Puzzle Quest Galactrix Reviews

  • zZBJohnnyZzzZBJohnnyZz683,478
    12 Apr 2009
    3 7 0
    I Really like this game, very addicting and makes you want to keep going. Very similar to the other Puzzlequest but in a sci fi universe. If you enjoyed the first one this is a must get game, or just try out the demo and see if you like it. Its a little pricey on the microsoft points, but well worth it in length and time of play. Plus this is a definate re-playable game in my book. Graphics are very cool in HD and the sound and music are pretty good for the environment. The storyline is ok and can sometimes get alittle frustrating when you want to get out of a conversation, but not enough to not want to keep playing this game. Suppose to be online playable with other xboxlive members , but I have been to engrossed in the single player campaign to even try that out yet.