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Prominence Poker
Type Game
Publisher 505 Games
Developer Pipeworks Studio
Platform Xbox One
Discovered 16 Aug 2016
Last check 17 Jan 2019
Last on sale -
Release date 16 Aug 2016

Built around unsuspecting and seedy locations, Prominence is a gambling utopia ruled by crooked goons that are determined to keep you from cashing out. Only here can you find the thrill of high stakes poker while risking everything to take over this underground empire from “The Mayor” – the mysterious town founder. A single poker hand can make all the difference…if you’re good enough. • Underground Gambling Hustle your way into secretive backroom games, from the dive Biker Bar to the sketchy Prominence Kleaners Laundromat • Cunning Faction Leaders Compete against unscrupulous and colorful characters, build your rep and the bankroll needed to corner each boss into a Texas Hold ‘em showdown • Outplay Opponents in Multiplayer Wage big bets in high stakes poker against other crafty gamblers in ring, tournament and heads-up modes • Single Player Start off as a tourist looking to strike it rich as you grind away at the local casino and work your way into the backroom games

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Boss of all Bosses Bundle

A chip bundle worthy of the Boss of all Bosses. (2,000,000)

Boss Bundle

A chip bundle worthy of a Boss. (1,130,000)

Boss of all Bosses Bundle

A chip bundle worthy of the Boss of all Bosses. (3,500,000)

Earner Bundle

A bundle of chips worthy of an Earner. (325,000)

Enforcer Bundle

A bundle of chips fit for an Enforcer. (55,000)

Made Bundle

A bundle worthy of a made guy/gal. (125,000)

Tough Guy Bundle

A bundle of chips fit for a Tough Guy/Gal. (31,000)

Wise Guy Bundle

A Wiseguy could buy their way into a couple of hands with this bundle. (10,000)