Puzzle Quest Galactrix

Puzzle Quest Galactrix

Xbox 360Backwards Compatible

Puzzle Quest Galactrix Achievements

Most Earned

FTL Travel
FTL Travel5 (5)You have hacked a LeapGate.
Master Hacker
Master Hacker13 (10)You have hacked 30 LeapGates.
Soul Gatherer
Soul Gatherer13 (10)You have captured a Soulless and discovered their true nature.
Data Acquisition
Data Acquisition16 (10)You have unlocked a rumor.

Least Earned

Space-Time Anomaly
Space-Time Anomaly92 (30)You have won 50 Xbox LIVE ranked matches.
Fighter Pilot
Fighter Pilot28 (10)You have won 5 Xbox LIVE ranked matches.
Ace Pilot
Ace Pilot43 (20)You have reached Level 50.
Gamma's Downfall
Gamma's Downfall80 (40)You have defeated the Gamma Sphere.
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