Prey Walkthrough

15. 1st Playthrough, Start of the Mop-Up

The Keys to the Kingdom

Unfortunately the time has come to do lots of backtracking and going through plenty of loading screens.

Time to complete a side mission, head back into the Power Plant via the Grav Lift. Go down the stairs until you come to where the stairs are now broken, jump across the gap. Go down the stairs again and jump the gap. When you are on the next landing, look to your left to see the marker for Jean Faure and it should read 87m, jump up to the broken ledge and then follow the walkway around until you get to a large sliding door, press the button to open it. Using the G.L.O.O gun you need to make a platform to navigate up the lift shaft. Then using the Boltcaster open the door by hitting the button. I have created a video for a visual guide:

With the door now opened, you want to jump across and sneak through the open hatch. Inside is a Phantom and a Mimic waiting for you, kill them both. Now move forward and follow the natural path. At the end you will find the corpse of Jean Faure, she has a component, Suit Repair Kit and a keycard on her. Next to her is the Cell Refurb 00q-x1 Chipset and a Neuromod. As you are facing the corpse, turn 90 degrees right to find 2 Supply Crates, these have a Neuromod, ammo, a component, a Suit Repair Kit and a Recycler Charge.

Go back to the Grav lift leading up to where Mihalia Ilyushin was, but do not go up it. Instead stand in front of the left side (the red side) of the Grav lift, switch your torch on and look up, there is a corpse up there. Using the G.L.O.O gun create several platforms to navigate your way up to the corpse of Ian Rolston, he has a component, Suit Repair Kit, Typhon Lure and ammo on him.

We are going to complete another side mission, unfortunately it does mean going back out into Talos I exterior and another load screen. Head up the Grav lift and turn right to exit the station via the airlock. Once outside follow the waypoint for Search the Blackbox Lab. As you fly across you should get communication from Mikhalia and she will tell you she is safely in your office, unlocking:

Brain Trust


Brain Trust
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You will now get another side mission - Mikhalia Ilyushin. Now enter the airlock and once inside go forward and turn left. You will likely find the electric has been turned off, so you will need to go into the maintenance shaft and switch it back on again. Head up the Grav lift and follow the waypoint, be careful as there will likely be enemies that have respawned, I had 2 Poltergeist, a number of Mimics and Greater Mimics, Cystoid Nests, a Weaver and a Thermal Phantom. Enter the Beams and Wave lab and diagonally left from the entrance is a room you couldn't previously enter, use the keycard to go into there now. Inside is Lane Carpenter as a Phantom, kill him. His body has the Q-Beam Fabrication Plan, components, PSI Hypo and Russian Blinis.

To the left of the entrance on a workbench are a number of Q-Beam Cells, just in front of this is a computer desk, on this are more Q-Beam Cells. Access The Blackbox Project computer to transfer 2 files across, this completes the side mission. To the right of the desk is a Supply Crate with a PSI Hypo and in the opposite corner is another Supply Crate with a Nullwave Transmitter. Leave this room and drop back down to the bottom level using the Grav lift. Turn right, go past the security barrier and go right into the Demonstration Theater. As you approach the seats turn left and approach the Cargo, climb up on this. Turn left 90 degrees so you are facing the planet orbit picture and use the G.L.O.O gun to make a platform and jump onto it. Now turn around and you will see above the seating the corpse of Gregory Kepner, jump across to get to him, he has a component and Neuromod on him.

Follow the waypoint to Talos I Lobby. After getting into the Lobby, go into your office and you will find Dr Igwe and Mikhalia Ilyushin. On your computer desk is some G.L.O.O ammo, a Skyking Pomegranate and Spiralite Cookies. Speak to Mikhalia and after she finishes talking about her father you will unlock the side mission - Mikhalia's Father. This mission leads to an achievement, video below if you wish to get an insight:

Leave the office and go down stairs, enter the Trauma Centre. Turn right and follow the path around until you come across the locked door on your left for Secure Pharmaceutical, open it and enter. Inside on the floor to the left is the corpse of Beth Ino, she has a Suit Repair Kit on her. Behind her on the Shelves are 2 components. On the Shelves to the left are 3 PSI Hypo's. Turn right and on the counter is a Neuromod, component and the Anti-Rad Pharma Fabrication Plan. Up to the left in 2 Laboratory Cabinets is a component and a Medkit. On the back wall on Shelves are 2 components and 2 PSI Hypo's.

Leave the Trauma Centre and go down to the ground floor, head for the main lift and go down to Life Support. Go forward and down the steps you will likely have numerous Typhon to kill, turn right and enter Atmosphere Control. Go forward through the main doors and go left up the stairs. Follow the natural path around to the right until you can enter the Air Filtration Control Room on the right. Once inside turn left and on the opposite side is a locked door, access this using the keycard you collected earlier. Entering will complete the side mission and in the far right corner there is a locker with 2 components and a Neuromod inside.

Head out of the Atmosphere control and once through the Decontamination chamber, look diagonally right and you want to go up those steps and down the Grav lift. As you exit the Grav lift, look up and right, you will see 3 ventilation pipes, on the highest one is a corpse. Now using your G.L.O.O gun make platforms to be able to reach this pipe (it can be very frustrating to get to this one) and you will find the corpse of Max Weigel-Goetz he has a component and the Air Mixture Regulator Fabrication Plan on him, next to him is a wrench.

Drop down and head back into the Power Plant area. Once inside go past the security office and into the next room. Turn left and enter the Power Plant Monitoring room. In here you will see that the majority of the room is electrified, approach the Emmanuel Mendez's computer in the centre, while looking at it turn 90 degrees right. Walk forward till you hit the barrier and immediately on the other side is the corpse of Miguel Lopez, loot him for 2 Suit Repair Kits.

Now jump up on the computer desk and look down, you will see an upturned computer server and G.L.O.O, jump to this. Look directly in front of you and you will see a small balcony area and a corpse sat on a chair, this is our destination. Using the G.L.O.O gun make a path across to this so it is safe to navigate. As you get across you will be ambushed by Cystoids, a Cystoid Nest and a Poltergeist.

Once all of the enemies are killed you will find the corpse of Duncan Krassikoff, he has a component, Suit Repair Kit, Transcribe, the Typhon Lure Fabrication Plan, an EMP charge, a Neuromod and the SuperThermal Amp +6qw5 Chipset. Now if you have listened to all of the Transcribes press cn_back, go to Data and Audio Logs and if any have an exclamation mark next to them you have to read them, by this point I had listened to 65 and unlocked:


Find and listen to all TranScribe recordings.

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On the floor is a pistol, G.L.O.O gun and the Q-Beam Fabrication Plan. If you are facing the corpse to the right is Matthew Connolly's computer which has 4 emails to read.

Drop down and then back up the Grav lift, head to the main lift and up to the Arboretum. When you get into the Lobby of the Arboretum, Alex will contact you, ignore him for now. Head out of the lobby, be careful for various Typhon and turn left. As you walk forward Dr Igwe will contact you, this starts the side mission Gustav Leitner. This leads to an achievement, video below if you wish to get an insight:

Head straight down to the Crew Quarters. Once through get to Dr Igwe's office by following the waypoint called Leitner Connectome and once inside start playing the music again by pressing cn_back got to Data, Audio Logs and play Leitner Music Sample. When the music ends the picture slides across and a safe will appear behind it. Inside are 3 PSI Hypo's, the Kinetic Amp +6qw5 Chipset, a Neuromod and Gustav Leitner's Connectome. Eventually we will return and hand this to Dr Igwe but for now lets continue finding the remaining crew.

Leave Dr Igwe's office and turn left, when you leave Crew Quarters A, turn right and head forward into the Cafeteria and make your way into the freezer where you were previously trapped. Once in the freezer enter the 1st room opposite the door and on the left of the entrance is a bloodied box containing Will Mitchell's tracking bracelet, pick it up. Leave the room and turn right and on the right opposite a Serving Cart is a door to open, enter and inside opposite the door is a Shelf containing a Q-Beam, 4 cans of Jellied Eels, 3 Neuromods. Adjacent to this is another Shelf containing 3 boxes of Siskak Unagi Rollz and the Wrench Critical++ Chipset. On the floor left of the entrance are 2 corpses, Chloe Burgess and Kevin Sabian both have 1 component on them to loot.

Leave the Cafeteria and go into the Grav lift up to the Executive Suites. Follow the corridor around and enter the last room on the right to find Nicole Hague as a Phantom, kill her (you may have to track her on the Security Station at the nearby Concierge desk to get her to spawn). She has a Wedding Ring, a Neuromod, components, Spare Parts and an EMP charge. Now leave the Crew Quarters and return to the Arboretum, our next target is Deep Storage to complete the side mission - Mikhaila's Father.

Inside Deep Storage, follow the waypoint titled "Terminal" by going forward through the door and take a right into the Data Vaults. Go up the stairs and forward across to the Confidential Records room. When you enter it turn right and access the Volunteer Database hover over the Volunteer ID and it will autofill. Select to transfer the audio file and it will send it across to your computer, we will return to Mikhalia Ilyushin later, for now return to the Arboretum and unfortunately back into the G.U.T.S. Get there by going past the lobby leading to the main lift, follow the path forward and around to the left. Go down the stairs, use the Recycler and Fabricator if you need to and then enter the G.U.T.S.

Walk forward into the Zero-G area, ascend upwards facing the sign post for the Maintenance tunnel, Psychotronics etc. once you are sufficiently high enough to be able to float left or right, turn 90 degrees left and float towards the conveyor belts. Turn yourself so you have the conveyor belts on your left, now follow them all the way to the end. At the end look up and right to see the corpse of Edward Douglas, he has a component and a Suit Repair Kit on him. (The video shows the conveyor belt on my right but just follow it all the way to the end and you can't go wrong)

If you are facing the corpse with the head point downwards and him looking at you, turn around and you will see an operator dispenser, opposite this is the Cargo Processing computer with 1 email and under the utilities tab click Activate G.U.T.S Processing and this will start a side mission - Trouble Processing. Look for the waypoint leading you into the nearby Cargo Bay, float across and head in.

Now make your way through the maintenance hatch and when in the large open space look for the opening to exit Zero-G. Once out run around the walkway and find the computer on the wall to Activate Cargo Bay Processing, this computer also has 1 email to read. While facing the computer, turn left and follow the path around. You will likely come across a Nightmare, if you do he will have likely killed a lot of the humans who were in this area. Be sure to look around the Cargo Bay and surrounding areas to see if any of the previous surviving humans are now corpses. I found Austin Cool dead in the Supply Pod cargo loading area, he has a Transcribe on him, a keycard, ammo and a gun. In the area where you placed the turrets for the achievement, opposite the Grav lift in this area I found the corpses of Sam Hertz and Darcy Maddox. They have ammo, 2 pistols and a Suit Repair Kit on them. Beside the red side of the Grav lift I found the corpse of Alfred Rose he has ammo and a pistol on him.

In the Fuel Storage Bay (the area where there are 3 blue flames spewing out) there is another corpse to find. Look at your map to find the Cargo Power Control Room, enter this and then go through to the Fuel Storage Bay. As you go in on your right there are shelves, on the 2nd shelf up on the right the corpse is there. On the left just before the flames is a generator, jump on this and then onto the shelf behind it. Jump over to the side the corpse is on, then use your G.L.O.O gun to make a platform, jump on this, turn around and jump up to find the corpse of Gerald Wildman. He has a component on him, some ammo, a wrench and the EMP Charge Fabrication Plan.

Drop down and head to where Sarah Elazar is holed up, in this room is a Security Station. Use this to find crew member Kimberley Bomo her tracking is found under the Hardware Labs tab, interact with it. Now head back down the Grav lift, through Cargo Bay B and back into the Zero-G area and into the G.U.T.S. Once you have loaded in, you will see the waypoint titled "Open cargo door" head for this by floating through the doors and towards the Cargo Processing computer, interact with the utilities tab and click Open Cargo Door. In front of you, you will see the cargo door open, float over to it. Inside are 3 Supply Pods, 1 Supply Pod requires Hacking 2 to open it, in this are 2 Supply Chests which contain components, a Medkit, Suit Repair Kit and a PSI Hypo. To the right of the locked Supply Pod is an open one, this also has 2 Supply Chests and both contain ammo. Beneath this one and to the left is another open Supply Pod and inside is a Supply Crate with a Nullwave Transmitter.

Float out of the cargo door and with the Cargo Bay entrance on our left, the conveyor belt on our right and on the ground the word "subsection 4" use the waypoint in the distance saying Multiple Objectives 500+m as a guide and float forward 50m to the Shuttle Bay and Fuel Storage area, enter it.

G.U.T.S direction

On the left side is a cage area, to the left and right of the door are 2 red Toolboxes, between them they contain a Recycler Charge, Spare Parts, a component and a Suit Repair Kit. On top of the right Toolbox is a Weapon Upgrade Kit.

Exit the cage area and turn left into Fuel Storage, follow the walkway until you come to the broken path and drop down (be careful there is a Thermal Phantom and 3 Mimic's down here). Using the broken Grav lift as a point of reference. If you are facing the Grav lift turn around and to your left is a broken junction box, repair this. Below the junction box is the corpse of Brittany LaValley she has a component, Crispy Frites and a keycard on her. To the left of her corpse is a red Toolbox with a component and G.L.O.O ammo within. Diagonally left (if you are looking at the corpse) behind the junction box is a Fabricator that needs repairing, on the floor next to the area where you insert the material on the Fabricator is the G.L.O.O Cannon Fabrication Plan. Diagonally right (if you are looking at the corpse) in the corner are 2 Recycler charges and with you back facing the corpse you will see a Recycler that needs repairing off to your left.

Approach the Grav lift and diagonally to the left on the wall is a Medkit. Left of the "Do not enter" Grav lift is a monitor and this allows you to switch on the electric. With the electric back on, use the Fabricator and Recycler if you need to. Now from the Recycler you should see the Fuel Storage room to the left of it, use the keycard to enter. Inside on the shelf immediately in front of you are 3 Neuromods, 2 Nullwave Transmitters and a component. Leave this room and go up the Grav lift. Approach the door in front of you and unlock the access to the Shuttle Bay, but don't go in there yet. Turn around and leave this area, going back into the G.U.T.S.

Our next aim is to find Kimberley Bomo and as we have her tracking it should be fairly simple, ascend upwards and find the conveyor belt, now follow it along away from the Cargo Bay. You will pass through a chicane area (there are usually lots of Cystoids in here) and as you get to a straight area look either on the floor or the ceiling for the opening to the maintenance tunnel. Now follow her waypoint into the tunnels and to the corpse of Kimberley Bomo, she has a note and 2 PSI Hypo's on her.

Now keep heading forward through the tunnels because we are going to Psychotronics. Upon entering, go forward through the security check scan and turn left. Follow the corridor forward and around to the right, go through the Live Exam Morgue and across to the other side. Follow the corridor around to the right and when you are in the next room turn left. Continue forward through the Atrium and down the Grav lifts in front of you. As you get out of the Grav lift, look immediately down to find the corpse of Steven Mueller, he has 2 components and Glucassist on him. Now head towards the "Multiple Objectives" waypoint and enter Talos I lobby.

As you enter the main Lobby area after climbing the stairs you may have a Nightmare to deal with, either hide or kill it. Once it's killed or disappeared, go to your office and speak to Mikhalia 1st, it may take a few times but once she says "The download came through, are you ready". Access your computer and go to utilities, select HS_AudionLog1129-0913 and play it, this will unlock:



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Now after annoying her, approach Dr Igwe to complete his mission and unlock:

Gift to the World


Gift to the World
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Now leave the office and go to the Trauma Centre, approach the back of it and enter Quarantine. It is important now to make a save and do not save over this one as we will use this as our reload point to mop up the Typhon abilities achievements. Once the game is saved either use the keycode or hack the door using Hacking 2 and stun Trevor J.Young.

Once he is stunned feel free to use all of your Neuromods (except 13) on any human abilities you wish, remember do not get Typhon abilities. The reason why you should keep 13 is I will suggest another save point later that will help you get a fiddly achievement and if you spend them all now you will have to replay a bit of the game. If you get Combat Focus, (found in the Security tab of the Neuromods) select it from the favourites wheel by holding cn_Y and press cn_LT to activate it. Providing you kill the enemy (can't be a Cystoid) whilst under the influence of this you will unlock:

Dead Calm

Kill an enemy while using Combat Focus.

Dead Calm
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Now go to the main lift in the Lobby and head to the Arboretum, once loaded in you need to head up to Alex's office using the Grav lift opposite Deep Storage.

Before I Give you the Key

On the computer desk are 2 Neuromods, access the computer and watch the video (found under utilities tab and called LG Controls), turn around to watch it. After the video you will receive communication from Mikhalia and Alex. After Alex speaks to you, magically the Coral Detector 64Si Chipset will pop out of the desk to the right of the computer monitor, install the Chipset.

Head out of the office and down the Grav lift. Head forward and down the 2nd Grav lift leading to Deep Storage and then out the airlock into Talos I exterior. Follow the waypoint to the 1st Coral Node, it is a red colour and will give you a prompt to scan it, you will likely face a number of Weavers and corrupted Operators getting to this. Head to the 2nd Coral Node following the waypoint and once you have scanned both head back inside Talos I by following the Multiple Objectives waypoint.

Once inside, head up the 2 sets of Grav lifts back to Alex's office. On the desk in his office is a Typhon Lure, 3 Neuromods and the Anti-Rad Pharma Fabrication Plan. Access the utilities tab on the computer and interact with Coral Data Management, click upload. This will be interrupted and you will receive communication from Walther Dahl, now you will be ambushed by a number of Military Operators.

The Repo Man

Leave Alex's office and January will contact you, start a side mission - Ghosting Dahl. My advice here is that there are 2 options, the 1st is to G.L.O.O the Military Operators and then hack them using Hacking 4. This can be beneficial as they will then work for you and act as a distraction. Running is the 2nd option, only use ammo if you have to as sneaking doesn't tend to get you far with the Military Operators. Head down the Grav lifts and go into Deep Storage. As you enter Deep Storage you will receive contact from Dr Igwe he will give you another side mission - Incapacitating Dahl, this is an achievement linked mission. I have linked the video to give you an insight:

Go forward into the next room and take a right into the Data Vaults and up the stairs. At the top of the stairs go forward and turn right when you have Confidential Records in front of you, head over the walkway and enter Danielle Sho's office. Once inside look for the Personnel Tracking computer which is found on the right as you enter the room, enter 0913 to deactivate your tracking. If you need to, use the Recycler and Fabricator in the room.

You will receive contact from Luther Glass, he is asking for your help and this starts another side mission - Help Luther Glass. Leave the Deep Storage and head to the main lift so you can get to the Talos I Lobby. The 1st thing to do is speak to Dr Igwe in your office, he will ask you to stun Walther Dahl so that you can remove his Neuromods but use him as a method of piloting the shuttle.

Now head out of the office and down to the Trauma Centre, it's a trap. Utilise Nullwave Transmitters to help with this part as there are several Military Operators to destroy here. Once you have survived you will receive communication from Walther Dahl and you will complete the side mission - Help Luther Glass.

Leave the Trauma Centre and head down the stairs, follow the waypoint for the Command Shuttle to enter the Shuttle Bay.

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