2. Prey (Xbox 360) General hints and tips

This game is really easy, but nonetheless, there are some tips I can give:

After the first 3-4 chapters, you can't die. Of course you can lose all of your health and you are not invincible, but as soon as you die in the game, your soul will get transferred to the netherworld. Here, you have to shoot ghosts in some sort of a mini game to get health and spirit energy back. After some hits you will get sucked back into the world of the living at the place you died, or in case of a falling death, at the last known spawn point. This also goes for the cherokee difficulty, so it's really easy to clear the whole campaign out.

Take a close look at your surroundings. Sometimes you have to use the spirit form to pull switches, pass force fields, or simply collect items over spirit bridges. You also have to shoot gravity changers sometimes which are quite well hidden in the game, and as soon as you have a vehicle you can use, you sometimes have to use the transport beam to detach or use obstacles. Be on your guard, because some things are hidden quite well and take some time to find/figure out.

Enemies act most of the time dumb, so use that to your advantage. However, don't underestimate them, they take quite some punishment and your ammo is bound to run out if you play it like "spray and prey". Play smart, keep strong weapons for the stronger enemies (and yes, they will come) and it won't prove problematic. Also, if you run low on ammo, the spirit bow is also a quite powerful weapon, but only use it if you are sure to kill the enemy with 1-2 blows.

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