Prey (Win 10) Walkthrough

8. 1st Playthrough, Volunteer Testing area

Side Mission - Who is December

As you walk forward you will receive contact from December, this will lead to a side mission Who is December. The room to the right has a broken Junction Box and a broken Recycler. There is one spare part found in the room so it's your decision if you wish to repair them, if you want to shoot the G.L.O.O gun at the sparking wire and quickly run in to repair it.

So before we progress on with the main mission, we will want to return to the Neuromod Lab and let's get this side mission out of the way, plus find a few extra bits and pieces while we are at it. Upon entering the Neuromod Lab, enter the small security room (near where you originally found the G.L.O.O gun) where it had a locked terminal previously. Now if you have Hacking 2 you can access this Security Station. Read the 1 email, download the area map and unlock the Skill Recorder room. Now turn right out of the room and look for the cabinets that have fallen over and are conveniently leaning upwards, climb this to find the corpse of Natasha Nikova, loot her. Drop down and head back towards the doorway leading to the Talos Lobby, but instead go up the steps and take a right to enter the Skill Recording Room. Inside this room you will find a piano and on the floor next to this is the corpse of Helen Croft, she has Siskak Unagi Rollz on her, loot them. On the large computer desk there are 2 Typhon Lures and underneath this is the corpse of Hadley Dalton. On the desk behind the Typhon Lures is Junior Bookman's computer, you require Hacking 2 to access it. If you unlock this you will have 1 email to read.

Now leave this room and turn left down the steps, go past the small security room you just hacked the terminal and you will see at the end of the room a control panel that needs fixing, repair it to get the grav lifts working. Now turn left and head into the Skill Recorder Analysis room. On the various tables inside this room find some spare parts, components and a bag of Big Bang Candy. Walk around the corner and past the stairs to find the corpse of Joshua Canstry, he has a Neuromod on him.

Go up the stairs to access the Volunteer Testing area, be prepared for Phantoms and Mimics. In front of you are to connected rooms, Testing Room A + B. There isn't any of significance in these rooms but there is a Mimic and electric Phantom (which is hard to kill). So you can choose if you wish to kill them, if you do I recommend go into Room A and then using EMP charges to nullify the electric on the Phantom. If your choice is to ignore this room, sneak around to the right and you will come to a doorway leading into the Neuromod Installation and Extraction room, enter it.

After entering the room you will likely meet a Mimic, kill it. In the far left corner is a doorway leading to the previous Testing Room's. On the right are steps leading down, walk down these and on the desk are 2 Neuromods, also search the cupboards and lockers that around found on the walls to find other useful items, such as spare parts, EMP charges and Sunburst Banana's. Enter the doorway leading to the Medical Bay, on the trolley is a Medkit and to the left of the bed is the Anti-Rad Pharma Fabrication Plan. Search the shelves opposite the trolley to find more Medkits. Now leave this room and go through to the doorway leading into Test Room A, enter this and sneak across back into the starting corridor (If you wanted, on the desk in this room is a PSI Hypo and a can of Kafe Karsk). Turn right and use the manual override.

As you walk into the balcony area there is a normal Phantom, take it out. You will also find several Mimic's scattered about. Turn right from the doorway and slumped against the far wall is corpse V-010255-01 next to him on the floor is a Disruptor Stun Gun and on him is a Sunburst Banana and Disruptor batteries. Walk forward to the doorway leading to the Volunteer Quarters, either enter the code 8148 or hack this if you have Hacking 2. This area is very dark so be sure to use your flashlight. The initial aim is to get the electric back on, turn right and walk down the steps, you will see on the table's and on the floor various food items, including Sunburst Banana Pudding, Shaker Lemon Pie and King's and Sparkling Wine loot them.

Walk up the small steps at the far end and to the left of this is corpse V-110655-16, on him are 3 x Methuselah Apple's. To the right of this corpse is a doorway leading to a kitchen area, inside are more food items such as Jelled Eels, Spiralite Cookies, Moonshade Lemon, Cold Mountain Green Tea, Kafe Karsk, Veggie Blend, Methuselah Apple, Russian Blinis, Jamon Tomato, Glucassist and Sunburst Banana. Be sure to look in the fridge and every cupboard. Once you are happy leave this room and turn left and then turn right towards the showers.

Inside the showers you will find 2 Mimic's and two corpses in the central area. One is the corpse of V-041255-09 (Who has Veggie Blend on him) and the other is John Haskins, he has bullets, a note and 3 spare parts. Behind and to the right of the corpse's are some integrated lockers, you will find Udon Noodles and Pomegranate Moonshine. Look for the open maintenance shaft at the end and crawl through, at the end is a control panel to switch the electric back on, interact with this.

Now leave the shaft and you will see the floor in the shower room sparking, sprint to the right and up the steps towards the sleeping area, be sure to loot the lockers on the wall to find ammo and various food items. Follow the room around and go through the now working door. You will have a new enemy to fight, the Poltergeist. These will lift you up with a gravitational pull and go invisible. This makes them hard to attack, use your G.L.O.O gun to freeze it then attack it with the wrench. Once you have killed this, go back to the desk near the entrance to the Volunteer Quarters and enter the doorway signed for Authorized Personnel Only.

Inside this room, turn right and find 3 Recycler charges on the desk, Spare Parts and a note. On the back wall is a Medkit, there is also Sunburst Banana Pudding and Old Sardar Bourbon on the desk. To the right of the monitor is the Disruptor Stun Gun Fabrication Plans and shotgun shells found just to the right of these under the desk. Access John Haskins computer for 1 email. Turn around and open up the Maintenance Hatch, enter the area and climb the generator to the right. Turn around and look up, that is your destination, use the G.L.O.O gun to make a bridge. Once over the other side walk around until you see an opening and this leads to Fabrication.

Inside this room are 3 Mimic's, kill them. To the left of the opening on the floor behind some boxes is the chipset - Battery Optimizer IMI7. On the floor you will find two corpses, one either side of the desk. The 1st is Divya Naaz the other is Rich Ivers, one has spare parts and the other a suit repair kit. Also on the floor are two turrets, these are very useful in this area as there are a few corrupted terminals waiting to get you. Next to the window is a desk with a cardboard box on it, smash this window and set up both turrets on the table, they will clear all of the enemies for you. Don't forget to hack these turrets if you have the ability to. There is also a large corrupted terminal here, I used the G.L.O.O gun to cause it to fall out of the sky. Turn right and drop down the opening, in here is a Recycler that can be repaired and a couple of Recycler Charges. If you have Leverage 2, on the floor adjacent to the doorway is a grate that can be lifted, down here is a Mimic, numerous components, Recycler charges and a Neuromod.

Leave the doorway opposite the Recycler and you will see on your right is a Grav lift if you want to go back up to the level you were just at. To the left is a turret you can repair if you wish and directly in front of you if you have Hacking 2, there is a Operator Dispenser that you can hack and access. On the metal walkway to the left of the Operator Dispenser is the corpse of Frederick Steele, loot him for bullets and the keycard for Halden Graves' office. Search the desks in the area for components and Spare Parts. Enter the doorway at the back of the room, this will allow access to the corridor area, in here you will find the corpse of Tina Snow, loot her body. Just along from the corpse is another turret, hack this if you have Hacking 2. By now you should have unlocked or close to unlocking:

Operator in Prey (Win 10)
Operator35 (15)
Hack at least (20) hackable objects on and around Talos I.
  • Unlocked by 219 tracked gamers (19% - TA Ratio = 2.32) 1,174

Continue along the corridor and into the Storage area, use the Recycler and then go up the Grav lift. Unlock the door in front of you, there is a Mimic in the office, kill it. Go into the room on the right to find the corpse of Halden Graves, loot him for a Suit Repair Kit, 3 EMP charges and a PSI Hypo. Behind him is a bottle of Old Sardor Bourbon. Turn around and on a desk is a bottle of Kings & Way Sparkling Wine. On the desk in the middle of the room is a Transcribe and the Neuromod Fabrication Plan. Go into the other room, approach the desk and find 3 exotic material and then cancel the work in progress on the computer. Access the 2 emails and utilities to unlock all of the doors. Return to the area where the Recycler is, in the room behind this the doors will now be unlocked allowing you to loot a large amount of exotic material. Look at the map and you will see in the adjacent room there is a Fabricator. Feel free to use this, I manufactured 4 Neuromods and at this stage of the game my set up was Hacking 2, Leverage 2, Repair 2, Suit Modification 2, Dismantle and I had 10 Neuromods spare.

Leave this area by going out the main door adjacent to the corridor and turn right, on a small crash cart are some spare parts to pick up. Turn around and follow the balcony back to where you found the corpse leaning against the wall (the one with the Disruptor Stun Gun in front of him) next to this corpse is a box that requires Leverage 2 to move. Once it's out of the way access the Maintenance shaft. Climb up the generator on the right and then up on the pipe, make your way onto the higher platform. Walk along and to the left till you see some iron girders, carefully navigate along these and in the far left corner is the corpse of Junior Bookman, loot him. Now make your walk back down to the Balcony.

Follow the balcony around to the right untill you get to the Grav lift and go down. Turn right and then enter Research and Design. Inside this room again, go to Caleb Hawethrone's computer (found on the right work station as you enter) Hack this to access 2 emails and the fabrication plan for the Huntress Boltcaster. Follow the waypoint through the various rooms, you will come across Phantom's, Mimic's and corrupted operators on the way. Climb up the generator and read the note to find that Alex has already got there, hold cn_back to listen to the Transcribe and then loot the contents of the briefcase.

Make your way back to the lobby and you will see December, unfortunately January destroys him. Loot his body for a Neuromod and a note with the code 2532 for Alex's safe. From December's smouldering body, head up the steps and turn left to the restrooms. If you have Leverage 2, move the crates blocking the entrance to the Gents toilets, kill the Mimic inside and find the corpse of Jiao-Long Heng, next to him is a Medkit and on him is Glucassist. Leave the restrooms and head towards the waypoint.

Now if you have Leverage 2 you can sneakily access Human Resources. Go down the stairs, across the lobby and up the other flight of stairs. On the 1st level turn right and jump on the sofa. Lift the bottom crate and this will topple the top one allowing you to duck and enter Human Resources. Inside on the far wall is a drinks cabinet, within is Cold Mountain Green Tea and Kafe Karsk. Turn right from the drinks cabinet and enter Thomas Tucker's office, inside is a Mimic. On the wall is a Medkit and on the desk is the Prowl S-6400 chipset. Access Thomas Tucker's computer for 3 emails, turn around and search the 5 filing cabinets for various bits of junk and food items such as Tamizdat Vodka, Methuselah Apple, Old Sardor Bourbon and a Sunburst Banana. There is also 2 Suit Repair Kit's. Leave the Human Resources room the way you entered it, and walk up the stairs to the top flight. Turn left and enter the Maintenance Access Only area, walk forward and find Spare Parts on the floor to the right. Go to the end to find a Mimic and more Spare Parts. Enter the next area to find an access area behind your office, if you smash the glass you can use this as a shortcut.

Head back down into the main lobby area, when you get to the doorway leading into the Psychotronics lobby turn around and walk forward past the two golden winged lion statues and on the floor is the corpse of Alice Aiken, loot her.

Now follow the waypoint back into Psychotronics. as you head down the stairs you will come across as Phantom. At the bottom of the stairs as you walk to the door you will find the corpse of Joel Weeks. Now interact with the door to travel to the Pyschotronics Lab.

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