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    30 Sep 2010
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    Better Late Than Never Review: Bust-A-Move Live!

    Or Puzzle Bobble if you prefer, strangely enough, MS couldn't decide on a name either. In your game library menu it is listed as Puzzle Bobble Live, yet at the title screen it shows Bust-A-Move Live.

    If you are unfamiliar with this series, it is a puzzle game where you shoot bubbles towards the top of the screen to match up three like colored bubbles. Your “character” is from the old Bubble Bobble series, and the bubbles you break contain the various characters stuck inside. This series started out on the good old Neo Geo back in the day and has had numerous versions over the years. Not much has changed honestly and depending on how you view it, that could be good or bad.

    As far as single player goes, you have your choice of 1P Puzzle, Infinity, or CPU Battle. 1P Puzzle is the standard mode broken up into 27 zones that you can choose your path for a variety of levels. You start out on zone A and can then choose zones B or C, and it goes on from there. I noticed on a few playthroughs that the puzzles did get more intricate, but not really more difficult, except when you get to the final zone of whatever path you take. That seemed odd to me. I remember the original Bust-A-Move giving me fits after about the 8th level. There are difficulty settings, but I didn't notice much of a difference in 1P Puzzle.

    Infinity is just that. You have bubbles up top and you go as long as you can before you blow it. There's even an achievement for going a full hour if you're up for it.

    CPU Battle is probably the mode I enjoyed the most. You go up against various CPU opponents (Puzzle Fighter style). You even select a bubble pattern for when you get chains that will throw bubbles on their side (yep, Puzzle Fighter style). I had a rough time at the start, it seemed like I just couldn't beat the first guy. Then I realized that trying different patterns actually helped make a difference with who you battle. Obviously, its trial and error, so you'll be using a few continues.

    Multiplayer? Well, not quite non-existent, but no real community to speak of. In fact, most of the puzzle games I have lack players. I got in too late for Puzzle Fighter and Puzzle Quest, but I could play both of those all day. Puzzle Quest spoiled us with the RPG and quest elements and Puzzle Fighter is fantastic head to head (assuming you have someone to play with). You'll find a player here and there, probably mostly achievement hunters who got the game on sale for 400 points last week.

    Overall, for a puzzle game, I wasn’t left wanting to come back for more, other than knocking out some slightly easy achievements. There's no saves either. I was a little annoyed by it at first, but considering how little challenge the game is, I doubt it will matter. Bust-A-Puzzle-Bobble-Move Live! is a serviceable puzzle game that I believe die hard fans of the series would enjoy (are there any?) and was a steal at 50% off. At 800 points, you could get the previously mentioned Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix or the first Puzzle Quest.

    2 out of 5
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    PerpaliciousI won't downvote but I think the review was more of a review of how the game functions as opposed to its quality. I have no clue, even after reading it, what more you want out of the game. Obviously I can tell you didn't have too much fun with it because of its lackluster modes but there has to be more too it if you gave it two stars.
    Posted by Perpalicious on 31 Oct 10 at 11:46
    CM TranceI'm a fan of this game. I dunno why I didn't get this game before. Should have got it when it was on sale before but it's alright... I paid 800 points for this fun game. No thanks, not a fan of Puzzle Fighter and I already got Puzzle Quest years ago. Kinda harsh rating/review but I can understand if you're not fan of the series and expected more from a puzzle game. IMO, it's worth it. It's good and Bust a Move is one of my favorite puzzle game series ever.
    Posted by CM Trance on 27 Jun 11 at 16:02
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    Relive the glory days of hanging out in the laundrymat with your mom. playing that worn out neo-geo machine, begging mom for 1 more quarter before the continue drops to 0.
    This time you dont need quarters, but that dosent mean the fun is gone! Still addictive as ever, now with infinite mode. See how long you can last aginst the timer. Can you go a full hour without losing, if so Achievement.
    And story mode lets you choose your path through 27 areas, each with 5 levels increasing in difficulty.
    Its great for taking a break from fps and rpg. And if you can find a match on-line, get reday for some intense battles.
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    13 Oct 2009
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    In a Minute Review - Bust-A-Move Live!

    Bust-A-Move controls jankilly enough to make it one of those simple to play- difficult to master type action puzzlers that honestly deserves its hardcore base of fans. I've been a fan of the game several years, having reviewed its release on the Sega Dreamcast for the now defunct corporate videogame site, Segaweb.

    In Bust-A-Move you launch multicolored balls up against a mass of balls- trying to match three or more in order to make them disappear. The game offers a vast variety of puzzles to keep things challenging.

    The XBLA release features a decent setlist with some compelling single player modes (including a battle mode) and online play. Don't expect too many people to play this game online- I have yet to find a player match (There are two achievements linked to this mode) but did get a few ranked matches during the game's launch window.

    While the cutesy art style may not be for everyone, the game itself plays solidly and looks crisp in HD. The achievements are also quite reasonable, if that's your thing.