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Posted on 06 April 10 at 11:43, Edited on 06 April 10 at 11:49
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I will start off by saying this review is purely based on my opinion of the game. I have read a couple of reviews on other websites and they rated this game VERY badly. I, on the other hand, would rate this game differently...

The game is set around the events of the first series of Prison Break (the first series is the best imo). However, instead of taking the role of Michael Schofield (which is what I expected), you take the role of Tom Paxton, an agent who works for "The Company" who has to go undercover in Fox River State Penitentiary as he has orders to make sure Lincoln Burrows is executed. That is pretty much the premise of the story, go undercover - make sure Burrows is executed.

However, as you progress through the story, there a few twists encountered, albeit they are very predictable but still fit in well with the Prison Break series.

The majority of the gameplay will see you moving in 'stealth mode', doing tasks such as retrieving medication from restricted areas, to hiding in the CO's lockers to listen in on conversations. When in stealth mode, you have to climb to certain areas using certain pipes and wall hangings but they are easy to identify as each pipe/item you can use to climb is yellow (stands out from the rest of the grey items smile). I will say this now though, stealth mode is terrible! The worst thing about the stealth mode is that if you are spotted that's it. Game Over. You have to restart at your nearest checkpoint (which are thankfully found at regular intervals). However, it is very easy to play through the majority of the game without being detected (bar one or two areas which can be tricky).

Despite stealth mode taking up the majority of your playing time, it is broken up with about 20 or so enemies that you have to fight that you encounter throughout the game (that's right, throughout the whole game you have to fight a maximum of about 20 times and thats it - the rest is all about the stealth). The fighting system feels very dated and would probably be more at home on a PS2 or even PS1. You press A for a normal punch, X for a heavy punch, and RB to block. That's it. One good thing about the fighting though, if you time your block perfectly when they are swinging their punch, you can do a reversal against them. However, this makes to fighting system VERY easy!! (1 fight can be ended by doing about 3 reversals)

On the back of the in-game fighting is the underground fighting, that you can access by speaking to King in the main yard. The purpose if the underground fighting is solely to obtain money. You can choose to fight a number of different people, each with different ratings - the weaker the opponent the less money you earn (Easiest netting you $50 and the hardest $200). You can then use the money to buy tattoos for your body. That is the only purpose of the money. I personally only used to the underground fighting arena to obtain the achievements. Once I had the achievements there was no need to go back to it

Also worth a mention is the quick time events. There are numerous instances where you have to press a button sequence that appear on the screen. However these are very easy. Plus, if you ever have any difficulty with them just memorise the order because there is a checkpoint before every event, and the button sequence never changes

The graphics aren't actually too bad. Yeah there are alot of other games out at the minute with better graphics but the graphics were sound in my opinion. The characters from the series actually looked very similar to the in-game characters so well done Zootfly on that front. However, two big gripes I have about the graphics are
1) The in game cut-scenes are very poorly done. When the characters move during a cutscene, they can only turn at 90 degree angles at a time. So if someone is turning around they turn to their right 90 degrees, stop for a second, then turn to their right 90 degrees again
2) Although I mentioned the in game characters resembled their series counterparts to a tee, I must say I am disappointed that the character for Sara Tencredi is nothing like here. I just don't understand why they gave her blonde hair in the game, when she has black hair in the series?! This may be to do with the fact that she doesn't provide her voice for the game

The sound is probably on par with the graphics. Although the majority of the characters are 'reportedly' voiced by the original actors (except Sara Tencredi as mentioned above), you don't speak to them enough to be able to tell. The two people you speak to the most are C-Note and Abruzzi and I must admit, I don't believe for a second that Abruzzi is voiced by the original actor - it sounds nothing like him!

Another disappointment about the sound is that the game is based upon you following Michael Schofield to find out what he is up to, and to make sure Lincoln Burrows is killed but you only speak to both these characters on a couple of occasions (I can only remember speaking to Linc once at the very end of the game).

The controls are pretty standard with only a few of the buttons being used. The controls actually do their purpose, because as the game is relatively basic, so too are the controls. You have button prompts flash up on the screen when you can interact with an object and apart from pressing the RB button to run on the odd occasion, you will mostly just be moving around with the 2 thumbsticks

There is no online multiplayer, which I am relieved about. There is however local multiplayer in the form of the underground fights. Basically just a 1 on 1 fight using any of your favourite characters from the series. Fun for maybe 1 minute but then thats it.

The achievements in this game are handed out very generously! For just completing the main game (on easy) you will net around 35 of the available 45 achievements. However, this will only give you a GS of around 600. The big point achievements are for completing the game on hard difficulty and completing the game without being spotted once. A very easy list imo, with only 1 achievement that will probably cause me slight trouble but still doable. I would say for the full 1k, your looking at around 10 hours if you plan ahead

Overall, despite all the negative issues mentioned above, I enjoyed the game on a whole. Although the game is very outdated, it was still relatively fun to play imo. I enjoyed the storyline, and even more so when it linked in with events that happened in the series. I can say though, if this was not related to the series in anyway, I would not have enjoyed it

I would recommend renting this game to give it a try and see what you think but I would not pay for it brand new (which is £30 in shops now). However, if you are not a fan of the series this game is definitely not for you! If you want a good stealth game just wait for Splinter Cell to arrive wink

Overall I would give this game a 3/5, purely just because I liked the story. Without the story, I would have probably given this a 1/5

(P.S - This is my first ever review so be gentle wink. I am willing to improve it, just tell me how before negative voting please)
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Prison Break: The Conspiracy is a parallel game to the first season of the series. If you like the show, you'll probably like the game. If you don't like the show, you probably won't. If you haven't seen the show, then you'll still probably find it entertaining.

The story revolves around a Company agent send into the Fox River penitentiary to kill one of the main characters. Of course things are more complicated than that, resulting in lots of stealth-filled errand-boy runs. The story is decently solid, and can be a lot of fun, but the stealth missions can be fairly frustrating at times.

The game, as a whole, is very easy, even on the Shark difficulty (which I'd recommend starting with to unlock several achievements). The hardest part comes in areas with lots of guards. You can't fight them, you can only hide. The graphics are lacking, but the story carries it through.

There are portions in which you need to fight inmates, but there are some tutorials on how to do so, and honestly it really comes down to button mashing.

As a whole, the game is worth a rental, and will give you 910 easy gamerscore. The last achievement, worth 90, is much more difficult, and involves you doing a runthrough (strongly recommended on the Guppy difficulty) without being spotted all game. If you do get spotted, that's it. Start over... or quit to dashboard and try again. This can get rather frustrating.

Bottom line, mostly easy achievements, decent story, fairly fun. If you like the show, it's definitely worth the rental.
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ToXiicZ Gh0sT
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ToXiicZ Gh0sT
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Prison Break:The Conspiracy
So prison break:the conspiracy is based of the popular TV show prison break.It follows the story in season one.

The story in this game is about Tom Paxton who is an agent for the the organization called "The company" who goes undercover as a prisoner in the Fox River State Penitentiary to make sure that Lincoln Burrows makes it to the electric chair.Lincoln Burrows is Michael Scofields brother who is the main character in the TV show when i picked this game up first i thought that would be the character i would be playing as but it puts you as a guy who has nothing to do with the story but i guess it gives a different view on things.The missions are basic and straightforward mostly just collect and deliver.It has alot of the TV shows characters which is a nice thing.The best one was T-bag IMO he had the voice and the weirdness that he had in the TV show.But they only put him in a few times in the story.

The Gameplay:
Gameplay is nothing special.The stealth factor to the game is basic won't get much thrills out of it unless the close calls you get when a guard or one of the staff pop out of nowhere or don't go the path that they are supposed to.When you do get caught it is instant failure restart at the last checkpoint i wish they gave you the option to knock out the person before he sees you.They are some missions where it gives you the chance to distract the guards by turning off the radio or cutting off the power by using the fuse boxes.You get to hide in closets or hide under vans or to sneak under a camera and to jump up and press a button on the camera which turns it off for temporary periods as you sneak by.There is also an underground fight club under the prison yard which earns you money so you can buy tattoos.It also gives you the option to upgrade Paxton's strength and speed which means more damage and easier to dodge attacks.

The combat is okay all you have is punch, dodge, block and counter they also include quick time events which are fun the first few times but after that they just get boring but they more fun then just punching all the time.You will never get a weapon like a gun or even a knife i wish they put something like that in even just to get a knife and go around in stealth mode and take them out one by one that would cool to have something like that.They also put a versus mode in the game for 2 players to play with you'r friends but after one game i was bored of it definitely not something you want to play with you'r friend for a long period of time.

The Achievements:
Achievements in this game are not that challenging accept for one that requires you to play through the hole game without getting caught once which gets very irritating by the end.But the game is definitely an easy 1000G game.

My Final Thoughts:
This game is probably one of my favourite TV based games but that's not a reason to buy the game just rent it out you should have played the game to its fullest within 2 days.
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