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    05 Aug 2012
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    This review is a very 1 sided review and is a very personal opinion.

    Pro Evolution 2012 GOOD Points
    - Good Graphics
    - Change gameplay speed settings
    - In store market where you can buy balls etc etc
    - Nice community built into the game where you can view other peoples highlights etc

    Now enough of the soppy crap

    Pro Evolution 2012 BAD Points (AI)
    The game is horrificly stupid...ill give cases in hand
    1. You can literally WALK round the goalkeeper

    2. When you select a player to go and head towards someone to tackle them the AI after about 0.5 seconds will choose someone the AI thinks should tackle them rather than your choice even after auto-switching is OFF

    3. Shooting is insanely annoying, ive ran in on a 1v1 with the goalkeeper and aimed to plant in at the right side of the goal...the AI on the other hand thinks that the goalkeeper is the back of the net. I thought this was due to shoot assit on so i turned it off, its a very very VERY small improvement but still prefers kicking it at the goalkeeper. Also the power gauge is very mis-leading as a tiny flick of the button can cause the ball to rocket over the ball yet at times a nearly full powerd blast can go no higher than knee height. Other times its just pot luck.

    5. Passing/Through balls are a joke, players can make passes through the opposition to their team mates

    6. Tackling is a complete shambles as NOTHING WORKS!, i have used the AI pressure feature and i get walked over, the AI runs at me and knocks the ball a flick to the right and me or the AI just cant get it, but when i run at the AI and do a diagonal dash to get past im instantly blocked by the man with 3meter legs. Sliding is also a sham as even when you win the ball you will undoubtably give away a free kick, even if they have gone past you

    7. Skills lack incredibly as they also suck. They are to slow and hardly ever work.

    8. The AI can chase you down instantly even if he fell over, went to a club, slept with a chick and came back to the pitch...he will still catch you up

    There are so so so many flaws with Pro Evo 2012 the list is really endless.

    I would STRONGLY ADVISE you DO NOT RENT/BUY this game, sorry Konami, but you fucked up, your lucky i have to give this a score
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    AwakeDeadeyeRight under bad points- misspelled horrifically and I'll. Missing a period after 1,3,5,6 and 8. Under 3- misspelled I've, assist, and powered, lowercase "i". Also there's no "-" in misleading. Skipped 4. Under 6- extra comma, lowercase "i" x 3, missing a space between 3 and meter. Bullet 8 and the last bit may be inappropriate for young users. Missing another period at the end. I think fixing these will improve your review, but until then I won't vote.
    Posted by AwakeDeadeye on 06 Aug 12 at 04:56
    NynjahhThanks for the english lesson pops...yawn
    Im not going to amend anything as this was typed up in 2 minutes on my iphone sondo as you will. And we know iphones are hardly the choice of champions when it comes to typing quick.

    Its not really a game review, its more me just having a rant about how bad the game is. Didn't think i'de be graded on presentation of the nice looking pixels that form letters and words.

    Thanks for letting me waste your time and reading it though :)
    Posted by Nynjahh on 06 Aug 12 at 06:38
    ljp0390If this isnt a game review then why post it under game reviews. Post this rant on your blog
    Posted by ljp0390 on 07 Aug 12 at 03:57
    AwakeDeadeyeThis is a gaming website not a personal blog, however you can keep one on your profile... nevertheless since you obviously didn't add this to help and you don't care to even try to improve it in the least, I think I'll cast my vote. Btw time you enjoy wasting isn't wasted time so it's not like it bothers me. Cheers.
    Posted by AwakeDeadeye on 07 Aug 12 at 04:05
    neeker75Horrible English, but I actually agree with you on this one. You should add that your team's AI consistently running into you to rob you off the ball, and block your shooting angle all the time (even better than your opponents). With friends like this, who needs enemies?
    Posted by neeker75 on 07 Aug 12 at 04:14
    Nynjahh@ ljp0390 - its cleary a warning not to rent or buy this game

    @ AwakeDeadeye - this was to help, DONT BUY OR RENT IT, all the help you need with this ... 'game'

    @ neeker75 - glad im not the only one lol. I was playin on regular most the time and the amount of times the AI 'cheats' when you go to tackle him, i.e the instant you press to slide he moves instantly. Watch back a reply after he somehow knew when and where you was gonna slide lol
    Posted by Nynjahh on 07 Aug 12 at 09:01
    WookieKiller247Post this garbage somewhere else, not in the review section. You're not "helping" anyone by throwing up a personal rant.
    Posted by WookieKiller247 on 09 Aug 12 at 13:45
    NynjahhI beg to differ, as i could have helped someone to not try or buy the game, therefore i have helped
    Posted by Nynjahh on 11 Aug 12 at 16:28
    ljp0390Seeing as this review is autohidden b/c it sucks, I doubt this has helped too much
    Posted by ljp0390 on 11 Aug 12 at 17:53