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Patch for Puddle Perfects Puzzling Playthroughs

If you've been enjoying your parade through the puddles of... well, Puddle, but felt a few things needed tweaking, Konami has you covered. A patch has gone live that adjusts some elements of the game

Posted 11 years ago by Mark Delaney

XBLA Wednesday: January 25th, 2012

It seems like lately these XBLA additions have been coming in pairs. Continuing that trend this week are two new puzzle based games. One of them is coming over from iOS devices, and the other was a f

Posted 11 years ago by Mark Delaney

Puddle Gets Release Date and More Screenshots

Shortly prior to last year's E3 event, Konami announced that former PC and XBL Indie Games title, Puddle, would become a "fully-fledged" downloadable title via the Xbox Live Arcade marketplace. Thing

Posted 11 years ago by Keith Gray

E3 2011: More Puddle Media Released

Earlier this week, we brought you several details about an indie game called Puddle. Featuring world-tilting gameplay similar to LocoRoco, this title promises to be one of the more unique to be featu

Posted 12 years ago by Michelle Balsan

XBLA Game Puddle Detailed

Indie games have gained a lot of momentum on the Xbox and given unknown developers a chance in the big spotlight. Some games even make it on to Xbox Live Arcade, are paid for, and have delectable ach

Posted 12 years ago by Perpalicious