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    Welcome to my review for Prominence Poker

    Developed by: Pipeworks
    Published by: 505 Games
    Release Date: 16th August 2016
    Price: Free

    So I've got round to playing a game I really enjoyed a lot, Prominence Poker offers a social and fun experience into the poker world while still offering personalisation in form of making your own characters to use in game. There are many poker games currently available on the Xbox one, so some of you are wondering what makes this one better than the others.

    Well for starters it is available to anyone for free and allows you to have your own avatar you use in game while playing your hands. Secondly it offers a variety of game modes from your classic ring table game, to tournaments and finally head to head (which is tournaments for 2 players only). Ring table allows you to play freely with no end except when you run out of money, which then you can buy back in if you wish. We then have tournaments in which you buy into the game and get given a set amount of cash to use once you go bust you are out and played in groups of 6 only first, second and third win a cash pot at the table.

    External image

    We then have the emotes feature which allows you to use a number of emotes between placing bets to taunt or just to show off in front of your fellow opponents. This is done by using the D-pad as shown below and pressing A to activate it, which adds an extra level of personalisation to your Character.

    External image

    External image

    Both single and multiplayer offer the same gaming experience except offline your against AI who are pretty easy to beat once you learnt their pattern, with the exception of the bosses that I have had a hard time beating. Currently only available is the clubs and Hearts Careers which once beaten can unlock the affiliations to earn extra rewards and gear for your character.

    You also earn rep by playing hands and winning with certain hands or just by playing a certain number of hands, which when full allow you to progress and level unlocking extra bits to buy to dress your character in or buy boosts in form of drinks or cigarettes which give you a rep bonus to earn more rep. Also you can earn Bounties on a daily and weekly basis by reaching the criteria's which can be found on the play screen as shown below. At present you can only reach rank 10 with your rep and once reach can select clubs or hearts as your affiliation and can unlock the other one by beating the boss in single game mode called underground.

    External image

    External image

    Music is quite basic on this game only offering one mellow guitar rift tune in the menus with very little sound effects in game as well only offering sound effects when you in a boss game. I'm very disappointed in how little sound effects and music in game, but seeing as there is more to come there could be updates to improve what is on offer in future.

    The game is very stable and fluent in how it runs with some small laggy times when a player leaves or bets before their turn but doesn't really affect game play too much however. The characters are not realistic and cartoon like characters, but it allows for a more friendly feel game that anyone can enjoy with hundreds of character combinations to use. The game can be played for hours without boredom and personally from my own experiences of playing and enjoying poker I could easily spend a day playing with my friends or even a late night lads poker night for many hours. As for the story the missions that are available can keep you busy for about 15-20 hours or longer depending on how well you play, but won't offer a real challenge till you play others online.

    As for achievements they offer slight difficulty of some involving winning with certain cards, others just playing for the first time and offers requiring more progression and skill to achieve, I would give the achievement list for this game a 7/10 for needing to have the skill to understand how to win hands and play smart. While other achievements require a level of play time to achieve and may take a considerable amount of time to reach depending on how frequent you play and how well.

    Overall I have found this game to be very fun and enjoyable both with and without friends to play with as it can be very enjoyable alone with all the different game modes to play and the servers full to always have players to play against at any level and play style you enjoy, there is bound to be a game for you. For a game that is free and offers new content coming soon, I would say it's worth your time to play even if it's one day a week as I can be lost for hours in all the game modes.

    This game can easily take away a 4 stars for it being easy to play and offering an immersive game modes to enjoy with friends or alone and would only say it's only few faults are its lack of music options, content and lack of progression levels at present. Due to this game only been out a short while I will expect to update this on a regular basis to showcase any improvements that have been made and content updated. Please feel free to follow my blog and read the other reviews I have and hope you have enjoyed reading and looking forward to what I have to offer the community.
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    l Smough lMany poker games avaible on xbox one? This is 1 of 2 lol or 1 of 3 if you count backwords compatible.
    Posted by l Smough l on 05 Sep 16 at 17:27
    FUNERAL PYREyou gave this game a 4 star? YOU ARE ON DOPE.
    Posted by FUNERAL PYRE on 08 Jan 17 at 14:06
    Zenososeveryone has their own views on games, everyone playstyle is different and look for different things, why you think there are 100s of reviews for every game out there?
    Posted by Zenosos on 09 Jan 17 at 12:36
    RWarbzNice review, I'll give it a shot after reading this write up.
    Posted by RWarbz on 12 Jan 17 at 12:26
    LiquidSodasThis isn't too bad for freemium, actually.l might sink in $20 after I unlock some more stuff in Killer instinct.
    Posted by LiquidSodas on 18 Feb 18 at 19:17
    ZenososI appreciate the input however most of the content you talk about wasn’t even out when I made this review. Otherwise I most def would improved. However your community input will help community members see from reading your comment.
    Posted by Zenosos on 15 Sep 18 at 10:14
    ChooseMyFateOne of the main things I dislike about this game is not having quick buttons for Calling/Checking/Raising. You have to use the joystick in different directions via a radial menu. I'd rather it be quick and simple.
    Posted by ChooseMyFate on 01 Sep 20 at 17:50
    Zenososvery good point it would have been much simpler for quick playing games
    Posted by Zenosos on 01 Sep 20 at 21:31