Utilities tab, select the 1st option of the utilities and you will repair the connection. January will contact you to tell you to return to your office, this is exactly what you need to do.

Follow the waypoint back to your office and be careful for possible spawns of Phantoms etc. Back in your office be sure to use the Recycler and Fabricator if required and then resume watching the video.

Speak with January

January will appear and as he does you will unlock:

Save the game and kill January to unlock:

Reload your save and now speak to January, he will drop a general keycard on your desk, pick it up. January will also drop a Neuromod for you, collect this as well. It's time to make your way to the Psychotronics lab.


Leave your office and head down the stairs, go across the lobby and before going to the lift head to the restrooms which is found adjacent to the stairway leading to IT Security (look your map if you are struggling to locate it). You will see that the female toilets is now covered by glue, smash your way through to find Martin Giroud's corpse, loot anything on him. Now continue to the waypoint, use your new keycard to access the previously locked room.

Once in this room walk forward and on the long desk is Elias Black's computer, read his email. Adjacent to the computer against the far wall is a safe, if you have Hacking 2 you can access this and it is worth accessing for a weapon upgrade kit and 4 Neuromods. To the left of the safe is another locked door access this to enter the Psycotronics Foyer.

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