Prey (Win 10) Walkthrough

9. 1st Playthrough, Psychotronic Labs


*******Use Slot 2 as a permanent save for the beginning of this area in case you make a mistake, use slot 3 as temporary save point (also utilise the auto save points to save you having to replay too much if you do make an error)*********


Now inside Psychotronics, walk forward until you have contact from Alex and January. Use your G.L.O.O gun on the sparking junction box and repair it. Loot the red tool box for some G.L.O.O ammo. Walk through the doors and drop down where you will find a Mimic and the corpse of Otto Lauda. Climb out and continue forward to the waypoint. Enter the security area and turn right before the metal detector, hack the door leading into the office. Upon entering, on the desk immediately in front of you are some components and Glucassist. To the right of this is a gun cabinet with a silenced pistol.

Now go to the desk with the Security Station on it, read the email, download the area map and unlock the security booth. Next to the terminal is some ammo and a Weapon Upgrade Kit. In the far corner are two turrets that you could hack after deploying them if you are still in need for the achievement. Now pick up both and set them up just past the metal detector pointing towards the changing rooms. Enter the female's and then lure the Phantom and Mimic out to leave the turrets do the hard work. Re-enter and walk to the left of the locker area to find The Starbender Cycle: Book 3: Spatial Delivery. Leave this room by following the natural path and turn right, this allows you to enter the gents area. Go towards the back where the cubicles are and pull the wrench out of the Mimic for a bit of gore. Turn around and look for the corpse of Alison Brady, she is next to a large hole in the ground, loot her. Drop down into the hole to find a Medkit immediately, continue down and as you approach the wall of G.L.O.O you will have 3 Mimic's attack you. Now enter the area they burst out from to find a frozen Mimic and the corpse of Janos Jozsef, he has 2 Neuromods, components, Mimic Detection Gen 1 Chipset and the Psychoscope. To use the Pyschoscope click cn_RS and use cn_up and cn_down to zoom in and out. Use this to scan live enemies to learn their abilities. (although we won't be using those abilities for a long time, do not obtain any Typhon abilities until I say as otherwise you will void an achievement).

Make sure to install the new Chipset. Return back up the hole you dropped down, there is a Mimic here, scan it, then kill it and continue to follow the waypoint up the Grav lift. You will receive contact from Alex, turn right and approach the large computers to find components and Spare Parts. Go to the opposite side of the room and smash the G.L.O.O barrier to be able to climb into the directors office. Once inside shoot the Junction Box with G.L.O.O and repair it to allow for safe navigation. Check Hans Kelstrup's computer for 4 emails and to watch 2 videos and be able to access the LG conference room. On the floor next to the terminal is the corpse of Hans Kelstrup, loot him for the Hans Keltrup's Cabin keycard and Director Kelstrup's Office keycard.

You will find a Fabricator inside this room, inside is a Mimic ensure you scan this and this will cause Alex to contact you with a code for the safe within this room (found to the left of the computer) the code is 3773. Loot the Neuromod Fabrication Plan and the 2 Neuromods, remember do not take any Typhon powers. Use the Fabricator and Recycler to make what you need, then access the door at the back of the room (between the Recycler and Fabricator) and head down the stairs. Behind the stairs are a few components to grab, then head into the room opposite the stairs. Immediately on the floor is a Recycler Charge and a Transcribe. Walk past the chair and to the left to find the fSlide infBS_99 Chipset. Look for the Maintenance hatch and within this area are a number of components to loot. Head back to where the chair is and look for the green dot on the screen, interact with this several times. Once you get your result of doing this be prepared for a Phantom. Use the Pyschoscope to scan it and then kill it.

Return to the area where Alex told you to scan the Typhon to progress, walk onto the middle platform and approach each pod, interact with them to lift a containment shield allowing you to safely scan them within. Once you have scanned all 4 of the Typhon through the doorway where the waypoint is directing you. Inside the next are to your left is Lab A and to your right is Lab B, head to Lab B.

Walk up the stairs, on the crash cart in front of you is some G.L.O.O ammo. Enter Lab B on your left, inside are 3 Mimic's try to scan them and then kill them. Be careful as a Phantom might turn up as well, inside this room are numerous notes, don't bother picking any up. There are Spare Parts found near the entrance you originally walked in. To the left of the original entrance is the Behavioural Biometrics room, enter this. Access Rory Manion's computer for 3 emails and the utility to set off a Nullwave, do this and then scan the Greater Mimic. Walk to the end, turn left and enter the room with the golden glowing strands, get to the end and loot the bits and pieces. Exit this room and loot the stuff on the Crash Cart, then press the button next to it and wait for the Mimic to appear, scan it and that should be the maximum amount of scans required for them.

Turn right and loot the shelves, look on the desks for various components, a Typhon Lure and in the corner 2 Neuromods. Next to the G.L.O.O blockade is a Medkit, now smash the blockade down. As you leave there are 2 Mimics and likely another Phantom. To the left is the corpse of Rory Manion, loot him for ammo and a Transcribe. Walk forward and enter Helen Barker-Combs office, there is a Mimic within. Access Helen Barker-Comb's computer for 3 emails, on the desk is some ammo and left of this is a set of Shelves with stuff for you to loot.

Leave the room and turn left as you walk alongside a window with bars, look inside for a Transcribe to pick up. Keep walking forward and turn left, follow the pathway around until you see an airlock on your left, access the panel to unlock this. Now continue along the pathway, ignore the turning to Lab A for the moment and keep going till you see the door for Containment. Turn left at this and then enter the doorway on the right, be careful as there is a Phantom inside. Use the Operator Dispenser if you require healing. On the Crash Cart is some ammo and within the Shelves opposite are some components and an Anti-Rad Fabrication Plan. Time to save as you can attempt to get an achievement in the next rooms. This may take a few attempts to get it hence the save being required.

After saving walk into the room opposite, it should be empty or have 1 Mimic, however sometimes there are 5 Mimic's in here, if there are use a Typhon Lure and once they are all bunched up through a Recycler Charge to kill all 5 quickly. The other method is to walk through this room and around the corner is Lab A, you will see a window covered with G.L.O.O. Approach the left of this and hug the wall, smack the G.L.O.O and throw a Typhon Lure in followed by a Recycler Charge to unlock:

Mimic Massacre in Prey (Win 10)
Kill (5) Mimics in 5 seconds.
  • Unlocked by 107 tracked gamers (9% - TA Ratio = 3.31) 1,174

Here is a visual guide to assist:

Once you unlock it, make sure you reload as you would have potentially lost a corpse or two. Now entering the room there are two bottles to loot, Kings & Way Sparkling Wine and Old Sardar Bourbon these could be on the table or the floor due to the constant shaking of the station. Enter Lab A, look on the desks and in the shelves to find various components to loot. On the floor on the left side against the wall is Even Avery's corpse. Smash down the G.L.O.O. barrier and kill the Mimic's. Jump into the room and find a Transcribe on the floor next to the desk, on the seat is the corpse of Annalise Gallegos and next to her is a Neuromod and book. Hack Annalise Gallegos computer to access 2 emails. On the floor to the right is the corpse of Cory Richard, loot him for ammo and a Suit Repair Kit. In front of him is a pistol and on the table near him is some more ammo. You will likely have 2 Phantom's spawn, one in the room behind you and one in the hallway area. Return to the Containment door, now time to access 2 hard to reach corpse's. Have your back facing the Containment door walk to the water cooler, turn left and look for the metal tube with the number 9 on it. Use your G.L.O.O gun to make a platform and jump onto the top of this tube. Make another G.L.O.O platform on the floating platform and jump over. Walk forward and on the right side if the corpse of Sanjay Puri wait for a ceiling panel to fall down and 3 Mimic's should fall down as well. Kill them, then use a crate that fell down with the Mimic's to jump on and jump up into the area the Mimic's came from. Up here is the corpse of Andrea Hudson.

For those wanting a visual guide to finding those two corpses:

Now jump down and head out of the Airlock, after January speaks to you, you will receive a Transcribe. Press cn_back to listen to this to activate a Side Mission called Whistleblower. If you have enough Neuromods (which you should have) get Leverage 3 and Hacking 3. Now looking for the green dot that says Hull Breach - Hardware Labs. Enter this and on the bottom level is a safe and inside are 2 Neuromods and a Nullwave Transmitter. Now enter the airlock for Hardware Labs. Now inside, walk down the steps and turn right. Move the crates blocking the entrance to the caged area and hack the corrupted terminal on the floor. Scan the corrupted terminal and now expect a Etheric Phantom to appear, crouch and scan it. The corrupted terminal will start attacking it, help it out to destroy this quickly.

Inside the caged area next to where you hacked the corrupted terminal is the Weapon Upgrade Fabrication Plan, on the floor is a shell of a terminal, on the back shelf there is a Medkit. Opposite this is a shelf containing Spare Parts. In the far corner is a chair, surrounding this is PSI Hypo kits, a Neuromod, 2 Typhon Lures and The Starbender Cycle: Book 2: My Enemy's Enemy's Enemy. Leave the caged area and if required use the Recycler and Fabricator above you. Now return through the airlock, look for the big blue Transtar advertising sign that is orbiting Talos I. Fly up this and find the corpse of Emmanuel Mendez at the far end of the sign tangled up, he has some nice things on him to loot. Now head to the waypoint and through the Psychotronics airlock.

Once you back inside the station, turn left and head forward through the Containment door and drop down. Walk around and when you have the steps on your left go up them, Alex will speak to you. Look into the containment area in front of you and scan the Weaver. Now turn around and take a right, use your G.L.O.O gun to put out the flames and expect a few Mimic's to attack you. Follow the pathway around and smash your way into Material Extraction. You will have a volunteer shout at you, scan him. Before walking over to him, head left to find the corpse of Kristine Lloyd, on her is a Transcribe and other useful bits. Listening to the Transcribe unlocks the side mission, Million Dollar Caulk Gun.

Approach the volunteer and you will have the option to release him or have him extracted. This starts the side mission, The Psychotronics Prisoner. Choose to release Aaron Ingrim and he will pass you the code to the Armory, 8714. Now access the Armory using the code or hack it. Inside is a G.L.O.O gun on the floor, the corpse of Demian Linn, a Neuromod is next to the corpse. On the shelf behind the corpse is a Shotgun, Weapon Upgrade Kit, Shotgun Shells Fabrication Plan and Silenced Pistol Fabrication Plan. Enter the caged area opposite to find guns, a turret and two lockers to loot. Grab the turret and take it with you.

Return back to where you scanned the Weaver and head into the other doorway leading to the Live Exam Morgue. As you enter the corridor, loot the red toolbox for G.L.O.O ammo. Follow the corridor around and when you enter the next room, listen to January. Walk to the far corner to loot some G.L.O.O ammo and a SpeedScan 001Si Chipset. Set up the turret so it has a good view of the right side of the testing room. On the floor in front of the testing chamber is the corpse of Ruby Stone, she has Jellied Eels, junk and the Hypo PSI Fabrication Plan on her. Now complete the procedure by approaching the computer, selecting on Live Exam Controls and click on Open Containment Shield, scan the enemy that comes out to find your up against a Voltaic Phantom. Use either a Nullwave Transmitter or EMP to assist with killing it.

Turn right and head down the Grav lift into the Morgue, here there are 3 Mimic's to deal with. Turn left and walk around till you find Demian Linn's computer, read the 2 emails. Follow the room around until you see the door for the Autopsy room, enter it. On the left of the entrance on the floor is the corpse of Mitsuko Tokaji, loot her. So we have the side mission, The Corpse Vanishes to deal with down here. So you can see there is a locked room, we have two options here. You can smash the window and use a Huntress Boltcaster to hit the manual override button next to the door, or as you read on the email there is a service operator that cleans and accesses the Morgue on an hourly schedule. Prey utilises real time, press cn_back to see the in game time on the bottom right. So you will either have to wait patiently for it to turn up or get yourself a Boltcaster. (If you have missed the hour move on and then come back to this) There is a reported bug that the Operator can glitch. If you need to craft a Boltcaster the nearest Fabricator is in the Directors Office.

Once inside the room you will find the corpses of V-091855-04, V-122255-07 (this one has Russian Blinis on it) Sylvain Bellamy (who is on a trolley directly in front of the entrance) who has Sylvain Bellamy's keycard on him. To the left is some ammo and junk, on a nearby Crash Cart are 2 Neuromods and the keycard to the Morgue. In the far freezers are corpses V-091755-03 (Udon Noodles are on this one) and V-103155-06 who has a Sunburst Banana to loot.

Head back upstairs and towards the waypoint. As you move along the corridor you will see a Mimic and Phantom explode as they try to walk through the Gravity Utility Tunnel System. Opposite this on a box are 2 Spare Parts.

Let's get the side mission Million Dollar Caulk Gun out of the way, return back through to the airlock via the Lab B stairway. Once outside follow the waypoint and you will see air leaking out of a gap, use the G.L.O.O gun to seal this. Head back into the airlock and then follow the waypoint to the Exotic Material Storage, inside will be a Phantom. To the left of the door are 10 blocks of Exotic Material, head right into the Material Storage to find shelves to loot and material on a Crash Cart. Exit this room and turn right down the stairs. On the left is Subject Holding A, enter to find a Mimic within. On the floor is RanDom Dim Sum and a Methuselah Apple. Leave this room and go across to Subject Holding B, on the floor is a Moonshade Lemon and a Methuselah Apple.

Leave this area and follow the waypoint, after passing through the tunnel you will receive contact from January. In this area before the door to the G.U.T.S are two turrets, hack them if you haven't unlocked that achievement. Interact with the door to move on.

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