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Posted on 15 April 13 at 00:35, Edited on 18 April 13 at 11:32
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PES debuts on the Xbox 360. Will this become a success or disaster?


Pro Evolution Soccer 6 includes both leagues and cups to be played. A quick match option is also available in the main menu. If you want to play a league, you get to choose which league you would like to play in (there are six leagues to choose from). These are Liga Calcio (the Itailan league), Eredivisie (the Dutch league), Liga Espanola (the Spanish league), Ligue 1 (the French league), England League (you guessed it, the English league!) and the International League. Each league offers a certain amount of matches to be played. There is also something called "Master League". It's basically what a career mode. And then we have cups. You choose your team, and then you fight your way, qualifying to the finals, where you have the chance to win precious trophies. You can customize the difficulty you want your opponents to have. There are a total of five different difficulties ranging from Beginner to Top Player). Match Time can also be decided before the start of any match, league or cup. This game offers surprisingly many options for being from 2006.


Nothing special to say about the online feature. You set up a match (either Ranked match or Player match), or join one that has already been set up. Playing a Ranked match lets you earn points which will decide in what Division you belong to, while Player matches are played for fun between friends, or even strangers. Both players get to choose their team of preference and once you're both done with selecting your jerseys, stadium and managed your teams, the match can finally begin! The gameplay is not that bad considering this games age.


PES 6 is nothing like today's soccer games but that does not make it bad. The Single-player is pretty swift and features very few glitches. The game is very flexible and will adapt according to what difficulty you choose. On Beginner you can score around 10 goals in a 5-minutes match, while you'd have to fight to draw the game while playing on Top Player.


Despite the positive things the game has to offer I would suggest you guys to avoid this game as an completion is annoying due to the fact that it is very repetitive. If completion is what you're after, then make sure to grab a boosting partner because of the 100 wins achievement. Then you will of course have to prepare for those hundreds, yet hundreds games of the Single-player. It may seem fun scoring every 20-30 second, but after countless of matches played, you'd regret starting it, as well.
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