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Posted on 05 August 10 at 14:13, Edited on 10 June 11 at 17:30
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So what we have here is a space shooter from SE and Game Arts called Project Sylpheed. The basic premise is you, Katana, are a fighter pilot during a war between the Earth government and a rebellion. You are part of the government's forces, and your friend/rival is on the other side. Also, you have a female team member that is your best friend. Does any of this sound familiar? Maybe played a similar story in a few games before? Of course you have. The story gives you a good excuse to get into your fighter and kill dudes, the problem is every cutscene is an excuse to throw another cliche at you. Dedicate two minutes to thinking about the story, and you'll be able to call all of it before it happens, including the "big" twist half way through the game! This is one of the game's few faults.

Who cares about the story right? Let's get into the fighter and shoot dudes. You get a bunch of different weapon types, like guns, lasers, rockets, missles and bombs, and each weapon has it's own stats, like range, damage, the ability to lock on to targets, and their homing ability, so you have plenty of choices. The better you do on a mission the more points you get, and points are used to buy more weapons.

Once you have your weapons picked out, onto the battlefield with you. You'll be flying around in a new Delta Saber prototype, which is faster then most of the fighters/ships you'll be fighting, and equipped with far better weapons. The HUD does a good job of giving you useful information, but it's also cluttered with a ton of crap that isn't really necessary, and all the fighters/ships on your screen you aren't locked on to show up as small red dots. This can make it hard to chase down the small fighters, and the HUD just seems to cover more of the screen then it needs to. The radar is also very confusing, as it's a 2D radar that does not account for the fact it's a 3D game. Even though on the radar your fighter is pointed directly at an enemy ship/fighter, it may not be on your actual screen. It does not break the game at all, it's just harder then it has to be for the wrong reasons.

The graphics are fairly nice considering how much is going on at one time. However, some of the late game weapons will cause massive slowdown, the maelstrom bomb chief among them. If you aren't shooting out bombs that basically create small black holes though, it very rarely slows down at all. The game moves at a decent speed, and enemies in the later levels aren't as slow so it gets more challenging.

The main problem with the combat is your weapons (which typically add up to be bigger then your whole effing fighter) are really powerful, maybe too powerful. The late game weapons especially sink every ship in one hit unless you are playing on hard, and it marginalizes fighting ships, would should be a fearsome proposition. The aforementioned maelstrom bomb, if aimed properly, can take out whole fleets of fighters in one shot. I suppose there isn't anything wrong with game breaking weaponry, and it certainly makes the achievement grinding easier, but even playing on hard I found the most common way of dieing was running into solid objects because I was not paying attention, not the fighters/ships I was fighting.

Most achievements in this game are really easy, they are just grinders. The story only really lasts 5-10 hours, but you'll be playing through it 10+ times to get all the achievements. Look to spend around 40-50 hours getting all the achievements.

The HUD and story are the main faults here, but they certainly don't detract from what is an otherwise fun game, and flying around murdering entire fleets of fighters and ships is all kinds of fun. If you want to play a solid game, but don't necessarily need a good story to go with it, Project Sylpheed is a good choice. If you want to 100% it though, be ready for a long and painful grind.
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