7. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Aslan's HowUpdate notes

Aslan’s How. 17 Chests. 50 keys

Reach Aslan's How: Stupid telemarines are spooking the horses. After the cutscene, kill the telemarines that attack you. Head around the corner to the right, and kill the telemarines down the hill. Before reaching the bottom of the hill, on the left, there is an alcove with an arrow icon. Shoot an arrow at it, watch the rock destroy the debris, and grab the chest for 3 keys (Chest 1 of 17). Run up, and take shelter under one of the wooden objects. In this section, when there is an arrow symbol flashing in the top centre of the screen, you will need to take cover under these wooden objects. An encounter with these arrows would be deadly. Once the arrows stop falling, run to the wooden door object to the right. In front of you, you should see a grapple icon that Peter can use. When clear, run straight for it, use the grappling hook, climb the rope, and open the chest for 2 keys (Chest 2 of 17). Quickly move up to the wooden object to hide, and when clear, move up to the clearing. To the right, before getting to the telemarines, there is a hidden path (right where the shadow ends, head right). There, you should see a chest costing you 5 keys to open (Chest 3 of 17). Head forward, and kill the telemarines. Continue up the hill for a cutscene. Destroy the brambles, and then turn the corner. Kill the telemarines. Continue forward until you see a huge rock to your right, and the chest in plain sight to your left. Open the chest for 2 keys (Chest 4 of 17). Push the rock off the cliff, enjoy the cutscene, and kill the telemarines that attack. Continue back down the hill and go into the telemarine camp. Head to the right up the hill, and kill all the telemarines here. Looking at the targets, head to the one on the farthest right, and right beside it is a chest for 3 keys (Chest 5 of 17). Head back down this hill, head past the tent, destroy the brambles, and use the grappling hook to get to the top of this cliff. Kill all of the telemarines here, and open the chest for 2 keys (Chest 6 of 17). Head back down, and enter the battlefield ahead for a couple of cut-scenes. Head into the battle, and about halfway through it, head east. You will see a chest on the other side of a constant stream of arrows (it's to the right of the grapple icon on the right). You can't get this yet. Just remember its location. Kill the flag bearer in the middle of the battle (red circle on the mini map), and continue forward to the stone structure to the right of the pathway of arrows. Using Caspian, shoot the arrow icon to destroy the wooden object (on the ledge in front of you), shoot one of the guards with an arrow, and then use Peter to grapple up to the top of the ledge. Kill this flag bearer, lift the stone out of the way, and kill the rest of the telemarines up here. Climb down, head to the left of this arrow pit, and repeat the process as you did on the right side. BEFORE HEADING INTO THE NOW ARROWLESS TUNNEL, HEAD BACK TO WHERE WE SAW THE CHEST ON THE EAST SIDE OF THE BATTLEFIELD. The arrows have now stopped falling, so you can now run into this little area and open the chest for 4 keys (Chest 7 of 17). Now, head into the arrowless tunnel to complete the mission, and unlock:

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Explore Aslan's How: Head forward out of this part of the cave, then head north to rotate the crank. Afterwards, head south and pull the lever. Cross the bridge, head left and destroy the brush, pick up the crank, and head back east to put it where it goes. Rotate the crank, and then head right to stand on some pressure pads. Shoot the icons that pop up (all three holes should have lit fires in them). Head in, get the lever, and place and pull it. Cross the bridge, head all the way left, destroy everything to find the crank, and then place it. Head right, pull on one of the chains (AI will get the other), get and place the lever. Rotate the crank, pull the lever, and cross the bridge. As soon as you get off, head left to find a chest worth 2 keys (Chest 8 of 17). Continue forward into the circular room. There is another chest in the southwest corner of this room worth 3 keys (Chest 9 of 17).There are two levers in front of a couple of columns in this room. All you have to do is pull the levers until the columns make actual figures (4 stones on each other/get the right head, torso, legs and feet on each column). Each time you complete a column, it will lower into the ground. Note: focus on one pillar at a time, which makes things easier. Get all four to lower, and then go down the stairs for a cutscene.

Prevent the White Witch's Return: Um... After the cutscene, hit the wolf when it attacks you. Then, as he retreats, quickly open the chest to the left (almost in plain view to the left of the dazed Caspian) for 2 keys (Chest 10 of 17). Avoid the rocks that fall to the ground after the werewolf howls. One rock will remain on the ground (will not disappear like the rest). Using Peter, pick up the rock (using cn_B), and toss it towards the weird creature lady doing the chants (using cn_LB to aim, and then cn_A to toss it). Make sure to do this fast because the mean dwarf who got you into this mess is coming to attack you from the other side, and there is a timer slowly counting down on you. Throw the rock, hit the dwarf, and repeat this process a couple of more times for a cutscene. After the cutscene, kill the werewolf, kill the dwarf, and avoid the rocks that are falling from the ceiling. Also, make sure to avoid the fire bombs that the creep lady creature is throwing at you. When given the opportunity, keep throwing rocks at her until you get a cutscene, and you'll unlock:

Back in the main area, head out the opening to the right. Shoot the two arrow icons and rotate the crank to make a bridge. Cross it, and break the vases to the left. Enter the hole with Trumpkin, and open the chest worth 5 keys (Chest 11 of 17). In the same area, get the gear and put it in its place. Head back down, head to the right, break these vases, and enter this hole. Open the chest down here next to the edge for 2 keys (Chest 12 of 17). Head back through the hole, stand on one of the pressure pads, and go through the door. Turn the crank, pull the lever, and repeat 4 more times to reveal a staircase, and head to the bottom of them to reveal a cutscene.

Help Lucy Find Aslan: Grab the lever out of the water below, and place it where it needs to be. Pull one lever while the AI pulls the other to open the door. Exit to a cutscene. Off the bridge, head northeast into the trees to find a chest for 2 keys (Chest 13 of 17). Afterwards, shoot arrows at the two guards on their horses in the distance. They will come riding towards you, so kill them and steal their horses. After the cutscene, hop over the tree (on the horse, run towards the downed tree and hit cn_B). Kill the two telemarines on their horses, and follow Lucy by hopping over the stream. Again, kill the two horse riding telemarines, jump the gap, and kill these horse riding telemarines too. FROM HERE, DON'T HOP OVER ANY KIND OF BARRIER OR RIVER. DOING SO WILL MAKE YOU MISS THE NEXT CHEST, RESULTING IN YOU HAVING TO REPLAY THE ENTIRE LEVEL AGAIN!! Ahead of you, you will see a battlement (pieces of wood with the up pointing arrows). Don't jump this gap. Get off your horse, head left beside a huge tree, and get this chest for 2 keys (Chest 14 of 17). I included a video of where this chest is below since it's the hardest to find in the game (5:50 - 6:07 and all credit goes to YouTube user Oddleif65).

Continuing on, jump the gap, save Lucy by killing the telemarines. Here is a good place to start running over the telemarines with the horse you're on. Make sure to not kill them with your sword or bow & arrows, or those kill won't count. Throughout the rest of this mission, run over the foot soldiers with your horse. Killing 20 telemarines this way will net you:

Cross the bridge while you're still on your horse, and go up to the gate to get a cutscene. Run over the telemarines with your horse (including the big telemarine 4 times), and then shoot the two tower archers. Get off the horse, get the lever located right in front of the gate and put it where it goes (behind you). Pull it, hop on your horse, and go through the gate. After the cutscene, get back on your horse, and start mowing down the telemarines (don't shoot them, just run them over until you get the achievement). Afterwards, at the gate you just came in, climb one of the towers via a rope and open the chest at the top for 3 keys (Chest 15 of 17). Now, hop back on your horse and go right. While on the horse, turn the crank looking object next to the gate opposite where you came into this area. Keep turning until the gate opens, then run through, watch the cutscene, and unlock:

Back at the main hub, go through the opening on the left side of the room. Hop on the platform and turn the crank. Once on the other side, head left around the tower and in a cave up ahead, you'll see a chest for 3 keys (Chest 16 of 17). Head back around, go up the steps, and enter the tower. Climb the rope located at the back of the area. Head right and pull this lever. Now head to the left to stand on the glowing tile. Head to the small platform in front of you, climb that rope, and rotate the crank at the top of the screen. Head around to the right, and climb this rope as well. Pull the lever, and then head back down to the previous level. Go around the left, all the way around to the right to step on the glowing pressure plate. Now, go back up to the next level, and shoot the 2 arrow icons to have an object fall, and another to rotate over. Head up the next rope, go around and rotate the crank, pull the lever to the right, rotate the crank, pull the lever, rotate the crank, pull the lever, and rotate the crank one more time to reveal a pressure pad to stand on (head around the right past the lever). Do so to reveal the door opening. Head through for the cutscene.

Defeat Miraz: You are now in the battlefield to fight for your kingdom. Quickly run to the southeast part of the map, and open the chest here for 5 keys (Chest 17 of 17). When Miraz attacks you (you need to be Peter), he winds up for a heavy hit (he will yell once he winds up). Time the hit perfectly and block it using cn_RT. If done correctly, Miraz will fall down to a knee after making contact. When he does this, quickly switch to Reepicheep, run up to Miraz, press cn_B to climb his back, and then button mash cn_A to tear off a piece of his armour (he loses health). Repeat this process 3 more times, and after the third time, he switches from a slash attack to a charge attack. Dodge him when he charges, switch to Reepicheep when he hits his knees, and climb and pull off his armour (sometimes, when you dodge, he just bends over. Just hit him with your sword if this happens). Do this until he is dead. After his death, you get a cutscene and you unlock:

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