Q.U.B.E. Director's Cut Reviews

  • Limerent DeathLimerent Death286,687
    25 Jul 2015 31 Jul 2015
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    Welcome to Q.U.B.E. Director's Cut! A puzzle game thats unique in its presentation and super fun to play. I'm so glad I got to play this on the Xbox One. This game was originally released on PC through Steam. The version I am reviewing is the Director's Cut which features a more fleshed out, new story, additional gameplay modes and refined gameplay.

    Plot and Imagery

    You're an astronaut orbiting a Cube above the Earth! You need to destroy the Cube by reaching the center of it by solving puzzles in each sector inside the Cube to progress deep into the potentially destructive object. Why is it potentially destructive? It can destroy the Earth and all of Mankind!

    Easy to follow and cleverly done. Who would've thought of this story plot point? I wouldn't have but it's unique in its own right. I dig it. I like things to not be convoluted.


    The graphics in this game are good. They don't stand out an entire bit from other games on the market but for an ID@Xbox title it is one of the better ones I have seen/played. They pose a unique simplicity to it all and are overall pleasant to look at. I recommend you just focus on the puzzle aspects and the quiet calm of the atmosphere rather than flashy splashy colors or hugely realistic graphical prowess.


    The game is more or less broken into two controls, which are linked to your character's hands. They are essentially left and right (LT and RT). You control blocks and controls with the left control to make choices and decisions as well as right. There is literally two buttons used to play this game. Simple, right?

    Wrong, sometimes the puzzles are tricky but not actually hard. Your angst playing this would be mainly at yourself for not seeing the solution sooner. It's a challenging game but not difficult unless you're a complete novice to puzzle games. You should find good brain teasing fun in this to pick your brain but nothing hard enough for a brick wall of progression to stand in your way.

    You control platforms, jump blocks, balls and wall panels. You manipulate the area with your gloves to make the objective point to be reached, which is essentially you finding the exit and walking out of it or making it so a green ball activates a sector puzzle door barrier for you to press further.

    This is a video of a puzzle in Sector 2 I captured with the Upload program to show how the game operates.


    It's mostly an ambient soundtrack, though actually light of any real music overall. It is relatively quiet and features a good use of lack of sound to the effect to show that you're alone and trying to save the Earth in Space, where it is obviously quiet always. I dig the music free vibe of the game.


    This game is an easy 1000 G game if you want to spend the time getting better and honing your Time Trial Skills. A great majority of the game's gamerscore is tied to the single player story. Relatively easy and challenging enough for a FUN and easy completion.


    The replayability on this game is moderate. There's 7 sectors of puzzles and the new Beat the Qlock mode. You'd find the most playability in the main single player story coupled with reruns for time trials in the Qlock mode. It'll keep you busy for a bit and it is definitely worth the $9.99 price tag for this amount of playability. The game can be beaten 100% in roughly 5-6 hours according to the Truechievements community.
  • boldyno1boldyno11,538,584
    06 Dec 2015
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    Q.U.B.E Director's Cut is a Xbox One puzzle game developed by Toxic Games and is available in the UK for £7.99.

    The first thing this game reminded me of was Portal, there is a number of similarities between the two and certainly takes a lot from the portal series.

    There are two game modes to entertain you in this game. The standard single player game working your way through 7 sectors of the game and also another mode of against the Qlock.

    You control a person who finds themself in the Q.U.B.E with control speaking you via radio when they are in range of you. The gameplay is quite simple in that you control different coloured blocks with your hands such as a red block will extend itself or a blue one will allow the player to jump via the blue block with the LT & RT buttons.

    The graphics in the game are very good which I must comment on considering most of the levels are quite plain. A mention should certainly go to the colours in the game which are bright and vivid and certainly help the feel of the game and there levels.

    The sound is ok and in certain parts of the game adds to the mystery and feel of the game and comes to the fore in certain levels of the game. The voice acting adds to the story and by the end of the game you are thinking who should I trust but doesn't allow you to delve much deeper into this as the game ends before you can.

    The puzzles in the game all work well and are not too taxing (there are good guides if needed) each sector has a number of puzzles and varies over the sectors, one level you may need to guide a ball over platforms to allow you to progress and on another level you will be working your way through a maze.

    The gameplay is good and there is a good mix of puzzles to keep you going and wanting to progress.

    Against the Qlock is will have you racing to obtain a bronze, silver or gold medal while using power ups and puzzle solving as fast as you can. One achievement is linked to this game mode and requires you to get 20 medals before you can go for the achievement.

    The rest of the achievements are linked to the main story mode and can be earned while progressing and finding certain hidden rooms in the certain sectors.

    It took me roughly 7 hours to obtain all the achievements so is a nice 1000 which certainly provides lots of fun and isn't too taxing on the brain.

    There isn't much replay value in the game once the story mode and against the Qlock mode have been beaten which slightly brings the score down for my review.

    There is also no multiplayer but this doesn't really detract from the game as cant see how multiplayer would fit into this game.

    Overall this is a really enjoyable game that will provide you with plenty of fun as you go for the full 1000 GS. I would certainly recommend the title at the price it is available for and recommend people to purchase it as it really is a fun puzzle game with enough content to justify the price.

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