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    Don King Presents: Prizefighter

    I am writing this review due to the poor quality of this game. I would advise anyone who is a boxing fan, or a fan of the FIGHT NIGHT series to avoid this game. The physics engine is very poor, and button response is slow. Also, the online servers are pretty horrid. There are a lot of connection problems when trying to play with others over Xbox Live. The career mode achievements are not stackable so you must play on multiple difficulties to unlock them, which would be fine, except one play through was bad enough for this game. On a side note, the developers did make an attempt to stray away from the FIGHT NIGHT style of boxing, boxing and more boxing by adding a little bit of a story line. I was actually excited to try something different and got this game for that very reason. **SPOILER ALERT** There are different little twists in career such as staying out late and being fatigued for your next fight, or your opponents cheating by using something to blind you on their gloves. It is a nice touch, but I was left disappointed at what they COULD have done so much better rather than what they did do. (Thanks b30118218 for pointing out the games perks as well as downfalls).

    Playability: 3/10

    It is alright if you have NOTHING better to do; the punches are assigned to buttons on the controller, instead of the joystick like fight night. Your boxer gets fatigued easily and it is hard to block the CPU at times because of the poor button response and overall design of the game.

    Online Mulitiplayer: 4/10

    It is getting 4/10 because it HAS online multiplayer. There are so many connection problems over XBOX Live that getting the achievements without boosting is nearly impossible. There are also probably not enough players to complete some of the achievements such as Winning a Ranked Torunament without finding help from other gamers. I'm sure the servers will eventually get shut down.

    Graphics: 4/10

    Mediocre to say the least. A far cry away from Fight Night. Characters look blocky, and the roster is only fighters that Don King worked with I believe?

    Achievements: 3/10

    The online achievements are nearly impossible to finish without help. You must play career twice on different difficulties to get two. There is an achievement for throwing 50,000 punches, that is a lot of poor looking boxing to play. facepalm

    OVERALL SCORE 3.5/10

    Try your luck with it if you must, but I would advise waiting for the new Fight Night game like the majority of those who avoided this one...
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    b30118218hmm i understand you views here, but i quite liked it when i played it around 2 years ago, yeah the achievements for online are a massive pain in the ass, but give the game abit of credit, it tried to break the mould of the fight night games of just playing matches over and over and over 40-50 times before your career would end. And this game changed it by giving it abit of a biography like story with different elements thrown in aswell, instead of just knock this or that guy out.

    Stipulations like blindness, and getting fatigued easily after a night out was what made this stand out, maybe 3 stars at the most but 2 i think is abit harsh.

    Good review anyway
    Posted by b30118218 on 31 Jan 11 at 04:41
    Waterloo319I agree that they should get some kudos for trying something different, I'll add that in.
    Posted by Waterloo319 on 01 Feb 11 at 02:02
    DaOverUnderI thought this game is better than fight night. I'm actually enjoying this game.
    Posted by DaOverUnder on 04 May 13 at 02:38
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    15 May 2012
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    Boxing is a sport that has been around for a long time now, despite that because of the weight division and various governing bodies there have been few people that have really dominated the sport. One of the few people that stand out in boxing history most isn't even a boxer, its promoter Don King. After years of putting together some of the greatest fights in history he's now had his name put to a boxing game,

    Don King Presents:Prizefighter comes into a game genre which in recent years has been dominated by EAs Fight Night series, so for this game to be a success it already had a lot to live up to.
    For those that have played the Fight Night games you'll be used to a slick boxing experience with innovative controls and a system which has been developed and refined over several iterations, sadly Prizefighter cannot boast the same, and it shows.

    Boxing in Prizefighter is relatively straightforward, the buttons control the punches you throw, the right stick is used for blocking and the triggers and shoulders are used for dodging and punch variations. While this all sounds easy enough the actual mechanics behind this seems to have missed the mark, you’ll often find you punches will visibly hit your opponent but not count and when blocking at times it is nearly impossible to tell if you should be guarding your head or body. Add into this that straight punches are next to useless as your opponent will happily punch through the hardest of straight shots to face and you'll regularly find yourself frustrated with this game.

    When a game like this has such a poorly put together core control system it is almost certainly doomed to failure, however not everything in prizefighter is as ill thought out. When playing a career you will be treated to a collection of short video sequences that build a story around your fights as if you are watching a documentary of your rise to fame. It is well written and brings something to the genre that even in it's latest offering Fight Night has never managed to match.
    Amongst your career you will fight your way up the ranks, there are the occasion fights where a story element will be used to mix things up a little to stop it being fight a, fight b, fight c etc. You'll also get the chance to try and change history in 8 classic rounds from boxing history which i felt was a nice touch. For those who haven't followed the sport it offers a little bit of history to some of the great match ups over the years.
    As your career progresses you'll be taken under the wing of Don himself and he'll regularly leave you messages of encouragement in his own eccentric way. Very much like comments you will see about the real man however what he says and the context of it always gives you the feeling of a man who is all about the money, which for his own game maybe doesn't show him in the best light. That said he's a man that takes people to the top, and that's exactly where you go in this career, the story does however come to a bit of an abrupt halt but doesn't feel like it's been cut short, anything more would have been pointless padding and detracted from the experience.

    All in all Prizefighter is not a good game and falls a long way short of the quality of the Fight Night series. For those who love boxing titles the career is a interesting journey but is still dogged by the lacklustre fighting so even for the most hardened of fans of the sport, this is probably one to give a miss.