Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords Reviews

  • BigBjoernBigBjoern175,163
    11 Sep 2009
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    Puzzle Quest is a fantasy themed roleplay like game.

    You are a hero, choosen from 4 classes.
    You start your Story on a nicely drawn map of a fantasy Kingdom.
    On you travels throug this land, you will come by cities, villages Castels, etc.
    The Story is driven by Quests, that force you to do get stuff/information.
    Your Character can be leveled up with experience you gain in fights and for solving quests.
    Also you recieve money the same way.
    You can spend the mony for new items, buyable in cities, or to extend your own citadel with barracs, towers, prison, blacksmith and so on.
    With the Prison you can take prisoners and interrogate them, to get their magic spells.
    In the barracs you can tame Monsters to become your Mount, which will give you an extra attack in battles or let you bypass some fights.
    With the blacksmith you are able to craft your own items, with runes you gathererd all over the map.

    Now comes the main part.
    All the mentioned things are done by a bejeweled like puzzle game.
    This puzzle game varies with your tasks.
    To get the spells you got to get certian items from the puzzle board.
    to take prisoners you have to solve a certain combination of gems on your puzzle, so you clear the table completely.

    Now to the fights.
    On the Game Board are 6 items.
    Skulls, will deal direct damage to your enemy, or you.
    Purple Stars, those represent experience.
    Gold, it gives you gold, obviously.
    And 4 Kinds of Mana.
    Red, Green, Bleu and Yellow, each representing an element.

    How to play:
    You can Switch positions of 2 gems, but only if a combination of 3 gems will get build throug this.
    A combination of 3, 4 or 5 similar items, will vanish and give points to your mana storage.
    With this mana Storage you can cast spells, that need certain combinations an amount of mana.
    When you drowned all of you opponents life points he is defeated. :)

    The game itself has a really good soundtrack and is very well balanced.
    The theme of fantasy, with ogres, orcs, gryphons, paladings and skelletons is a real classic, but classy one.
    The game has a great atmosphere.

    Hope this got you an insight of the game.
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    MazraelIt's not a bad game, warn you though the 'AI' seems all too clued in to want will drop on to the screen next, I've lost half my health in the opening turns down to the AI's 'luck'
    Posted by Mazrael on 02 Mar 10 at 20:44
    FFX BrotherhoodYeah I swear the AI has a grudge against me . . . Still an amazing game definetly worth picking up :D
    Posted by FFX Brotherhood on 05 Jan 11 at 01:27
    MazraelThe AI just outright cheats at times, been playing again recently, and noticed the AI "rubberbanding" when it's losing, or ignoring the best option on the board for a "heroic effort". typing this I just noticed I already commented ages back
    Posted by Mazrael on 27 Mar 13 at 01:13
  • Trunks BladeTrunks Blade244,050
    07 Aug 2013
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    Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, the hybrid puzzle/role-playing game from Infinite Interactive, was one of the sleeper hits of 2007. The addictive gem-matching battles, combined with the ability to learn new spells, forge items, and take on fellow players in online battles, have created a legion of fans. The expansion pack, Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords - Revenge of the Plague Lord, offers a new boss--Lord Antharg, brother of the ultimate foe Lord Bane--within a newly opened southern area of the map, as well as an increased level cap. Priced at a fairly steep 700 Microsoft points (the original game was 1,200), Revenge of the Plague Lord greatly increases the replay value of the game by doubling the number of character classes. But the quests in the new region are limited at best, and the final boss doesn't feel as epic as his predecessor.

    If you come to the expansion with a level-50 character (the maximum allowed in the standard game), you'll find 25 new quests, compared to the 150 in the full game--beginning in the southern city of Gallia. Successful completion of the quests adds about five or six hours of new gameplay and unlocks three achievements. If you choose to level your character all the way up to the new cap of 60, there are many more hours of battling to be done as well. This in itself represents pretty good value for the expansion pack. If you'd accumulated large numbers of experience points within the standard game, you'll find that your character automatically levels up when you download the expansion.

    With a high-level character, some of the battles within the southern map can feel pedestrian--defeating a series of level-16 opponents, while fun, isn't overly challenging for an experienced player. Appropriately scaled-up enemies would have added a little spice to the proceedings; with a character at level 50 or 52, you're unlikely to lose a single battle on the southern map until taking on the final boss. Lord Antharg is a strong boss character, but battling him doesn't feel anything like the climax of fighting against Lord Bane at the end of Puzzle Quest's first act.

    Where Revenge of the Plague Lord really increases replay value is in the addition of new character classes. The warrior, druid, wizard, and knight characters are now joined by the bard, rogue, ranger, and warlock classes. The game will allow you to have eight different characters saved at any one time, and the potential to replay the game eight different ways offers great value for the money. Each main spell is related to a character's skills--for example, the bard's spell is based on performance and songs, whereas the ranger has snipe. Taking up a new character means learning a new set of tactics and balancing the available skill set, which makes for a different experience each time you replay it.
    As you'd expect, there are new enemies to battle throughout the new section of the map. Many of them carry on the theme of the expansion: Plague priests, tasters, and witches guard near Lord Antharg while ur-ghouls lurk nearby. There's also a set of quests related to the inhabitants of Stormreach, which culminates in a fairly tough fight against the Stormking. Increasing the range of opponents helps with the challenge of the battles--some of them have truly devious spells, which make capturing them a priority and helps keep the gameplay interesting, even if a high-level character will rarely lose to them. It also means that if you use the "choose opponent" option to level up or practice spells and tactics, there is an even greater number of enemies from which to choose. There are also new items to collect, but none are outstandingly powerful, and there didn't seem to be additional runes on offer.

    There are some small glitches in the expansion. For example, there's a quest marker that shows up as green when it should be red because it is the next step in the questing process, and some players have had trouble opening up the final quest. These are relatively minor oversights, but they're deeply frustrating if you can't work out how to move forward. Additionally, a number of minor changes to the existing character classes appear to have been made in the name of balancing, which might prove annoying if you find that your favourite character's weapons or spells are no longer as effective as before.

    The online multiplayer is as fiercely competitive as ever. Level-60 characters will make short work of most comers--so don't be surprised if you get unceremoniously beaten to a virtual pulp from time to time. However, it is possible to level-cap the matches and test out your skills on a similar opponent.

    Revenge of the Plague Lord is an expensive expansion pack (especially now that the full game is only 800 Microsoft points through the Arcade Hits programme), but for fans of the game it's a must-have. The extra achievements are a bonus, but the real value comes in trying out the new classes and relearning the game from a different viewpoint. When you throw in the human dimension of taking each of your characters to the multiplayer arena, you have a package worth downloading.
    13 Aug 2011
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    Puzzle Quest was a revelation. By taking some of the most compelling properties of role-playing and puzzle games, Infinite Interactive created something that was more than the sum of its parts. It's both an RPG that can be played in short bursts, as well as a puzzle game that begs to be played in long stretches. Puzzle Quest is now available on Xbox Live Arcade, and in addition to enhancing the graphics to look sharp on a big HDTV, online play has been added to the mix, making the competitive multiplayer that much more accessible. For 800 points, you're getting a superior version of a really great game.
    14 Nov 2009
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    100% means it gets a review from me.

    Classic "bejeweled" meets a psudoRPG.

    Although i do not have the DLC for this game, looking at the achievements that can be gotten from that I don't think im missing too much. I have always thought that this game gets a little bad press. The solo campaign although repetitive in all the "battles" that you do is very fun. I get kinda annoyed with the monsters that pop up all the time that i have to fight just to get from place to place. warning I did like the ability to select different characters although it seemed like it had little barring on what was allowed to access. I don't think being a knight or a warrior ment that certain spells are off limits to youcry. It also seemed that you had to unlock certain things in order to win. You almost had to go with some sort of earth mastery to get and be able to use the Death Gaze spell to take half their life (NEEDED TO BEAT THE FINAL BOSS, LOOK UP THE DEFEAT LORD BANE ACHIEVEMENT). but I didn't want to sink another 25 to 40 hours leveling up a different character in a different skill set to see if that was true.

    ONLINE PLAY is good as long as your taking on someone who is near the same level as yourself. clap. The sequal looked good and the demo was a nice improvement as they went with Hexagons instead of the square board. MUCH MORE CHOICES.

    Again if you like to play a bejeweled style game I highly recoment this game, if not look to something else. toast
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